5 Fallacies Of Supplements, Part 1: Quality Matters!

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts all want the best nutrition, and supplements are a great place to get it. Find out about differences among 5 groups of products and why you need to look past the marketing! Learn more.

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Article Summary:
  • Taking creatine will improve performance in high intensity workouts.
  • Protein bars, although convenient, are not a good meal replacement.
  • Multivitamins and minerals are designed for a specific person.
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    5 Fallacies Of Supplements

    dot 1. All Whey Proteins Are The Same: dot

      This is one of the biggest problems I see with not just beginners but all levels of supplement takers. They pick up the newest and coolest looking tub of whey protein and think they are getting best stuff since sliced bread. They lack the knowledge to look at the back of the container and figure out that they are paying for nothing more than average whey protein.

      The problem is that many proteins out there are made with whey concentrate protein instead of a better and more effective whey isolate protein. The reason for this is that whey isolate is more expensive. You might be asking why whey isolate is so much better than whey concentrate.

      The difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate is how they are made. Whey isolate goes through a better filtration process when being made so you are getting a purer form of the protein. The more pure a protein is the better it will be absorbed by the body.

      The More Pure A Protein Is The Better It Will Be Absorbed By The Body.
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      The More Pure A Protein Is The
      Better It Will Be Absorbed By The Body.

      Whey isolate is absorbed by the body between 90-98% of what is consumed, while whey concentrate could be as low as 60-85%. The average is about 94% absorption for whey isolate and 72.5% for whey concentrate.

      If you got those grades when you were in school the isolate would get an A and the concentrate would get a C.

      How do I find if the protein is an isolate or a concentrate? The best way to find out is to look at the ingredients and figure out what is listed first. That will give you your best answer.

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    Whey protein is the ultimate protein. It comes from milk. During the process of turning milk into cheese, whey protein is separated out.

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      Now I realized that isolates are on the more expensive side but remember if you give an A grade workout in the gym shouldn't you fuel your body with A grade protein powder to help recover and make those gains. It is a no brainer to me.

    dot 2. Creatine And Women: dot

      Many ladies I come across tell me the reason for them not taking creatine is that they believe it will make them gain weight and look bloated. They are partially right about the weight gain.

      With all creatine consumption there is some water weight gain which is all dependent on the person. What women do not realize are all the benefits they are missing out when they don't take this amazing supplement. Here are some of the things creatine can help both ladies and men with:

      • Improve performance in high intensity workouts
      • Recovery of muscle from workouts
      • Anaerobic capacity
      • Brain function
      • Maintain healthy muscle

      The first three are the ones I am going to speak about. The last three are just great and need no explanation.

    Creatine Has A Wealth Of Benefits For Both Men & Women.
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    Creatine Has A Wealth Of Benefits
    For Both Men & Women.

      Now the concern for ladies is they will put on weight. Understandable, women never want to put on any weight and would not take a supplement knowingly that would do this to them. But as we all know water weight can be controlled with foods we consume, like carbs, salt and water.


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      By lowering your salts and carbs your water weight should lower. Also now that you are taking creatine your workouts will be more intense which will speed up metabolism and lean muscle gain. This will lead to less body fat and more lean tone muscle. The harder you work in the gym coupled with a great diet the better your results. By taking creatine you will be able to perform better and recover sooner to help sculpt that perfect body. Don't be afraid ladies, try creatine.

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    Creatine is the most popular and effective supplement on the market. Everyone consistently using creatine is making huge, amazing gains!

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    dot 3. More Is Better With Fat Burners: dot

      With the banning of ephedra many if not all companies have gone to caffeine based fat burners. We all know these new fat burners well good for what they really are, do not match up to their once ephedra based counter parts.

      In a world where more is better many people make the mistake in taking high doses of a new fat burner in the hope to get the same results as in the past with ephedra base fat burner.

    More Is Not Better When It Comes To Fat Burners.
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    More Is Not Better When It Comes To Fat Burners.

      The problem with this is that caffeine when ingested in high amounts makes the body produce a hormone that affects muscle negetively. This hormone is the anti-bodybuilding hormone; below is a list of all the bad things it will do:

      • Reduce protein synthesis
      • Facilitation of protein to glucose
      • Halting of tissue growth
      • Reduced muscle-building output
      • Reduced muscle
      • Increased abdominal fat

      As you can see this hormone is not something you want in your system. Take the better approach when dieting, clean up your diet, increase your cardio and use your current fat burners as directed. I am sure you results will be better than expected. Nothing in this world comes easy or quickly.

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    dot 4. Protein Bars Are Good For Meals: dot

      Protein bars or as I like to call them "candy protein bars" are not a good option for a meal. Now that doesn't mean that they are worthless and should never be consumed, I just find way too many people both serious bodybuilders and weekend warriors eating away on these treats thinking they are doing themselves some good.

      First off most protein bars are made with whey concentrate protein and as discussed above that is definitely not your best option of protein sources. Secondly, most of the new candy protein bars are loaded, and I mean loaded with wasted calories, like sugar, carbs and fat.

    Most Protein Bars Are Made With Whey Concentrate Protein, Which Is Not Your Best Option Of Protein Sources.
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    Most Protein Bars Are Made With Whey Concentrate
    Protein, Which Is Not Your Best Option Of Protein Sources.

      I'm not talking about good fats either I am talking about saturated fats and trans fats; the bad kinds. To top it off I can not remember the last time I ate a protein bar without having indigestion problems. As you can see I am not a big fat of these candy protein bars.

      The only time I could find them useful is by leaving them in your book bag, brief case or car and if and only if you are in the offseason and without food for more than 3-4 hours, then it is time to bust open the candy protein bar and take a bite.

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    dot 5. All Multi-Vitamin/Minerals Are The Same: dot

      Above in the discussion about whey protein we found that some proteins are better than other because of the grade of protein you are getting. With multi-vitamins the issue is not the grade of vitamins but rather what vitamins, minerals and other supplements are in the formula.

      For example Centrum is a widely purchased multi in the mass market. Why does it sell in the mass market while Animal Pak from Universal sells better in the bodybuilding community.

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      Yes, marketing plays a part but you need to realize that Centrum only provides a person with an average amount of vitamin and minerals which is fine because the average person doesn't need more than that. Athletes/Bodybuilders look for an edge and a multi-vitamin that also provide some amino acids, extra vitamins and minerals to support muscle growth and energy is going to be better option for an athlete/bodybuilder.

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      What you want to take away from this is multi-vitamins/minerals are designed for a specific person. If you are having a hard time figuring out what multi would be best for you please send me an email and I will help you out.

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