2007 Women's Tri-Fitness & Men's Obstacle Course World Challenge Review!

The 2007 Women's Tri-Fitness & Men's Obstacle Course World Challenge was held on July 13th-15th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event has now become an international event for not only women, but men and children as well! Learn more here...

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Contest Review
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Review By Lindsey Rosen
Photos Courtesy Of Split-vision Photography/Ed & Marianne Johnston

Ten years and still having fun, ten years we just begun, exclaimed promoter and founder Al Rosen as he welcomed the athletes and fans at the World Challenge in Las Vegas. What started 10 years ago in Tampa, Florida has now become an international event for not only women, but men and children as well. The main and most popular component of the event is the extremely challenging obstacle course.

The Women’s Tri-Fitness Challenge, www.womenstrifitness.com, features four events - Obstacle Course, Fitness Routine, Fitness Skills (box jumps, bench press, shuttle run), and the Grace & Physique. The Ultimate Fitness Challenge, www.theultimatefitnesschallenge.com, features the MOCC (Men’s Obstacle Course Challenge) and Fitness Skills.

Children, www.childrensfitnesschallenge.com, compete on a 100 yard obstacle course and the shuttle run. The Vegas event would bring together 142 women, 22 men, and 55 children representing 38 states, Canada, Europe, and even the Island of Tonga!

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Tri-Fitness Finalists - Left To Right: Lisa Thomas, Amy Pierce, Sylvia Ferrero, Al Rosen, Jennifer Rosen, Brandy Goddard.

-> The Grace & Physique Event:

    The event started with the optional Grace & Physique on Friday morning as 112 beautiful athletes gathered at the Lance Burton Theater in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. “We the athletes have fun with this event as it gives a chance to demonstrate our fit feminine side as we will be competing on the gruelling obstacle course and shuttle run a few hours later.

    Al Rosen always tells us we are a Barbie Doll in the morning and become G.I. Jane at night, “stated Dual Fitness and Obstacle Course winner Amy Pierce.

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Amy Pierce.

-> Fitness Routines & Fitness Skills:

    After a quick Vegas night sleep, the athlete’s assembled for the Fitness Routines and Fitness Skills. After competing in a two minute choreographed routine which demonstrates strength moves, skills of flexibility and endurance, the athletes compete in the Box Jumps (50 timed plyometric jumps) and Bench Press (60% of bodyweight for women and 80% for men).

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Box Jumps & Bench Press.

-> Friendships Are Formed:

    “The great thing about the Tri-Fitness is not only do we get to compete in a world class event, but many friendships are formed. It was even better this time around as I totally had fun with the event and my dad, brother and boyfriend came out to lend their support. Al Rosen does so much to make us all feel like one big family,” stated Sylvia Ferrero the Overall Tri-Fitness champion.

    Sylvia had previously won the Tri-Fitness title in 2003 thus making her the 2nd athlete to repeat (Kelly Gignilliat 1998 & 1999). For Fitness Routine winner Marissa Herring (wife of Kim Herring, former 8 year NFL player), Connie Knott, 2nd on the Obstacle Course (wife of John Knott, Baltimore Oriole outfielder) and Betina Driver, 14th in Grace & Physique (wife of NFL Green Bay Packer all pro Donald Driver) it was a chance to show their hubbies aren’t the only world class athletes in the family.

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Marissa Herring (left), Betina Driver (right).

-> Men's Obstacle Course Challenge:

    In the Men’s Obstacle Course Challenge, Willie Thomas (Tampa, FL) ran 38.94 seconds on the Obstacle Course to set a new world record and Rick McMillian (Lancaster, PA) won the Fitness Skills.

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Willie Thomas (left), Rick McMillian (right).

-> Children's Fitness Challenge:

    The Children’s Fitness Challenge was a huge success as Kelly Decolati and Gold’s Gym in Vegas sent volunteers to help CFC Director Bernadette Schimnowski and Rock Foundation, www.djrockfoundation.org, Co-Founder Dany Johnson.

    The highlight of the event was the return of Dottie O’Connor (double lung and kidney transplant) not only competing in the Women’s Tri-Fitness, but running alongside a young boy, Liam, from Las Vegas who has cystic fibrosis. Underarmour provided shirts to all the children who challenged themselves on the course.

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Kids Joined The Fitness Challenge.

-> The Rock Foundation Summer At Malibu Pier Gala:

    Directly following the World Challenge, the Tri-Fitness organization traveled a few hundred miles west to Malibu Beach, California for “The Rock Foundation Summer at Malibu Pier Gala.”

    With a host committee consisting of supporters such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia Johnson, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Jessica Biel, Vin Diesel, Mitch Kupchak (L.A Lakers), John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Michael Clarke Duncan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, etc, the event allowed children to challenge themselves on the obstacle course.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Friends.

-> Setting An Example:

    “We aim to create a platform of hope and possibility for children nationwide by providing programs such as The Children’s Fitness Challenge designed to enrich and empower the lives and self- esteem of under-served, at risk youth and children hospitalized for medical disabilities, disorders and illness,” stated Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A special thanks to Katie Kornfield and Meredith O’Sullivan for organizing the event.

    So, what are you waiting for? Women, men, and children - embrace the WTF mantra of Wish, Train, Fulfill and we will see you at the 2007 Fall Challenge, November 10-11, in Tampa!

-> Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:

    Special thanks to Champion Web Hosting, Bodybuilding.com, Met-RX, Dave Maus Foundation, Oxygen Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine, Underarmour, and Upvibe.

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Contest Results
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-> Women's Events:

    TRI-FITNESS OVERALL - All 4 Events

      1. Sylvia Ferrero
      2. Amy Pierce
      3. Jennifer Rosen
      4. Brandy Goddard
      5. Lisa Thomas
      6. Marissa Herring
      7. Shana Martin
      8.Saran Dunmore
      9. Karla Kirkegaard
      10. Bernadette Schimnowski
      11. Becky Casey
      12. Gina Germano Raines
      13. Anne Groff
      14. Angi Penzo
      15. Kimberly Nelli
      16. Theresa Winterhalter
      17. Michelle Levendoski
      18. Dr. Mimi Zumwalt
      19. Kelly Ward
      20. Dottie O'Connor

    DUAL OPTIONAL - Grace, OC & Skills

      1. Sylivia Ferrero
      2. Amy Pierce
      3. Jackie Shanley Roberts
      4. Lisa Thomas
      5. Jennifer Rosen
      6. Brandy Goddard
      7. Saran Dunmore
      8. Mandy Magnuson
      9. Connie Knott
      10. Marissa Herring
      11. Becky Casey
      12. Bernadette Schimnowsk
      13. Kelly Decolati
      14. Karla Kirkegaard
      15. Shana Martin
      16. Melissa Wuorinen
      17. Anne Groff
      18. Sharon Rasponi
      19. Gretchen Ritter
      20. Melissa Lake

    DUAL FITNESS (OC & Skills)

      1. Amy Pierce
      2. Lisa Thomas
      3. Connie Knott
      4. Brandy Goddard
      5. Kelly Decolati
      6. Sylvia Ferrero
      7. Melissa Wuorinen
      8. Becky Casey
      9. Sharon Rasponi'
      10. Saran Dunmore
      11. Jennifer Rosen
      12. Jackie Shanley Roberts
      13. Mandy Magnuson
      14. Marissa Herring
      15. Karla Kirkegaard
      16. Trish Judson
      17. Kimberly Nelli
      18. Theresa Winterhalter
      19. Kim Slesinski
      20. Bernadette Schimnowski
      20. Michelle Levendoski


      1. Sylvia Ferrero
      2. Jackie Shanley Roberts
      3. Jennifer Rosen
      4. Mandy Magnuson
      5. Melissa Lake
      6. Amy Pierce
      7. Saran Dunmore
      8. Marissa Herring
      9. Gretchen Ritter
      9. Charlene Ferderbar
      11. Shana Martin
      12. Bernadette Schimnowski
      13. Lisa Thomas
      14. Betina Driver
      15. Anne Groff
      16. Brandy Goddard
      17. Karla Kirkegaard
      18. Danielle DeArkland
      19. Ife Nzerem
      20. Michelle Kesterson


      1. Amy Pierce - 49.94
      2. Connie Knott - 50.18
      3. Mandy Magnuson - 52.75
      4. Lisa Thomas - 54.26
      5. Jennifer Rosen - 54.56
      6. Bernadette Schimnowski - 55.93
      7. Melissa Wuorinen - 55.97
      8. Brandy Goddard - 56.16
      9. Sylvia Ferrero - 56.52
      10. Kelly Decolai - 56.72
      11. Saran Dunmore - 57.5
      12. Sharon Rasponi - 57.6
      13. Gina Germano Raines - 57.89
      14. Theresa Winterhalter - 58.32
      14. Jackie Shanley Roberts - 58.32
      16. Kimvberly Nelli - 58.4
      17. Becky Casey - 58.62
      18. Nancy Wren - 58.87
      19. Joanna Lewis - 60.5
      20. Dawn Forrest - 60.91


      1. Marissa Herring
      2. Sylvia Ferrero
      2. Shana Martin
      3. Jennifer Rosen
      3. Brandy Goddard
      6. Gina Germano Raines
      7. Karla Kirkegaard
      8. Lisa Thomas
      9. Amy Pierce
      10. Diana Castaneda
      11. Angi Penzo
      12. Saran Dunmore
      13. Bernadette Schimnowski
      14. Nancy Wren
      15. Becky Casey
      16. Anne Groff
      17. Kimberlly Nelli
      18. Dottie O'Connor
      19. Kelly Ward
      20. Dr. Mimi Zumwalt


      1. Lisa Thomas
      2. Becky Casey
      3. Brandy Goddard
      4. Kelly Decolati
      5. Sylvia Ferrero
      6. Amy Pierce
      7. Marissa Herring
      8. Melissa Wuorinen
      9. Sharon Rasponi
      10. Trish Judson
      11. Sarah Donohue
      12. Karla Kirkegaard
      13. Connie Knott
      14. Saran Dunmore
      15. Jackie Shanley Roberts
      16. Laura Moore
      17. Angela Witmer
      18. Shana Martin
      18. Kim Slesinski
      19. Gretchen Ritter
      20. Michelle Levendoski

-> Men's Events:


      1. Willie Thomas
      2. Rick McMillian
      3. James Goodlatte
      4. Sydney Joseph
      5. Joseph Hunt


      1. Rick McMillian
      2. Willie Thomas
      3. Joseph Hunt
      4. Sydney Joseph
      5. Daniel Arellano