2011 Fitness Gift Guide: Perfect Purchases For Your Fit Christmas

We won’t always give the perfect gift (you honestly thought Uncle Jim liked ballet?), but we can come pretty dang close. Give the gift of a lifetime; make this a Fitness Christmas!

I don't consider myself a "holiday hater," but I certainly know a few. No, I'm not talking about Yuletide gangsters. Heck, I'm not even talking about serious Scrooges! I'm just talking about those friends and family members who've simply given up on gift-giving. You probably know a few.

To this group, there is no "perfect gift," so why try? Instead of shooting for something heartfelt, these holiday haters only give fruit cake, gift cards and useless gadgets. (Pool cue waxer, anyone?) No more. Not this year. This season, I'm here to turn haters into heroes!

If you're a chronic useless-gadget-giver, this guide is for you. If you have fitness enthusiasts on your holiday shopping list, your range of gift possibilities is both awesome and virtually endless. Seriously, there are more sweet fitness gifts today than ever before, so give the gift of fitness... It gives for life!

1. Nintendo Wii Gaming System

If you know someone who skips the gym because they don't want to leave the house, a Wii gaming system is the perfect gift. They can play a wide variety of different active games, ranging from pure fitness challenges to more innovative sports-based games like boxing, track and field, Frisbee golf, yoga, dancing, and many more. You can be sure this will liven up a loved one's living room.

Nintendo Wii console

The Wii has been a huge hit in many households (for young and old alike), and this gift definitely keeps on giving with newer, better, and more challenging games. Buy the system with one or two active games (some even come with the system!) to get the recipient started.

2. Active Getaway

Your options expand if you're buying for a very special someone and have a larger Christmas budget. Consider sending them on an active getaway vacation so they can escape the stress of everyday life and improve fitness levels in the process. Or, for a more exciting adventure, grab two tickets and tag along!

There are a number of different active vacations to choose from. The personality of the person on your list should determine the perfect destination. Choose from hiking in Arizona or water sport vacations in the Caribbean Sea, all the way to serene yoga retreats and fierce boot camp training getaways. On vacation, each day is a new adventure.

Most getaways even come with full meal plans, serving nothing but high-quality nutritious food. It's usually prepared by world-class chefs, so it's more delicious than those protein shakes back home.

I said hiking in Arizona... hiking!

3. Spa Package

For the insanely-stressed person on your list, a spa package can feel like a prison break. Spa packages give a loved one time to relax and unwind after intense training, a hard workweek, or a hard work-year! Book a deep-tissue massage. All the muscle tension from intense workout sessions quickly vanishes.

Inquire about spa packages, too. Pair services together for a reduced price. For females (or metro males) on your list: consider a manicure, pedicure, facial, or a salon service if the full spa package is too expensive.

No messes, no stresses, just pure beach bliss.

4. Wireless Headphones

For someone who won't lift without music at the gym, consider a set of wireless headphones. These sweet buds pick up an mp3 player signal while it's still stashed in a gym bag in the locker room.

This frees your friend from dealing with long, dangerous cords. Give the gift of freedom, focus, and a better workout with cordless beats.

5. Bodybuilding.com Gift Certificates

One simple gift idea for the fitness fanatic is a Bodybuilding.com gift certificate. If those on your list are serious about their goals, they've probably taken the time to find a good workout program on Bodybuilding.com and have even formulated a diet to match.

Of course, they may have forgotten about supplementation in the midst of work and working out. People intend to research supplements and find what best serves them, but often can't set aside the time to do it.

By purchasing this gift, you help your favorite fitness fanatic improve her results. With a gift certificate, hopefully she'll do the right research online, learn what supplements can boost her training, and make a step toward better results.

Gift Certificate

Bodybuilding.Com Gift Certificates

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Give The Gift Of Fitness Today

6. TRX Suspension Trainer

If a friend on your list prefers to work out at home but complains about the monotony of his current program, a TRX Trainer is the perfect gift. This system takes core workouts to a whole new level. It adds new movements into the mix and works every single muscle fiber across the body.

Most people find the TRX tons of fun, so it could quickly rev-up your friend's motivation to keep training. The system can easily be used in the living room and won't require additional equipment. Best of all, your friend can stash it away in a drawer when not in use. Just make sure he doesn't leave it there!

7. Calorie Expenditure Tracker

The last gift for the fitness freak on your list (especially if they have weight loss in mind) is a calorie expenditure tracker. These take the guesswork out of weight loss.

Your fitness fan wears the armband tracker throughout the day and learns precisely how many calories she burns. This allows her to adjust food intake on the fly. She can then create a calorie deficit required for fat loss. Far too many people fail to lose fat because they can't balance the calorie-intake-to-calorie-expenditure ratio properly.

This tracker removes doubt and displays the facts, plain and simple. This is how much you take in; this is how much you burn. It's easy as low-fat pie!

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