2008 NGA Heart Of America Natural Classic Review.

On May 3rd 69 competitors took to the stage at the 2008 NGA Heart of America Natural Classic. This was the 12th year for the show and turned out to be the biggest and best ever.

On May 3rd 69 competitors took to the stage at the 2008 NGA Heart of America Natural Classic. This was the 12th year for the show and turned out to be the biggest and best ever. Making it extra special was a guest appearance by eight time Mr Olympia, Lee Haney and IFBB Fitness Pro Angie Semsch. Lee Haney conducted a free seminar after pre-judging on Saturday and it turned out to be a huge success.

Contest Review

arrow Teen Men:

    The first class to take the stage was the teen men. 3rd place went to Fabian Aquino, 2nd to Matt Williams, and 1st place to a very muscular Phillip Gomez of Chicago, IL.

arrow Men's Novice Divisions:

Men's Novice Divisions
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Men's Novice Divisions

    In the men's novice lightweight, 4th place was Erico Santiago, 3rd place was 47 year old Victor Grethey who lost over a 100 pounds to complete, 2nd place went to a well-defined Paul Wann and 1st place to Brandon Lohmeier who brought a total package of muscularity, symmetry, and cuts.

    Men's novice middleweight 5th place Ryan Hunsinger, 4th Sam Lott, 3rd place Jeff Kramer, 2nd went to James Dalton, and 1st was dominated by a complete package from Jayme Brandenburg of Decatur, IL.

    Men's novice light/heavyweight 5th place Scott Coltus, 4th place Glenn Owens Jr, 3rd place Mike Laubie, 2nd place Rich Brecklin, and scoring 1's across the board, 42 year old Cededa Munoz of Peoria, IL.

Men's Novice Light Heavyweight
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Men's Novice Light Heavyweight

    Men's novice heavyweight 5th place Greg Pace, 4th place Alex Vasileski, 3rd place Brent Swanson, 2nd place Lewis Calloway, and a clean sweep for 1st by Jeff Svob of Monmouth, IL.

arrow Women Novice Division:

    Women's novice bodybuilding 3rd place Leslie Jenkins, 2nd place Susie Drayer, and in her first show, Gabby Kestner brought a complete package and overran the class with 1's from all judges.

arrow Men Masters Division:

    Men's master's over 40, 5th place Mike Laubie, 4th place Paul Wann, 3rd place Cepeda Munoz, 2nd place 67 years young, Murrell Hall who brought an amazing physique for a man of 67. In his first show, news anchorman, Dave Benton, of Champaign, IL was incredible in his win and went on to battle for the overall title.

Murrell Hall
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Murrell Hall

    Men master's over 50, 5th place Erico Santiago, 4th place Vic Barcomb, 3rd place Gary Fern, 2nd place Dave Johnston, and in first place the age-less wonder, Murrell Hall of Decatur, IL.

arrow Women Masters Division:

    Women's master's bodybuilding, 3rd place Leslie Jenkins, 2nd place Laurie Ellis, and first place Susie Drayer in only her 2nd show from the quad cities.

arrow Women's Figure Division:

    Master's figure over 40, 5th place Denise Amundson, 4th place Kim Stubbs, 3rd place Amy Vizek, 2nd place Janice Kohal, and in first place, 56 year old Ann Drahos topped the class and even dropped down to compete in the masters over 40. Masters Figure over 50, 2nd place Brenda Clark, and first place once again won by Ann Drahos of Cedar Rapids, IA.

    Women's figure short, 5th place Dimitra Mihalopoulos, 4th place Brenda Clark, 3rd place Josefina Mosivias, 2nd place Janice Kohal, and Kim Stubbs of St. Louis claimed first.

    Women's figure medium, 4th place Daniel Thornton, 3rd place Amy Vizek, 2nd place Maria Tabor, and in first place with an incredible body transformation was Stacy Widger from Canton, IL.

    Women's figure tall, story of the night, mother of 10 Celia Bethard was 5th place. 4th place was Molly Allard, and in a close battle for 2nd and 3rd, identical twins Tiffany Benson and Heather Nash brought incredible physiques with Tiffany landing in 3rd and Heather in 2nd.

Women's Figure Tall
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Women's Figure Tall

    In first place, with straight 1's across the board, was 21 year old college basketball player, Jessie Stapleton of Chillicothe, IL who brought a complete package of symmetry, leanness, muscle tone, beauty, and class.

Jessie Stapleton
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Jessie Stapleton

arrow Women's Bodybuilding Division:

    Women's bodybuilding open middle, 3rd place Laurie Ellis, 2nd place Gabby Kestner, and in dominating fashion with an incredible combination of muscularity and definition was Jennifer Lynn Cowan of Chicago, IL.

    Women's bodybuilding heavyweight, 3rd place Leslie Jenkins, 2nd place Susie Drayer, and an extremely muscular Janet Fletcher of Columbus, OH took 1st.

arrow Men's Bodybuilding Division:

    Men's open lightweight bodybuilding, 5th place Paul Wann, 4th place Gary Fern, 3rd place Brandon Lohmeier, 2nd place Mike Johnston, and in first place Dave Benton.

    Men's open middleweight bodybuilding, 5th place Dave Johnston, 4th place Jeff Kramer, 3rd place James Dalton, 2nd place Corry Harris, and Brandon Lohmeier toe novice middleweight also won the open middleweight.

    Men's open light/heavyweight 5th place Scott Coultas, 4th place Mike Laube, 3rd place Rich Brecklin, 2nd place Ken McNeil, and novice light/heavy winner Cepeda Munoz took this class as well.

    Men's open heavyweight 5th place Alex Vasileski, 4th place Brett Swanson, 3rd place Lewis Calloway, 2nd place Jeff Svob, and first place went to a complete package from Scott Mastien of Chicago, IL.

arrow Overall Winners:

Jessie Stapleton
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Jessie Stapleton

    Claiming overall titles and earning pro cards were heavyweight winner and overall champion Scott Mastien, figure overall winner Jessie Stapleton, and women's bodybuilding overall champ Jennifer Lynn Cowan.

Scott Mastien
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Scott Mastien

    These three are now eligible to compete as professionals in the NGA and their victories were hard fought and well earned. Stories of the night had to be mother of 10, Celia Bethard who brought the clan of 10 along to cheer her on and showed women that after 10 babies you can still put a 2 piece suit on and look incredible.

    67 year old Murrell Hall wowed the crowed by displaying an incredible physique which proves how bodybuilding and weight training can slow the aging process down for sure. And identical twins, Tiffany Benson and Heather Nash also proved you can go on to be competitive in figure and bring an impressive package after bearing 8 children between them.

    IFBB Fitness Pro, Angie Semsch gave an incredible performance and had the crowd on its feet and Lee Haney was a 2nd to none guest personality. Special thanks to bodybuilding.com for all the support and helping to sponsor the 2008 NGA Heart of America Natural Classic.


Next year's show will be May 2nd, 2009 and we expect it to be even bigger and better with more pro cards on the line. For information contact John Abraham.

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