2014 Los Angeles Fit Expo

Presented by Bodybuilding.com, the LA Fit Expo features the BodySpace Spokesmodel Finals and NPC Iron Man Naturally on January 25-26th!

Event Coverage

BodySpace Spokesmodel Finals

BodySpace Spokesmodel Finals

The BodySpace Spokesmodel Search finalists hit the stage and two winners were announced. Check out the action here!
LA Fit Expo Pics

LA Fit Expo Photos

All of the top industry peeps are always present at the LA Fit Expo. See the photos of the expo here!

Ironman Naturally

NPC Ironman Naturally

The NPC Ironman Naturally kicks off the competition season at the LA Fit Expo. See the stage and behind-the-scenes photos here!

Event Info

More Info

More Info

Find more information on the LA Fit Expo here!

Spokesmodel Finalists

BodySpace Spokesmodel Finalists

Check out who the top 10 Spokesmodel finalists are that will be hitting the stage in LA!

Iron Man Naturally Info

NPC Iron Man Naturally Info

Click here for more information on the NPC Iron Man Naturally!

Previous Coverage

2013 LA Fit Expo

2013 LA Fit Expo

The 2013 LA Fit Expo, brought to you by Bodybuilding.com, featured the NPC Iron Man Naturally and BodySpace Spokesmodel finals January 19-20th!

2012 LA Fit Expo

2012 LA Fit Expo

The 2012 Fit Expo was held January 28-29, 2012. See all of the coverage and photos here!

2011 LA Fit Expo

2011 LA Fit Expo

The 2011 Fit Expo was held January 29-30, 2011. Get complete coverage right here, including previews, interviews, competitor listings and much more!

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