Cutler Chaos Reigns At Teper’s 2008 Junior California Bodybuilding And Figure Championships!

Not only was the LA area experiencing triple digit temperatures but the heat generated from Lonnie Teper's NPC Junior California Bodybuilding and Figure Championships pushed the mercury out of the top of the thermometer.

Forget about the Junior Nationals, which was held the same evening in Chicago. The place to be on June 21st was Pasadena, California. Not only was the LA area experiencing triple digit temperatures but the heat generated from Lonnie Teper's NPC Junior California Bodybuilding and Figure Championships pushed the mercury out of the top of the thermometer. Much of this has to be blamed on the electricity created by two-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler and his fan-friendly guest posing routine.

Cutler's mid show performance was perfectly positioned while the sweltering crowd still had enough energy to mob bodybuilding's top dog as he waded through all four corners of Pasadena City College's Sexson Auditorium. Between high fives, handshakes and pats on the back, it seemed as if Cutler was able to have a photo op with each person in attendance. There is no doubt that Jay Cutler is the most accessible Mr. Olympia ever.

What about the show you ask? Wait there is more. Also in attendance was the living legend Flex Wheeler, Derik "the Freak" Farnsworth and IFBB figure and fitness darlings Jenny Lynn and Tanji Johnson. Multi-Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray was all smiles and looked stunning. The irrepressible Teper, who wore both the promoter's hat and his usual MC cap, was able to coax Q.T. Quincy Taylor and Silvio Samuel on-stage sans shirts to give a quick display of physiques. Q.T. was off-season and looked B-I-G. Samuel is training hard for the upcoming Houston Pro and looked nearly contest ready.

Open Men's Bodybuilding

Garrett Jaronczyk has made some remarkable changes in is physique since winning the lighweight class at the 2007 San Francisco Championships. His much-improved delts and triceps are what earned him the first place award over second place Mutaz Ahnad and third place Noe Castro.

One of the best posers of the evening was middleweight winner Keisuke Yoshida. The subtleties of his routine served to highlight the intricacies of his physique accent his near perfect symmetry. Second place winner Michael Bautista was a few inches shorter then Yoshida and his thickness displayed the opposite end of the spectrum. Lorenzo Reynaga, who took home the third place award, was a busy man, competing in three separate divisions throughout the evening.

Enough can't be said about light heavyweight and eventual overall winner Leo Delaine. His wide shoulders and sweeping quads were set apart from his slim waste that was punctuated with the proverbial six-pack abdominals. Delaine is blessed with deep muscle bellies and his conditioning was top-notch. Delaine has his hands full with second place Justin Hunter. Hunter came ready to rumble and matched Delaine pose for pose during prejudging. The number three man in the class, Jason Blackwell displayed one of the best triceps/biceps combinations of the night.

It sounded like heavyweight winner Charles Turner brought his own cheering section with him. Turner was one of the largest competitors in the Jr. Cal and despite his size he posed with the grace of a middleweight. If anyone had the chutzpah to challenge Turner is was Robert Saurer. Saurer swaggered about the stage with a confidence bordering on cockiness. Frank Mendoza placed third to Saurer.

Women's Figure

Class A figure winner Mona Liza Reyes' raven tressed hair and mile wide smile made her a standout in a very tough class. Rosalind Vail, who was awarded second place, presented well and on any other evening could have taken the class. Carlisa Sessoms took a well-deserved third place and with continued training is certain to be a standout in future shows.

Class B was a battle of the backsides. First place Brianne Shaw, second place Noella Downs and third place Tracey Gaither each flaunted great physiques from the front and sides. It was Shaw's delts and tapering lats that gave her the edge over Downs and Gaither.

Ali Olson traveled from the Mile High City to win first place in figure Class C. The blond haired pixie with an effervescent smile exuded a charisma that could be felt all the way to the back of the auditorium. Second place went to Melissa Preston and the fiery redhead Olga Torres took third.

The leggy, dark haired beauty Anna Brown walked on stage as if she owned it. And owned it she did. Never letting go until she secured the judges nods for first place. A very well proportioned Amy Carr took second place by nudging out crowd favorite Erin Lutz.

As the line of class winners assembled in front of the judging panel one knew that the judges had their hands full. Head judge Link Swinson called the ladies through several rounds of quarter turns as well as individual models turns to give the judges a better look. After the scores were tallied MC Teper declared Brianne Shaw the 2008 Junior Cal overall figure winner.

Novice Men's Bodybuilding

The novice men's classes had some exciting moments as well. Novice lightweight winner Patric Birdson brought a physique to the stage that belied the 154-pound weight limit. Birdson had the perfect amount of musculature for his frame size.

Novice middleweight Kris Gethin was awarded fourth place but that doesn't tell the whole story. Gethin's eclectic free-posing routine was the hit of the evening. It can only be explained as cerebral journey through the mind of the witty Welshman as he planned out his posing routine.

Novice heavyweight winner and eventual novice overall winner Charles Turner received his just reward. Kudos has to go to novice second place winner Daniel Kammer who also took first in the men over forty class.

All the novice class winners deserve acknowledgement for the spirited posedown that unfolded before the overall winner was announced. The competitors were so involved that they refused to cease well after the music ended. It appeared for a moment that Teper was going to have to act as bouncer at his own show and physically put an end to the unbridled melee.


This was my first venture to the Junior Cal and I was quite impressed. With the quality of competitors and number of spectators I was surprised that the show was not a national qualifier. The show was co-sponsored by EFX and and dozens of big name vendors showed up for free giveaways in the lobby expo. With the success of this years Jr. Cal no doubt that next years winners will be on their way to a national show.