Pulverize Your Cravings With 3 Easy Tips!

Is your fat loss diet practically killing you because of cravings? Learn 3 tips that will motivate you to stay on track!

Article Summary:
  • You need to be equipped with tools that will help you put a stop to your cravings.
  • You're going to want to find a food that you can eat that will still satisfy the desire.
  • There are a wide number of options you can choose from to help conquer your cravings.

As you find yourself inching closer and closer to your body fat loss goal, you might find that your cravings are growing at an even faster rate. Earlier you had no problem fending off passing desserts, drive-through stops, or late-night eating, but now you feel like it's a whole other ball game.

This is quite common and expected whenever you're on a fat loss diet because of the shifting hormone levels in the body that are trying to get you to eat so you don't starve to death. The body senses that you're getting leaner and leaner - something that it doesn't especially like, and now it's going to do whatever it can to get you to start eating.

In order to successfully fight this battle, you need to be equipped with a few tools that will help you put a stop to these cravings and your strong desire to eat.

You Need To Be Equipped With A Few Tools That Will Help You Put A Stop To These Cravings And Your Strong Desire To Eat.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
You Need To Be Equipped With A Few Tools That Will Help
You Put A Stop To These Cravings And Your Strong Desire To Eat.

3 Tips To Pulverize Your Cravings

1. Determine If It Is Hunger Or Just A Craving:

The first thing you should do as soon as a craving strikes is determine if it's actually hunger. In some people cravings can get to be so intense that they may manifest it into what seems like hunger, but you really need to look at the way your body is feeling.

Are you feeling quite weak or light-headed? Both of those are symptoms that it likely is hunger talking. If you're not, it could be a very strong craving that's causing you to feel something like hunger.

If it is hunger, then it's time to assess why you're hungry. When was the last time you had a meal? Some people find that they can go longer periods of time without eating while others do better eating every couple of hours. Try and figure out what type of person you are and then adjust your diet accordingly.

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In other cases, the real reason you might be experiencing hunger is because you are eating too few calories on an ongoing basis. Often when very low calorie diets are followed for an extended period of time, hunger will begin to get to an extreme level.

Usually a good way to offset this is by performing periodic re-feeds, which are periods of much higher calorie eating supplemented with your regular low calorie diet plan.

Other times, it may just be that you should increase your overall calorie intake higher, which would then allow you to deal with this hunger. In some situations doing so won't even hinder fat loss since when you are eating far too few calories, this can actually slow the metabolic rate right down.

So have a look over what your current situation is, both regarding how you've eaten that day and how you've been eaten for the last few weeks. You can then uncover some additional factors that could be coming into play with this hunger.

Obviously it is normal to feel hunger at some point or another, but there are strategies you can use to minimize it, which will help keep cravings at bay.

There Are Strategies You Can Use To Minimize Cravings.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
There Are Strategies You Can Use To Minimize Cravings.

2. Find A Healthy Substitute For Your Cravings:

If you realize after doing the hunger assessment that you aren't really all that hungry and you just want a specific food, then it's time to look at things from a different perspective.

Since you aren't hungry, you know the drive to eat is purely psychological so you need to combat it in a much different manner. Ideally you're going to want to try and find a food that you can eat instead of the one you're craving that will still satisfy the desire in question.

There are a number of different options that you can substitute, many of which will taste quite similar. Here are some quick examples of foods you may be craving and what you could eat instead:

Craving Replace With
Ice Cream Sugar Free Yogurt
Chips Rice Chips Or Baked Sweet Potatoes
Chocolate Homemade Chocolate Sugar-Free Pudding With Chocolate Protein Powder Added
Pizza Your Own Homemade Pizza With Whole Wheat Thin Crust, Vegetables, and Lean Meat Toppings
Candy Sugar Free Jell-o
Macaroni And Cheese Your Own Version With Low-Fat Cheddar Cheese Combined With Cottage Cheese Made With Spaghetti And Squash

As you can see, with some creativity there are a wide number of options you can choose from to help conquer your cravings.

Each person typically has their own specific food that they tend to crave the most, so obviously this will be variable and you'll have to think for yourself what will be most important, but you should be able to come up with some reasonable substitutions that will keep your taste buds happy and serve you well nutritionally speaking.

With Some Creativity There Are A Wide Number Of Options You Can Choose From To Help Conquer Your Cravings.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
With Some Creativity There Are A Wide Number Of Options
You Can Choose From To Help Conquer Your Cravings.

3. Make The Decision To Give In:

Finally, in some cases the craving is just going to be so strong that you simply aren't going to be able to replace it, regardless of how creative you happen to be.

In this case, then it may just be smart to give into the craving and eat what you desire. If you don't, chances are it will nag away at you until you do finally give in and when you do, you may not be able to practice as much self control as you otherwise would have.

You should train yourself to only have a dessert (or whatever food you crave) when you are absolutely sure that the calories are worth it. If you do this, you'll find that you aren't giving in all that often anyway and when you do, you truly enjoy it.

Do You Give In To Your Cravings Often?
No - Never
Yes - Always

If you're only half enjoying it and the other half of you is riddled with guilt over eating this particular food, you really aren't doing yourself all that much justice anyway.

When you are going to give in, do it and savor every moment of it. If you do this, you'll kill that craving in its tracks. Keep in mind that diets don't have to be 100% rigid. A good diet should have room for flexibility.

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