2008 Arnold Classic Preview: Many New Faces & Where They Will Place!

The 2008 Arnold Classic - This year we will be seeing a lot of new faces and some pros that are making their way to the top. Here are my predictions on how the pro men will place at the largest fit expo in the world!

Two weeks after this year's Iron Man, the annual Arnold Classic Pro is held again in Columbus, Ohio. This year we will be seeing a lot of new faces and some pros that are making their way to the top.

How will Toney do this year; he will definitely do better than last year's Mr. Olympia, but will he actually place top-5? How about Silvio? He's certainly moving up, and having seen him recently, he will definitely place second or higher. Dexter will compete again, so that's his threat right there. And what about Phil Heath? We've seen his recent pictures, and he's looking bigger than ever! Kai Greene decided not to compete in last year's Olympia, which makes it even more interesting how he will come in this year.

Well, it sure will be an exciting competition. This is my current prediction for this year's Arnold Classic:

1st Place - Dexter Jackson:

    Dexter's been in the game for a while. Known for showing up in a great condition every time, and having one of the best symmetric physiques out there, he's been pretty successful; he placed top 5 five times and top 10 three times in the biggest competition of all, the Mr. Olympia, competing against the best guys out there.

dexter dexter
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Dexter Jackson.
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    If he will bring the same package this year, he will definitely place top 3, most likely even first. This mostly depends on how the other pros are coming in this year, especially Silvio, who is his biggest threat.

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2nd Place - Silvio Samuel:

    Silvio is an upcoming star. He's been competing a lot last year and is working his way up. Like you've probably heard before, he has great physique; full muscle-bellies and good symmetry. Besides that he has a good X-frame going on. You might have seen him recently in Bodybuilding.com's Iron Man video show and notice that he's looking bigger too.

    Silvio Silvio
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    Silvio Samuel.
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    He has competed in last year's Mr. Olympia last year for his first time, placing 7th. He also won the under 210 and overall title in the 2007 Europa super show. If he comes in the best he can, he will definitely place second, or maybe even first.

Iron Man Video Series - Episode #2: Silvio Samuel Saviour.
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3rd Place - Phil Heath:

    Phil Heath's physique has changed a lot since last time we've seen him compete, and you'll see this at the Iron Man that's coming up in two weeks. He has gained a lot of size, and is also in great condition, as we've seen them on the recent pictures that were published by Flex Magazine. I can see him place pretty high, top 3.

Phil Heath Phil Heath
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Phil Heath.
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4th Place - Toney Freeman:

    It's still a big question to me about where Toney will place in even the Iron Man this year. The last time we've seen him compete was in the 2007 Mr. Olympia, in which he didn't place very high (he took 14th place). This was all due to some sickness that occurred to him prior to the contest, and so could have placed a lot higher, like all of us expected.

Toney Freeman Toney Freeman
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Toney Freeman.
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    His great symmetry and especially his X-frame contributed to his 3rd placing in last year's Arnold Classic, where he competed against guys like Phil Heath, Branch Warren and Dexter Jackson. He also took first place in last year's Iron Man Pro.

    My prediction will be more accurate after I've seen him compete in this year's Iron Man Pro.

5th Place - Kai Greene:

    Kai Greene got qualified for last year's Mr. Olympia but decided to not compete in it. We really don't know what he looks like right now, but considering that he had a great physique last year, was looking really ripped and had the mass, he probably is going to bring something even better this year.

Kai Greene Kai Greene
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Kai Greene.
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    He's pretty new to the pro-game. He's done competitions like the 2007 IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Contest, in which he placed first, beating guys like Darrem and Silvio, and the 2007 IFBB Keystone Pro Classic Bodybuilding Contest, but we have yet to see him in the Arnold Classic, and hopefully this year's Mr. Olympia.

    If he beat Silvio in the past, then why would he place after him, 5th place this year you're asking? Again, this is a prediction, it is very hard, especially without the Iron Man Pro results even, to predict how pros like Kai, that we haven't seen for such a long time, will look.

6th Place - Desmond Miller:

    The "Wheels of steel," Desmond Miller is very new to the pro stage. This will only be his third IFBB pro competition.

Desmond Miller Desmond Miller
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Desmond Miller.
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    He beat guys like Silvio Samuel and Kai Greene in last year's 2007 IFBB Keystone Pro Classic, and has gotten some time to get an even more outstanding physique since those competitions.

    Not sure how he will come in this year, but he will definitely at least place 6th, or maybe even higher.

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7th Place - Melvin Anthony:

    The "Marvelous" Melvin skipped last year's Arnold Classic but placed 6th in last year's Mr. Olympia, beating Silvio Samuel, David Henry and Gustavo Badell.

Melvin Anthony Melvin Anthony
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Melvin Anthony.
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    He's got great lat developed, but this is also making his legs look smaller.

Melvin Anthony! Guest: Melvin Anthony
Date: 10/29/07
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8th Place - Johnnie Jackson:

    Johnnie has been a successful competitor active in both powerlifting as well as bodybuilding. Having placed first in many powerlifting competitions, and getting total lifts of 2172 lbs (!) like in the 2002 WPO Qualifier, he's able to still place in bodybuilding competitions like the Mr. Olympia, in which he placed 9th last year.

Johnnie Jackson Johnnie Jackson
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Johnnie Jackson.
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    To me it seems that he lacks some quad sweep and that his waist is too big, when comparing him with guys like Silvio.

9th Place - David Henry:

    This will be David's 4th Arnold Classic competition. He placed top 10 in last year's Mr. Olympia, and brings a good physique on stage. I don't know why he placed only 10th at last year's Mr. Olympia, while he has a good x-frame, and came in good condition. It might be the lack of some size and his height that gives him a disadvantage.

David Henry David Henry
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David Henry.
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10th Place - Ronny Rockel:

    Having placed 8th in last year's Arnold Classic, I think Ronny has a good chance of placing top 10 again this year. He came in pretty well conditioned physique to last year's Mr. Olympia, but his symmetry is a bit off; he's got great shoulder development, but it's kind of overpowering at the same time. His waist also takes away from that deep X-shape like Toney's.

Ronny Rockel Ronny Rockel
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Ronny Rockel.
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11th Place - Branch Warren:

    I don't know why this guy seems to place pretty low all the time, with exceptions of competitions like last year's New York pro, which a lot of people still think he didn't deserve to win.

Branch Warren Branch Warren
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Branch Warren.
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    His best part is his legs, which are massive and ripped. He brings a conditioned physique on stage, with great vascularity, especially in his upper chest. His abs are his weakness. I don't really know what else to say about Branch, he looks so-so, and will place 10th in this year's Arnold classic due to the competitors placing after him.

12th Place - Gustavo Badell:

    I know that a lot of people will disagree with me on this one. Gustavo did place top 10, and even top 5 in a few Mr. Olympia contests, but by how he was looking at last year's Mr. Olympia, I don't think he will place top 10 this year's Arnold Classic.

Gustavo Badell Gustavo Badell
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Gustavo Badell.
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    I don't even know why he placed 8th in last year's Mr. Olympia (or actually I do, which I will not talk about); his waist is very wide, his legs are too small and he was looking pretty "smooth".

13th Place - Adorthus Cherry:

    This will be Adorthus' first Arnold Classic, and second IFBB competition. Looking at his most recent pictures, he's got a great V-taper, small waist, but is lacking size in his legs. His torn pec also takes away from his symmetry.

Adorthus Cherry Adorthus Cherry
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Adorthus Cherry.
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    He hasn't competed against any of the pros he will be at the Arnold with, so I can't make any predictions based on the results of previous competitions.

14th Place - Deshaun Grimez:

    Same goes for Deshaun. Looking at his most recent pictures though, which are of the 2007 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, I think that he does have a great v-taper, but overpowering shoulders, was looking "smooth" overall and had a waist that was a little bit on the bigger side.

Deshaun Grimez Deshaun Grimez
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Deshaun Grimez.
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