2008 Holiday Super Feature.

We at Bodybuilding.com are serious about getting the best and most relevant information to you this holiday season. We have put together this super feature so you can find all of our holiday related material in one easy to find location.

We at Bodybuilding.com are serious about getting the best and most relevant information to you so you can make educated decisions this holiday season.

We have put together this super feature so you can find all of our holiday related material in one easy to find location. Check it out now and stay healthy!

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    What Is The Problem?

    Deep within the relaxing realms of TV, reclining couches and calorie laden feasts, is the inevitable one-way freeway to fat-gain. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas calories are all enough to beat you down to an unrecognizable shape that you vow to lose once the New Year rolls around.

Holiday Guides
Survive The Holidays
Dieter's Holiday Guide. Dieter's Holiday Guide.
We are all in the midst of the yearly battle where we fight fat all throughout the holidays.
Step-By-Step Guide! Step-By-Step Guide.
Here are some tips to help you stay on track in the coming months.
Holiday Drinking
Stress & Anxiety
Holiday 6-Pack? Holiday 6-Pack?
The holiday feasts are almost here. Keep your six pack and drink it too this holiday season!
Navigating Food Choices Food Anxiety.
Thanksgiving seems to create a state of food anxiety among many people across the U.S.


    Tickle you and your family's taste buds with our healthy meal plans and easy diet options. Our low calorie salivating substitutes will keep damage control to a minimum whilst inviting friends to crave a curious nibble.

From My Heart And Home To Yours, Have A Healthy And Happy Thanksgiving!
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There Is Nothing Wrong With Tempting Some Healthy Substitutes Towards Your Impatient Cutlery.
Writer, Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Avoiding Weight Gain
Meals & Recipes
Supplements For Young Vs Old! Holiday Weight Gain!
Time to prepare for the holidays. Want to lessen the effects of the holidays?
For Men Or Women! The Thanksgiving Feast!
If you're bulking you don't mind, but if you are trying to cut, this can mean extra dieting.
Cheat Meals
Mistakes & Myths
Cheating: Should You Do It? Cheating: Should You?
Regardless of what kind of cheat day you have, it is necessary.
10 Diet Destroying Drinks! Diet Destroying Drinks!
You've got a good protein powder, but what about the other beverages you drink?
BodySpace User Stories

Adina Adina
Blog: Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving was NOT about the Food...
BodySpace User Stories

Sharlott Sharlott
Blog: Holiday Season
I managed to make it through Halloween slightly unscathed...

Nutrition #1 Food Nutrient Database:
Over 6200 Foods In A Searchable Database!

Find out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat are in the foods you eat, along with the full vitamin and mineral profile.

[ Find Your Favorite Foods Here! ]


    Pre and post holiday preparation will help you relax and enjoy Thanksgiving tenfold knowing that your fat burning furnace will chew up any excess calories stacked on your plate. If you want your cake, you can eat it without guilt if you follow our amazing training regimes.

    If you don't prepare, you are preparing to fail. Start your training regime now so you can take days off around the holidays and keep your six pack... even if you decide to drink one.

Santa's Helper
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Santa's Massive Helper.

Full Training Guides
Everything You Need! Everything You Need!
A comprehensive guide for the beginning bodybuilder or someone who has just started.
Cardio Super Feature. Cardio Super Feature.
Access to the best cardio methods for fat loss, endurance and how to make cardio fun!
Training From Home
Training While Traveling
5 Mass-Building Home Gym Workouts! Winter Workouts!
Can't get to the gym but still need to burn calories? Try shoveling snow!
Staying Healthy While Traveling. Stay Healthy Traveling.
Get ahead, even while on the road, with the following helpful guide!
BodySpace User Stories

BuffMother BuffMother!
Blog: Holiday Hottie.
Do you wanna be HOT for the HOLIDAYS???
BodySpace User Stories

thorra thorra
Blog: Holiday Survival Workout
It's time for me to go into Holiday Survival mode....


    Temptation and deprivation are closing in and will soon have you surrounded if you don't find the motivation to fend them off.

    Our information and supplementation won't hold your hand through the holidays if you don't have the motivation to use them wisely. Our motivation section can help you control the challenges faced when approaching the holidays, from social pressure all the way to craving conundrums.

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Get Some Holiday Motivation!

Long-Term Motivation
Short-Term Motivation
Learn From Your Mistakes! Learn From Mistakes!
Don't let your mistakes run your life - Get right back up and finish strong.
12 Short-Term Motivation Steps! 12 Motivation Steps!
I want you to succeed so use my 12 tips below to help climb the 12 steps to success.
Time Management
Will Power
Manage Your Time. Manage Your Time.
A bodybuilder's schedule can be very hectic, especially if they have a full time job.
Master Key To The Future! Key To The Future!
Ninety-nine percent of all humans are unhappy because they lack will power.
BodySpace User Stories

crlgrl crlgrl
Blog: Dear Santa.
I've been a pretty good girl this year...
BodySpace User Stories

ArmySoldier1 ArmySoldier1
Blog: Season of Thanks
I wish nothing but the best for you and your families!

    Bodybuilders Gift Guide

Why not purchase a gift this holiday season for a friend or loved one that you know they will use and not put in the "re-gift" box.

Don't know what fat burner, DVD, lifting belt or protein supplement to buy? Check out our holiday gift guide to get exactly what you know they would like.

We ship by priority mail which normally takes around 2-3 days for delivery.

Holiday Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas For Athletes
Holiday Muscle Gifts! Holiday Muscle Gifts!
Is your significant other a person who enjoys the gym and living a healthy lifestyle?
Gifts For An Athlete? Gifts For An Athlete?
Many of us are probably buying at least one gift for an athlete that we know.
Top 5 Gifts For Men
Top 5 Gifts For Women
Protein Powders! 1. Protein Powders!
Protein powders are formulated to be the perfect meal in a quick and easy shake.
Bodybuilding.com Clothing! 1. BB.com Clothing!
Your source for great fitness styles that will help show off your hard work.

Holiday Gift Guide Great Gifts From Bodybuilding.com!
Find the perfect present for the bodybuilder in your life. Or just get a little something for yourself!

[ Check Out Great Gift Ideas Here! ]

Still No Gift Ideas?
Then Try A Bodybuilding.com Gift Certificate!

    More Motivation Help

Find some extra site features to keep you motivated, right here! Motivational videos, podcasts, wallpapers, backgrounds and much more...

Video Shows:

During the next 12 weeks, Kris Gethin will be training and guiding fellow Bodybuilding.com employee Sarah Jones in a 12 Week Transformation Journey! Follow these exact guidelines and you can experience your own personal transformation success.

Sarah Jones' 12 Week Transformation Journey!
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Celebrity Weight Loss
Bodybuilding Basics
Rebuilding Ron Lester! Rebuilding Ron Lester!
Ron Lester builds his body back up after multiple surgeries and rapid weight loss.
The Poe Show. The Poe Show.
Follow Brandon Poe through his contest preparation for several contests in 2008.

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Pro Bodybuilding Weekly
Natural Bodybuilding
Pro Bodybuilding Weekly! PBW Radio Show!
The #1 rated bodybuilding radio show features the biggest names in the iron game.
The Poe Show. John Hansen.
Episode #1 of John Hansen's new Natural Bodybuilding Radio podcast series.

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Strength Gains For Winter Sports!

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Don't Be A Dumbbell - Get Fit!

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