2012 London Olympics: Go For The Gold

Take a short break from training with heavy iron. Go for the gold with our collection of 2012 London Olympics content!

The Games have begun! The 2012 London Olympics are finally here. Elite athletes from around the world will sprint, hurdle, throw, jump, swim, scream, shout and cry as they compete for gold. Olympians are the ultimate blend of form and function, athletics and aesthetics. Celebrate the Games, and the athletes who play them, with our collection of 2012 Olympics content.

Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin!

The 2012 Olympic Games will supply the majesty of London, the Olympic aura, and of course, the strongest, fastest and most-skilled athletes on Earth!

Lean Machines: The Six Best Bodies In The Olympics

When it comes to elite athletics, function trumps form. Of course, the two sometimes go hand-in-hand. Check out the 6 best bodies on display at the 2012 London Olympics!

Brolympics: Epic Feats Of Awesome Strength

Celebrate the London Games with the Brolympics! 16 epic videos of awesome strength contend for the gold. Vote on your favorite every day!

Phelps The Phenom

Even if swimming isn't your thing, it's impossible to ignore the incredible athletic prodigy that is Michael Phelps. Find out more about his training, diet and motivation!

Jonesing For The Gold

Every athlete has a story, but Lolo Jones's is especially inspiring. Learn how she's overcome a lifetime of adversity to become one of the USA's most celebrated hurdlers.

Strokes Of Genius

Swimming is a survival skill, but it is also a high-end full-body workout that increases your aerobic potential and also offers resistance. It's a win win win.

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