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2012 Arnold Figure International: Pre-Judging

2012 Arnold Figure International: Prejudging

As we celebrate the 9th annual Ms Figure international, Nicole Wilkins and Erin Stern have been engaged in something similar to that of a heavy weight championship bout.

Each of figures heavy hitters has delivered heavy blows over the last few years. In 2010, Nicole won the Ms Figure International and Erin fired back by winning the title of Ms Olympia. In 2011, Nicole struck back by winning both Ms Figure International and Ms Figure Olympia. Nicole looks to match the three consecutive wins of Jenny Lynn who held the title from 2003-2005. Tonight will prove to be an interesting evening.

Nicole Wilkins Erin Stern
Nicole Wilkins & Erin Stern

Ava Cowan

It may seem like a 2-horse race, but it's certainly not that black and white. Ava Cowan is not only a crowd favorite, but has been steadily moving up the ranks since becoming a pro in 2009. With her striking beauty and well balanced physique, Cowan is sure to be in the running for the title.

Ava Cowan
Ava Cowan

Candice Keene

Candice Keene is another one to look out for. She ended her 2011 year with a 4th-place at the Ms Olympia and 3rd-place at the Sheru Classic. She may have earned 8th-place at last year's Ms Figure International, but with her always improving-physique and stage presence she is looking to break into the top spots in the Arnold.

Candice Keene
Candice Keene

Teresa Anthony

Another tall beauty who is looking to break into the top five this year is Teresa Anthony. With her well balanced muscularity and symmetry, Teresa's looking to deliver some blows of her own.

Teresa Anthony
Teresa Anthony

Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Brown's bright smile and graceful stage presence is definitely looking to improve her placing from last year's Arnold. She is looking to place in the top-5 again this year.

Cheryl Brown
Cheryl Brown

Larissa Reis

One who surprised me today was Larissa Reis, she was a lot softer and more elegant today. She was gracious with her symmetrical physique; she toned-down her posing. She is looking to place within the top-10 this year, as opposed to last year where she placed 11th.

Larissa Reis
Larissa Reis

Alicia Harris

An athlete who seems to be really inconsistent with her conditioning is Alicia Harris. Her conditioning was off at last year's Ms Figure International and today was no different. She was in the last call-out this morning.

Alicia Harris
Alicia Harris


To recap this morning's prejudging, it's definitely anyone's game. Nicole Wilkins and Erin Stern were compared against each other, followed closely behind by Candice Keene and Ava Cowan. At the last minute they placed Ava right in between Erin and Nicole.

With her small waist, beautifully rounded physique in terms of muscularity and symmetry, Ava is looking to make her mark in Arnold History and take the title from former champions Nicole and Erin. Stay tuned for the results tonight!

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