30 Days Out: Craig Capurso's Extreme Cut Trainer Day 3

It's time for a new style of workout. Today, you'll hit your arms and calves with a trio of trisets, and then finish your abs with a series of Tabata moves. Watch the video and hit it!

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Current Weight Day 3: 230 Pounds

Day three of 30 Days Out is your first taste of our auxiliary muscle group workout. It's built a little bit differently than our major muscle group days, so you'll get to work out in an entirely new way.

Today, you're going to use trisets to hit your biceps, triceps, and calves. You'll do a set of triceps, followed directly by a set of biceps, followed directly by a set of calves—no rest! You'll go through this triset three times, round after round after round. Yes, it seems like a lot of work without rest, but remember that you're giving your arms a break while you're training your calves.

Make sure you watch today's video. In it, you'll get to see me go through the movements using the proper training protocol. If you aren't sure about form or how trisets work, you have some guidance.

We're also spending a good portion of the workout training our abs. We're repurposing Tabata from a cardio technique to an ab-training technique. You're still doing 8 sets of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, but we're focusing on using our abs for that tough 20 seconds. Trust me, you'll feel it tomorrow.

30 days out Day 3
Watch The Video - 5:38

Exercise Tip Slalom Twists

These things hit your abs like nothing else. Keep your upper body stabilized. I like to hold on to either edge of a cable machine so I'm not tempted to use my upper body in the movement.

I turn just with my hips and I keep my legs close together, just like a slalom skier. They might not be a movement you're familiar with, but I guarantee by the end of this month, you'll be a believer.

Success Tip Body fat reduction

Today's work includes an ab blast, but don't think your abs are going to pop right away. We really have to concentrate on nutrition and reducing our calories in order to burn enough body fat to uncover that six-pack.

The same goes with any body part. Just because we did biceps curls doesn't mean that all the sudden you'll see them bulging out through your sleeves. There's body fat between the skin and the muscle, and that's what we're trying to reduce.

Day 3: Arms/Abs/Calves


3 sets of 10 reps
Skullcrusher Skullcrusher

Standing Barbell Curl

3 sets of 10 reps
Standing Barbell Curl Standing Barbell Curl

Calf Press

3 sets of 10 reps
Calf Press Calf Press


Rope Triceps Push-Down

3 sets of pound per rep
Rope Triceps Push-Down Rope Triceps Push-Down

Rope Hammer Curl

3 sets of pound per rep
Rope Hammer Curl Rope Hammer Curl

Seated Calf Raise

3 1-minute cluster sets
Seated Calf Raise Seated Calf Raise


Reverse-Grip Triceps Push-Down

3 sets of pound per rep
Reverse-Grip Triceps Push-Down Reverse-Grip Triceps Push-Down

Cable Biceps Curl

3 sets of pound per rep
Cable Biceps Curl Cable Biceps Curl

Donkey Calf Raises

3 1-minute cluster sets
Donkey Calf Raises Donkey Calf Raises
Tabata Abs

Standing Dual Cable Crunch

8 rounds: 20 seconds max reps, 10 seconds rest
Standing Dual Cable Crunch Standing Dual Cable Crunch


8 rounds: 20 seconds max reps, 10 seconds rest
Plank Plank

Slalom Twist Jump

8 rounds: 20 seconds max reps, 10 seconds rest
Slalom Twist Jump Slalom Twist Jump


  • Steady-State Cardio: 25 minutes
Steady-State Cardio Options
  • Incline treadmill walk
  • Stair mill
  • Elliptical
  • ARC trainer
  • Low-intensity jog
  • Stationary bike
  • Low-intensity row
  • Swimming

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