2012 Bodybuilding.com Supplement Awards Nominees

Bodybuilding.com is proud to present the 2012 Supplement Awards. It is our goal to recognize and shine a spotlight on the best supplements in the fitness industry!

This year's nominees were chosen based on the best sellers in each award category. When people purchased a product, they were 'voting' with their wallets for that product! See all of the "Of The Year" nominees below for the 2012 Supplement Awards, in alphabetical order.

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Brand ///

Supplement ///

Breakout Brand (Most Improved) ///

New Supplement ///

New Brand ///

Muscle Building Supplement ///

Pre-Workout Supplement ///

Intra-Workout Supplement ///

Recovery Supplement ///

Protein Powder ///

Protein Bar ///

Energy Supplement ///

Energy Drink ///

Fat Loss Supplement ///

Weight Gainer Supplement ///

Creatine Supplement ///

Glutamine Supplement ///

BCAA Supplement ///

Multivitamin Supplement ///

Joint Health Supplement ///

RTD (Ready-To-Drink) ///

Tanning Product ///

Packaging ///

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