30 Days Out: Craig Capurso's Extreme Cut Trainer Day 30

You did it! You made it through 30 Days Out. Now it's time to put it all together and revel in your success.

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Current Weight Day 30: 215 Pounds

Congratulations! You've officially reached the end of 30 Days Out. You knocked down each and every day. I went through this trainer with you, so I know exactly how hard it was. I'm proud of you and the work you've done. I hope you learned a hell of a lot in the last 30 days and that you'll be able to apply that knowledge toward your future goals.

Although the trainer is over, I want to encourage everybody to keep going. It's time to come up with a new goal and work toward it. Fitness is a lifetime journey; 30 days is just a drop in the bucket.

Check out the Bodybuilding.com Find a Plan section to discover new programs for your next goal, whether you want to keep shredding, add size, compete, or improve for a sport. You've made it through one insanely tough month; you can handle whatever comes next.

30 days out Day 30
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