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5 Big Things You Can't Live Without: Honesty Paves A Smoother Road!

You have to push yourself and your limits if you really want to find the career you love, a mate to die for, your own identity, and good health. The road can be hard. Here are 5 items you shouldn't be without to be happier. Learn more.

By: Marcus Smith

Article Summary:
  • Your job affects more about your life than how much money you make.
  • Don't rush into marriage and pro-creation because you're supposed to.
  • Health and vitality will translate into a happy life.

  • 5 Big Things You Can't Live Without:
    Honesty Paves A Smoother Road!

    Wake up! Wake up! What's wrong with you??!! Are you alive??

    I screamed over and over. For 30 consecutive minutes I screamed at everyone who walked past me. Every attempt I made to communicate fell on deaf ears. Every cry of WAKE UP! WAKE UP! went unnoticed. No matter how loud I yelled nobody was responding. That's when it hit me. Nobody can hear what you THINK good sir!

    No One Can Hear What You Think.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    No One Can Hear What You Think.

    Let me explain. Last Saturday my best friend and I were walking around Discover Mills Mall in Lawrenceville, GA. It's a nice family mall in an Atlanta suburb. It was a spur of the moment agreement between bored friends.

    As we walked around the mall I noticed a disturbing trend. Only 1 in about 10 faces had a smile on it and that same number of people even acknowledged my "Hellos," "How you doing?" or "Good Morning." I thought I was in a zombie movie for a minute. The more attention I paid to it the more depressing it became.

    90% of the people in the place looked like they were beat down by being alive. Most of the people were middle aged families who appeared to be quite successful based on the cars in the parking lot (I know that's not saying much but what else do I have). An overwhelming aura of sadness seemed to float through the building. Needless to say, I was happy to leave when we did.

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    Bodybuilding Can Help You Beat Some Forms Of Depression.
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    That encounter led to this article "The 5 Things You Can't Live Without"

    1. A Career You Love

      I don't care what ANYBODY says. As an adult your career defines you. It determines everything about you.

      • Who you hang out with.
      • Who you marry.
      • Where you live.
      • What you eat.
      • Your income.
      • Your outlook on life.
      • How society views you.
      • How you view society.
      • How you spend your time.

      Have you ever heard a description of an adult that doesn't involve how that person makes a living? 9 times out of 10 the career will be brought up in some shape, form, or fashion.

    What Was Your First Job & How Old Were You?
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    What Was Your First Job & How Old Were You?
    Burger King
    Age 14
    Started By:

      With that being said why spend your days somewhere that makes you unhappy? Why get up and let out a HUGE sigh as you start the daily routine? If you're going to be there 75-80 percent of your waking hours shouldn't you at least like it?

      I can hear what you're saying as you read this. I can't make a decent living following my passion. 2 questions for you:

      1. What's a decent living?
      2. Why not?

      If you can answer those 2 questions you can follow your passion and do things you love to do.

      Whenever I hear someone say they can't earn money in their passion I think of McDonald's. When I was younger I was absolutely in love with McDonald's. It was nothing to gobble down 3 double cheeseburgers, 6 apple pies, 5 McFlurries and a 5 Super Size Fries in a week.

    Do You Eat At McDonald's?

    Yeah All The Time!
    Every Once In A While.
    Only When I'm Really Hungry.
    I Used To But Not Anymore.
    I've Never Been But I'd Like To Try It.
    Never Been. Never Will.

      Once I focused on fitness I put McDonald's to bed. Relegating it to "I'm hungry and I can't possibly find anything else so I'll take this" status. Come to find out PLENTY of adults have done this. I really can't think of a single person I know who ENJOYS that food! From what I can tell it's almost become like Wal-Mart. People hate it but still use it.


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      One day I ended up in a "I can't possibly find anything else so I'll take this mood." It was around 2 p.m. on a Saturday. The lines were long so I began to count heads out of boredom. When I got done my count was up to 45 people at 2 p.m!

      When I went outside I did the same thing with the cars. There were 10 cars with 2 people each for a grand total of 65 people. I'll say the average ticket at McDonald's is $5. So in a 15-minute span that McDonald's made $325 from people who in all likelihood weren't too thrilled to even be eating it. Now let's say that's an hour's worth of income for that store. If you multiply that by 24 you get $7,800.

      If a low traffic McDonald's can generate $7,800 in a day selling food that people aren't clamoring to eat. You can definitely make a living giving people something you LOVE.

    If A Low Traffic McDonald's Can Do It, So Can You.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    If A Low Traffic McDonald's
    Can Do It, So Can You.

      As I stated earlier EVERYTHING is tied to your career so don't shortchange yourself.

    2. A Mate That You Enjoy

      The stigma that you must be married, have a mate, or be in the everlasting quest to pass on your genes is really destroying people's lives. The enormous pressure to mate or die (no matter who it is) is ridiculous.

      I've never understood the fixation with just having someone on your arm. I'm sure its nice to have someone rubbing on your arm, tickling your neck, and fogging up a window. What does it matter if the person doesn't improve your quality of life? Does it really help?

    Bodybuilding Can Help You Find A Mate!
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    Bodybuilding Can Help You Find A Mate!
    So you think it's your buff body that will help you score quality dates right? Although many of us are attracted to what we see on the outside, it isn't just hot legs and flat abs we are attracted too.
    Marie Spano

      I have a theory on mates. If they don't keep you intrigued, help you grow, and make you happy then its time to go shopping for one that does. Simple enough isn't it?

      Your mate is the first person you see in the morning and the last one you see at night. Make it a face that you WANT to see.

    3. Your Own Identity

      It's so painless to be what everyone else wants you to be. Just go with the flow and hope for the best right? WRONG. You owe yourself the respect of being your own man or woman.

      Being yourself is a hard road. Here's why. Being who you really want to be often means contradicting what people think you should say and do. Here's another question ... WHO CARES?

    Being Yourself Is A Hard Road, But You Owe Yourself The Respect.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    Being Yourself Is A Hard Road,
    But You Owe Yourself The Respect.

      Forging your own identity will make you much happier in the long run. A former manager of mine confessed a deep secret to me one day. We were in her office one day talking and out of no where she closed the door. Whenever the door is shut a bad conversation usually goes on. I began to go through my mental check list.

      • Been coming in on time? Check!
      • Been doing all your work? Check!
      • Been going the extra mile? Check!
      • Been kissing up?? ...

      Hopefully, my lack of kissing up won't get me fired. She began to speak in a tone I didn't realize. It seemed like she was on the verge of tears. We'd had a tough stretch of work so I figured that it was finally getting to her. The words that she spoke next caught me totally off guard.

      "You know what. I hate this job. I really wanted to go into music. I gave it up to do what everyone else said I should" she said. I was floored. There she sat with a good family, a nice sized house, a couple of cars, and a 6-figure salary. She hated her existence because she took the path that everybody else paved for her. To this day she hates every moment of it, but at least she hides it well.

    Career Path Help.
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    Career Path Help.
    I am looking to start a career in personal training. I'm considering getting a part time training job just to gain some experience and then offering an in-home personal training service and opening a studio once my client base grows.
    Started By:

      Your own identity is 3000% more important than anything anyone else wants to force on you.

    4. Health And Vitality

    The Gym Allows You To Blow Off Steam With A Million More Benefits.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    The Gym Allows You To Blow Off
    Steam With A Million More Benefits.

      Still reading? You should be in the gym. Go, go, now.

    5. The Drive To Make It All Happen

      Give yourself the opportunity to explore the 4 items listed above. You have to push yourself and your limits if you really want to find the career you love, a mate to die for, your own identity, and good health. The road can be hard.

      At times you may be the only one there with little to no support. Challenge yourself to get those things that you really want and need. In the end it's all worth it.

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      Happiness is the best gift you can give yourself. Nothing can beat it. It's the only priceless gym on earth. Make yourself happy and you can do wonders for the rest of the world.

    Marcus A. Smith
    B.S. ISYE
    AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
    Advanced Communicator-Bronze

    BodyBlogs Read Marcus Smith's BodyBlog!
    Check up with this author on their BodyBlog. Post your questions and learn even more!
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    5 Big Things You Can't Live Without: Honesty Paves A Smoother Road!

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    Awesome article. It is so important to live your life for you. It is a lesson we all learn at some point in time and for me it has been within the last two years. Through out my entire life I have always done what others wanted. When people didn't like what I thought, how I felt or if they didn't like my career I had I felt like I was not good enough began to think that I was not worth it. With this I found an abusive, negative and narcissistic husband. I was not aware of his personality because of my low self esteem, but after I began seeing who he was and realized that my marriage was a bad marriage I began seeing slipping into the dark tunnel, I felt stuck. When I felt my life was in danger, I got out and never looked back. I was able to get stronger and I found This is such an amazing place and these types of articles and support are wonderful and help many people see that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel and things do get better. You have to believe in yourself and believe that you are worth it.

    May 14, 2014 9:15pm | report
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