2007 Team Phatboi FitCamp Review!

The 2007 Team PhatBoi FitCamp took place in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona on April 6th. The ladies were put to the test for three days with trainers' Mari Kudla, Elaine Goodlad, Beth Horn, Kathy Johansson & Nita Marquez! Check it out...

Team Phatboi FitCamp Review

Team Phatboi had their debut event over the Easter Holiday. The event was a major success. Team Phatboi FitCamp included some of the industries top athletes Mari Kudla, Elaine Goodlad, Beth Horn, Kathy Johansson & Nita Marquez. The camp began with the Meet and Greet at the host Hotel (Comfort Inn - Scottsdale, AZ) on Friday evening.

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The Fitcamp Team.

-> The Workout:

    Saturday was the hardcore training day. The campers were divided into four groups, then rotated through stations with Pros. Mari was training the campers on Legs, Elaine had them training Arms, and Beth was in the aerobics room putting them through a tough Fat Burner workout.

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Hardcore Training.

-> Time To Refuel:

    After about an hour and a half lunch break the campers then had to complete their training by doing Back and Shoulders with Kathy and a grueling session of Plyometrics with Nita. Finally, at the end of the day the campers were given instruction on posing.

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More Workouts.

    Sunday was a much easier day for everyone. They got together for a nice brunch at the host hotel. During this time the pros discussed nutrition, skin care, more posing and of course supplements. The camp was filled with people looking for motivation and instruction and that’s exactly what they got.

-> Special Thanks To The Sponsors:

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One Big Happy Family.


Team Phatboi FitCamp had campers from all over the United States as well as Canada. There were women that were only weeks away from their first shows and women that were simply trying to get into better shape. This event helped motivate all of the campers and gave them some good direction.

Having the five professional trainers, three of which are IFBB Pros gave the campers the opportunity to see more than one person’s point of view. Team Phatboi will be hosting many more camps in the future so check out their website (www.teamphatboifitcamp.com) for upcoming camps near your town.