BodySpace/Gaspari 2008 Transformation Contest: Tammo Vastenburg's Observations.

Five contestants, described by an onlooker, but the commentary was lost. Five contestants, finishing up the contest today, but with some judging yet to come during the upcoming weeks. Dutch Intern Tammo Vastenburg provides his input in this article.
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The "Lost" Commentary

Welcome to Part 6 of the Spectator's Guide to the 2008 BodySpace/Gaspari Transformation Contest! (If you missed the introduction, go catch up, then come back for more final wrap-up!)

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Last time, we heard some insightful commentary from Isaac Hinds on the contest. This week, we'll hear from Tammo Vastenburg, marketing intern from The Netherlands here at, and get his perspective on the contest! :)

This article is called the "lost commentary" because Tammo actually wrote this article several weeks back, but it got buried under a mountain of other stuff, and just recently resurfaced, gasping for air, LOL. So, without further delay, here is Tammo's lost commentary!

Tammo's Contestant Observations

Here are my recent views on the contestants.

--> Maddi

    Our "MILF huntress" started this week off with not having a lot of luck. As you will read in her blog, some things happened to her that didn't aid her progress, like signs of overtraining, long shifts of work and rough days that set her back, etc.

    She's lost a few pounds since the last part, which contributes to a total of 20 lbs that she's lost so far, which is a great progression! This progression is also visible in her most recent pictures, where her thighs and midsection is looking a lot more defined.

Maddi Maddi
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Maddi Is Lookin' Hot!

    Her low-carb diet seems to influence her mood a lot though, which sounds very familiar. She's been tired, so tired she even couldn't get excited about her current results. On Valentine's Day, she was even depressed. A few hours later on that same day, however, she wrote a pretty impressive blog about what she's learned and writes about some of her other thoughts. She seemed to be in a better mood at that time, fortunately.

--> Daretosoar

    Having had some great workouts and having found out about new exercises, Stephanie's week started off pretty well. In this period, she hadn't lost any weight, and her bodyfat stayed the same. She said she expected this though, since she's been ill. All in all, she's still motivated and eating clean.

    Since she admits to slack in her back area, she has really been hitting it hard. She included a video of her back workout in her blog and it looks very good!

Stephanie: Recent Back Workout.

    Six days later, she's weighed in again and finds out she's lost a total of 14 lbs so far, which is not bad for being about six weeks into it! Her body fat dropped 7.5% so far, which tells more about her progress. Looking at that number, I'm even more positive about her results so far. Looking at her most recent pictures, you can see that she's become thinner in her face.

--> fusioncom

    Jason decided to take part in another transformation at his local Gold's Gym also, which will be going on even after's transformation has ended. This is a very good idea, and will most likely keep him motivated in the long(er) run. In addition, he's set some short-term goals.

Jason: Loves Gaspari's IntraPro!

    As far as progress, we haven't heard of any numbers, neither have we seen any recent progression pictures of him. I think Jason has a great mindset though, knowing that progress will come over time and that the mind is everything. With his mentality, he will certainly reach his goal, even if it takes him a year or longer!

--> malibuilder

    Things are looking very positive for Alen, as he's making some great progression; he's lost over 6 lbs since last week! His moods also don't seem to suffer from his diet, which is very important! Finally, his strength is not suffering either; I guess his morning cardio is paying off!

Alen: Check Out These Push-Ups!

--> Jumbo Rider

    He's posted some progression pictures on the 13th of February and his progress is looking amazing! The difference is very visible!

    This isn't surprising because his mindset is great also! He's posted some motivating quotes and a little video from Will Smith that's about running and reading on his blog. He also knows how to tame Fred now. (Watch the video to find out who Fred is...)

Dave: What Did Will Smith Say?

    His progression is also noticeable in other things; his pants are getting too large, and his wife is "starting to remember what muscles on her man felt like again." LOL

Tammo's Take On The Contest

Here are my recent views on the group as a whole.

I am very impressed with all five of the contestants. Although each is making different amounts of progression, they all seem to work as a team. They have common goals and they are helping each other out. They comment about each others' blogs and say great words about each other. I don't think we could've picked a better group. Awesome job guys, keep up the great work, and keep motivating each other!

Spread The Love

Please take a moment and offer up some hearty congratulations to our five contestants for finishing this contest!

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Review The Contest

As you may or may not know, blogs are set up in reverse chronological order by date, so reading blogs actually tends to go backward in time, which can be a fun experience or maddening (depending on your viewpoint!) Either way, it's fun to jump back in time a few weeks and see where the contestants were at. Here are a few more helpful links to the archives:

This contest ends today, but please stay tuned as the contestants' post-contest drama and judging starts to unfold. If you haven't already, subscribe to this contest's RSS feed for continued updates throughout the next few weeks!

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Now that you've read more about the contestants and their progress, tune into the group blog to follow along throughout the judging period! See you there!

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