2008 Boise Fit Expo Review: A Great Success!

2008 Boise Fit Expo was a great success! The show opened with Bob Cicherillo, looking quite nice in his trendy sports coat. He introduced the acts one at a time as the crowd mingled and had a great time. See what the show had to offer!

I arrived in Boise on Thursday, April 10th, to beautiful weather. I had a photoshoot in the early afternoon on Friday and squeezed in a nap before the festivities that evening. At about 6 PM we headed over to the Big Easy for the expo, where the line was wrapped more than half way around the building. Inside, vendors were set up around the perimeter offering samples and talking shop, while the always impressive Jay Cutler signed autographs for eagerly awaiting fans.

I personally got to visit with several of the employees of Bodybuilding.com, many of which I made friends with in years past and many whom until that moment, I had only previously spoken to over the phone. It seems like each time I visit Bodybuilding.com in Boise there are more and more employees. It is a testament to Bodybuilding.com's continued growth.

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The Line Was Wrapped More Than
Half Way Around The Building.

The show opened with Bob Cicherillo, looking quite nice in his trendy sports coat. He introduced the acts one at a time as the crowd mingled and had a great time. To my delight, Laura Mak and the Mak Attack dancers were there again to strut their stuff. I always enjoy watching them.

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The Show Opened With Bob Cicherillo
Introducing Acts One At A Time.

Another really cool dance act was performed by a local break dancing troop, Soul Groovement Crew. It was really impressive! Also, instead of Jerome Ferguson entertaining us with a posing performance this year, we got to enjoy the awesome performance of female bodybuilder and friend, Marika Johansson. With sword in hand, she reminded me of a Nordic Warrior Princess.

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She Reminded Me Of A
Nordic Warrior Princess.

Although Jerome Ferguson did not perform this year, he co-hosted the FAME bikini contest, along side of fitness model and good friend, Crystal Matthews. They did a great job announcing the girls one by one and the line-up was impressive.

The girls, in my opinion, were more fitness-like this year, than years past. In fact, the winner, as I understand it, has even graced the cover of Oxygen magazine before. They were all very beautiful and awesome examples of what a fit female physique can look like.

Speaking of a fit physique, Jay Cutler, who takes fitness and bodybuilding above and beyond the point of impressive to a league of his own, wowed us on stage with his genuine personality and short flexing demonstration.

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Jay Cutler Wowed Us With
A Short Flexing Demonstration.

I was lucky enough to catch him as he came off stage, still without his shirt, to get a picture. I'm definitely a fan! I also got a picture with IFBB Pro and actor, Kevin Levrone, who I am also a big fan of, as well as UFC fighters, Josh Burkman and Eric Charles. Also in attendance were BSN athletes, Brandon Curry and the gorgeous Alicia Marie, along with Nutrex sponsored IFBB Pro, Mark Dugdale.

A highlight of the night for me was a touching tribute given by Bodybuilding.com and Professional Strongman Cory St. Clair to Strongman Jesse Marunde, who sadly passed away last year.

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A Touching Tribute Was Given By
Cory St. Clair To Strongman Jesse Marunde.

His wife, Callie and their beautiful daughter, now 10 months old, were there to take part and were offered a large weight, weighing in at 180 lbs., which Jessie himself, used for training in years past. The weight had been painted in red and blue and is to be signed by several of the top athletes in the industry and auctioned off to the highest bidder, in which the proceeds will go to supporting Jessie's family and his love of Strongman.

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The Weight Was Signed By Several
Of The Top Athletes In The Industry.

All in all, the show was a huge success and everyone had an amazing time! The turnout gets better and better every year and has really turned into a huge anticipated event for everyone in Boise and surrounding areas. Bodybuilding.com certainly knows how to put on a show and entertain guests! I will be there again next year and hope to see you there!

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