2008 Europa Super Show Preview.

The 15th Annual Europa Super Show & Sports Expo will take place at the Dallas Convention Center on August 15-16th. This is one of the biggest weekends of the year for the bodybuilding and fitness world.

The 15th Annual Europa Super Show & Sports Expo will take place at the Dallas Convention Center on August 15-16th. This is one of the biggest weekends of the year for the bodybuilding and fitness world. Everything from IFBB Pro competitions to Hot Mom contests, MMA events and more will go down in Dallas.

Men's Bodybuilding

The IFBB Pro men's contest will feature an open and a 202 & Under show. There are currently 52 men slated to compete in the contests. Some of the men will try their hand only at the 202 and Under event while others pose it out in the open. Last year Silvio Samuel won both contests. It should be noted that last year the event was a 210 & Under class. Here are a few names to watch in this heated contest.

arrow Fouad Abiad:

    Fouad has put on a good deal of muscle since his amateur days. He hails out of Canada and will be looking to make his first trip to the Olympia. He'll compete in the PBW Tampa show before making his way to Dallas. If he nails his conditioning he could be in the top callouts.

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Fouad Abiad At The 2008 Houston Pro.
View More Pics Of Fouad Abiad Here.

arrow Darrem Charles:

    Look for Big D to go back to what works for him - CONDITIONING. He jumped into the Houston show and wasn't as conditioned as people have grown accustomed to seeing him. Darrem is a seasoned vet and has won at least one pro show every year since 2002. He'll be in the mix at this show.

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Darrem Charles At The 2008 Houston Pro.
View More Pics Of Darrem Charles Here.

arrow Mark Dugdale:

    The last time we saw Mark was on the Olympia stage and he wasn't at his sharpest. He'll show off his improvements in Tampa the week before this contest so we'll have a better idea of how he looks. Mark has always had some of the best legs but his arms lagged behind. We'll see if he brought up his arms and tries to play the size game.

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Mark Dugdale At The 2007 Olympia.
View More Pics Of Mark Dugdale Here.

arrow George Farah:

    Bulletproof Farah had some health concerns at the end of last year but is confident that the time off has served him well. George should find himself in the top 10 but it will be tough to get into the top five at this show. I think George will be entering the 202 & Under class which he could do well at. He's beaten guys much bigger than him before so look for him to do well in the 202 class.

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George Farah At The 2007 Colorado Pro/Am.
View More Pics Of George Farah Here.

arrow Toney Freeman:

    The X Man slipped at the Olympia and slowly made his way back at the beginning of the year. He's already qualified for the Olympia but can he win this show again. He's done it before and when he comes in conditioned, at his size, there are few who can hang with him. Look for Toney to go back to what worked for him before and be in the hunt again at this show.

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Toney Freeman At The New Zealand Grand Elite Pro.
View More Pics Of Toney Freeman Here.

arrow Andy Haman:

    How will the master's champ from 2007 do at this show? Andy's big and will be in condition but will his physique match up against the seasoned vets that he'll be standing against? Only time will tell but this is one guy who loves to compete and has a great time at it.

Andy Haman Andy Haman
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Andy Haman Photo Shoot.

arrow Will Harris:

    Will "World" Harris placed second at this show last year and a number of people in the audience thought he could have won. Will looked good when he guest posed a bit at the LA Championships. He has one of the best backs in the biz and if he nails his conditioning he's a threat for the title. Will proved he can get into shape so it's not a question of if he can, it's if he will. I'm not betting against Will in this one. I look for him to come in better than he has before and shake things up at this contest.

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Will Harris At The Los Angeles Championships.
View More Pics Of Will Harris Here.

Will Harris Pre-Europa Interview w/ Ron Avidan.

arrow Johnnie Jackson:

    Johnnie can be a threat to any lineup he enters if he's in shape. His upper body tends to over power his lower but his conditioning has been a question as of late. Will his stint at the powerlifting event where it appeared he injured himself come into play? We'll have to see but he should find himself in the top ten here.

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Johnnie Jackson At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
View More Pics Of Johnnie Jackson Here.

arrow Dennis James:

    Dennis "the menace" James is looking to bring back the James of old. He's been a top Olympia contender in years past but tried to play the size game and it didn't suit him well. He will make his return to the stage in Tampa where we'll see a lighter, more streamlined DJ. Can he carry it over to Dallas? Yes and he will be in the mix for the title at this show.

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Dennis James At The Muscle Mayhem Championships.
View More Pics Of Dennis James Here.

This is going to be a helluva show and whoever qualifies for the Olympia here will take a ton of momentum with them into Las Vegas.

Women's Bodybuilding

There are currently 19 women set to compete at this show. Look for Nicole Ball who is a striking beauty out of Canada to do well in this lineup. She has the physique that has been rewarded as of late.

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Nicole Ball At The 2007 Olympia.
View More Pics Of Nicole Ball Here.

I also look for Kim Perez and Annie Rivieccio to be in the top three at this show. Both have great shape and when they bring their best to the stage, they're a threat for the win. There are a number of women from outside of the USA who will be competing in this event.

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Kim Perez & Annie Rivieccio.
View More Pics Of Kim Perez Here.
View More Pics Of Annie Rivieccio Here.

Women's Fitness

At the time of time writing this 19 women have sent in their contracts to compete at this event. It could be a repeat of the Houston Pro where Tracey Greenwood, Shannon Meteraud and Erin Riley battle it out for the top spot.

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Tracey Greenwood At The Houston Pro.
View More Pics Of Tracey Greenwood Here.

They went 1-2-3 in the last Texas show and they have a great chance of running the table again.

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Shannon Meteraud & Erin Riley.
View More Pics Of Shannon Meteraud Here.
View More Pics Of Erin Riley Here.

Nicole Rollolazo will be sure to bring an entertaining routine but her physique keeps her out of a top spot to date.

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Nicole Rollolazo At The Houston Pro.
View More Pics Of Nicole Rollolazo Here.

Watch for Sandra Wickham as she too has one of the most highflying routines you'll see. Sandra's placing will be dictated by how she dials in her physique for this show.

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Sandra Wickham At The 2007 Palm Beach Pro/Am.
View More Pics Of Sandra Wickham Here.

Women's Figure

There will most likely be over 30 women competing in this event by the time the show begins. Some of the women who have already qualified for the Olympia will not be taking the stage at this figure competition. It leaves the door open for a few women to potentially make their way to the Olympia stage.

Amy Lee Martin won the NPC USA Figure overall title and has decided to make this show her pro debut.

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Amy Lee Martin At The 2008 NPC USA Championships.
View More Pics Of Amy Lee Martin Here.

Natalie Benson will be looking to move up from her Houston showing and make the trip back to Vegas. Tanya Merryman is listed as competing in the Figure portion despite competing in Fitness at the Fitness International earlier in the year.

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Natalie Benson & Tanya Merryman.
View More Pics Of Natalie Benson Here.
View More Pics Of Tanya Merryman Here.

Meriza DeGuzman will look to bring in a smaller, tighter package than the California show and if she does that could be in the top callout. Jelena Abbou is not listed as of yet on the competitor list but tells me she is going to compete at this show. If she does she has a great chance of qualifying for the Olympia here.

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Meriza DeGuzman & Jelena Abbou.
View More Pics Of Meriza DeGuzman Here.
View More Pics Of Jelena Abbou Here.

Who will step up and qualify for the Olympia at this show? We'll have to wait and see but your guess is as good as mine who will prevail.

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