BodySpace/Gaspari 2008 Transformation Contest: Ready, Set, Go!

Five contestants, each competing for $1,000 in cash and Gaspari supplements. Five contestants, each transforming their bodies. Five people like you and me, each shedding fat and improving their health. Who will reach their personal goals in 90 days?
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Ready, Set, Go!

Is your New Year's resolution to finally lose some weight this year? Are you starting a fat-loss exercise program today? Join the crowd! We've assembled a crack team of soon-to-be former fatties to compete for cash and prizes in a 12-week fat-loss transformation contest on BodySpace, our fitness networking site!

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Back in November, there was a forum thread. The thread stated that we were seeking motivated bloggers to participate in the official BodySpace 2008 Transformation Group Blog Contest. The thread stated that we'd be selecting five persons to do 3-month transformations starting on Dec. 26, 2007 and ending on March 26, 2008.

Lots of people applied, but only 5 were chosen.

The winners of the 3-month contest will earn themselves not only transformed, healthier bodies (the real prize!), but also some hard-earned cash, free Gaspari Nutrition supplements, as well as other supplement and gifts from other vendors as well! The contestants were selected on December 15th, and the competition officially started on December 26th.

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Meet The Competitors!

Without further ado, let's meet this year's 5 competitors, in no particular order:

In addition, our "celebrity" participant is industry photographer, writer, and website designer Isaac Hinds, who will be adding insightful commentary to the blog during his own already-remarkable on-going fat loss transformation.

Vital Stats

Maddi (Maddi) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Location: Missouri, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 157 lbs.; 24%
Intro: Read Maddi's Own Introduction
Blog Content: View Maddi's Posts
Misc.: Mother of 3 daughters.

Josh (stonecoldtruth) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: South Dakota, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 290 lbs.; 31%
Intro: Read Josh's Own Introduction
Blog Content: View Josh's Posts
Misc.: iSatori board rep; previously lost over
          110 lbs.

Jason (fusioncom) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Location: Georgia, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 277 lbs.; 34.5%
Intro: Read Jason's Own Introduction
Blog Content: View Jason's Posts
Misc.: Husband and father.

Stephanie (Daretosoar) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Location: Missouri, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 227.4 lbs.; 51.5%
Intro: Read Steph's Own Introduction
Blog Content: View Steph's Posts
Misc.: Wife and mother.

Dave (Jumbo Rider) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Location: Missouri, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 364 lbs.; 31-41%
Intro: Read Dave's Own Introduction
Blog Content: View Dave's Posts
Misc.: Father & soon-to-be grandfather.

Don't miss watching their introduction videos below!

About The Contest

The official start date for the contest is December 26, 2007 (just one week ago.) The official end date is March 26, 2008, which makes 3 full months (12+ weeks). The contestants are expected to have taken "Before photos" on or before the first day of the contest with a newspaper proving the date of the photo.

Each week, they are also required to take and post current Progress photos, too. At the end of the contest, they will be required to post "After photos," also with newspapers. Other requirements are that each contestant posts on the blog frequently (every other day) and informs us, the readers, as well as each other how they're doing, what supplements they're using, and what exercises and diet plans they're following.

In addition, all 5 contestants must post weekly workout videos and initial and final weigh-in videos.

There are lots of prizes up to grabs in this contest, including a combined total of $1,000 USD cash prizes for the top 3 winners of the contest, plus thousands of dollars worth of free Gaspari Nutrition supplements during the contest for all 5 participants.

Additional smaller supplement prizes have been procured for some of the runners-up, including free supps from All American EFX, MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, Loud Energy Drinks, Higher Power, etc. See the full breakdown below.

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Prize Breakdown

Here's the official breakdown of contest perks from our main sponsor, Gaspari Nutrition:

  • The winner of the contest will be featured in a joint Gaspari Nutrition/ magazine ad, showcasing his/her results using Gaspari Nutrition products!
  • The winner of the contest will be featured on the homepage of the Gaspari Nutrition website at as a Top Testimonial winner!
  • Combined total of $1,000 in cash prizes for the top 3 winners: $600 for first place, $300 for second place, and $100 for third place.
  • All 5 contestants will receive 90 days worth of free Gaspari stacks, worth thousands of dollars over the duration of the contest. The guys will get the Lean Mass stack from the Gaspari catalog. The women will get the Marzia Prince Lean & Fit stack.
  • All 5 contestants will receive 24/7 support from Gaspari Nutrition regarding nutrition, supplementation, and/or training advice from officially-appointed Gaspari BodySpace representatives Deserusan, MsFitness, and Zachattack43.
  • All 5 contestants will also receive generous additional promo items, t-shirts, and Letters of Support from Gaspari Nutrition.

To learn more about the Gaspari Lean Mass and Marzia Lean & Fit stacks, click here to download the Gaspari catalog (PDF format, 4 MB):

PDF    2008 Gaspari Catalog (PDF, 4 MB)

Here's the official breakdown of contest perks from our other co-sponsors:

  • All American EFX: 2 products each for all finishers of the contest.
  • Optimum Nutrition: a few products for the finishers of the contest.
  • MuscleTech: $300 gift certicate for each finisher of the contest, plus $100/mo gift certificate for the 5 contestants during the contest.
  • Loud Energy Drinks: a couple of cases for finishers of the contest.
  • Higher Power: $125 worth of Higher Power supplements for 2 finishers.
  • $75/mo supplement store credit each month of the contest for all 5 contestants.
  • MyBodyBeats: Free weekly motivation podcasts downloads for all contestants during the contest.

Links to each of our sponsors can be found on the contest blog.

Intro Videos

Get to know the contestants one-on-one by watching their intro videos! Find out what their personal goals are and what strategies they plan on using to reach them!


2008 BodySpace Transformation Introduction: Maddi (Maddi).


2008 BodySpace Transformation Introduction: Stonecoldtruth (Josh).


2008 BodySpace Transformation Introduction: Fusioncom (Jason).


2008 BodySpace Transformation Introduction: Daretosoar (Stephanie).

Jumbo Rider:

2008 BodySpace Transformation Introduction: Jumbo Rider (Dave).

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As you may or may not know, blogs are set up in reverse chronological order by date, so reading blogs actually tends to go backward in time, which can be a fun experience or maddening (depending on your viewpoint!) Either way, it's fun to jump back in time a few weeks and see where the contestants were at. Here are a few more helpful links to the archives:

Stay Tuned

This contest is just getting started, so please stay tuned as the contestants' progress and drama unfolds. If you haven't already, subscribe to this contest's RSS feed for continual updates throughout the next 3 months!

If you have some fat to shed this year, please consider following along with the contestants in this year's BodySpace Transformation Contest - do what they do, and you'll see the results they do!

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Now that you've met the contestants, their goals, their quirks and trash-talking (LOL), tune into the group blog to follow along! See you there!

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