2007 OCB Core Nutritionals Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Contest Review!

The 2007 OCB Core Nutritionals Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Contest was held on April 28th, in Richmond, VA. Over 350 spectators witnessed forty-three competitors take part in this third annual contest! Learn more here...

Contest Review

Over 350 spectators witnessed forty-three competitors take part in the third annual OCB Core Nutritionals Natural. The event was held April 28th, 2007 in Richmond, VA.

-> Fitness Model:

    The Female Fitness Model division featured four outstanding ladies. Each worked the stage in impressive runway fashion and all displayed marketable appearances. You can be sure all four ladies will at the very least appear in the pages of Fitness & Physique Magazine in the near future due to their modeling talents and stunning physiques.

    Lora Gliptis was awarded first place in the division, but scoring had to be close among all four contestants!

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Lora Gliptis.

-> Figure:

    The OCB Core Nutritionals Natural is proving to be quite the event when it comes to figure competition. For the 2nd straight year there were more Figure competitors than male and female Bodybuilders combined. And the lineup of ladies was impressive at that.

    Some of the finely sculpted physiques had to settle for placements outside the top five in some classes due to the caliber of competition, and those physiques could easily land top placements at any other given show!

    Barbara Franklin and Debbie Frazee both looked exceptional. Conditioning such as theirs isn’t seen in a Masters Over Age 45 division very often. There were many impressive physiques in all classes. Scoring was difficult and there were a lot of close calls. The judges didn’t have an easy time finalizing placements for any of the Figure classes.

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Barbara Franklin (left), Debbie Frazee (right).

    Many ladies showed sleek physiques with pleasing lines of definition and shape. Donna Adams, Cyndi Beardslee, Joy Fenton, Linda Buchert, Jennifer Swain, Joni Hurley, Pagshuwa Washington, Marilyn Herczeg, Alexis Hartman, Lora Gliptis and Melissa Cunningham all fall into that category. Others showed more solid but still shapely physiques, such as Nichole Rawson, Rebecca O’Neill and Natasha Beene.

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Donna Adams (left), Linda Buchert (center), Alexis Hartman (right).

    One person stood out though, and that was Tracy Barlow. Barlow’s cuts had a crispness that was unmatched and her symmetry was near flawless. Barlow claimed the Masters Over Age 35 division title as well as the Open division’s overall title.

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Tracy Barlow.

-> Women’s Bodybuilding:

    The Women’s Open Bodybuilding division featured a densely muscled Eliza McWilliams. Williams’ build is solid from top to bottom and her calves are out of this world. Hopefully Williams will compete at the OCB Yorton Cup National championships this year. That show has a reputation for top-notch female bodybuilding lineups, and Williams certainly fits the bill there.

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Eliza McWilliams.

    The one thing that stopped Williams short of claiming the overall crown in Richmond was the chiseled lines and sharp muscle tie-ins of Shari Duncan. Duncan shows pleasing, hard muscle shape, had incredible biceps, and her exceptional conditioning helped carry her to victory.

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Shari Duncan.

-> Men’s Bodybuilding:

    “Giant killer” was the theme of the night in the Men’s Bodybuilding category. Jeff Swain didn’t pack as much size as some of the other competitors, but he was ripped to shreds and landed the Novice division title as a result. The thickly muscled Ervin Blowe was declared the Masters champion of the evening.

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Jeff Swain (left), Ervin Blowe (right).

    Shawn Campbell and Garnett Barbour are behemoths in the size department… HUGE! Swain’s cuts got him past the giants in the Open Short class though, but he wasn’t able to edge out David Crisafi. Crisafi was at his all time best. He showed excellent conditioning and was able to emerge victorious in the land of the giants and claim the Open Short class title.

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Shawn Campbell (left), Garnett Barbour (right), .

    C.J. Havunen was another monster. He possesses remarkable thickness and size. Garry Engle didn’t pack quite as much size as Havunen, but he displayed harder cuts that resulted in him getting the nod from the judging panel, 5 votes to 2. Open Tall class winner Engle went on to claim the division’s overall title over Crisafi as well.

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C.J. Havunen (left), Garry Engle (right), .


Open division overall winners Shari Duncan, Tracy Barlow and Gary Engle all successfully passed polygraph screenings prior to the event (along with all other competitors in the show), and their urinalysis results came back from the lab negative for any of the banned anabolic agents, diuretics and stimulants, and with that all three are now eligible for IFPA pro competition!

The promoters of the show would like to extend thanks to sponsors bodybuilding.com for supplying shakers for all competitors, hold-ons.com for supplying a set of Haulin’ Hooks and T-shirts for the bodybuilding overall winners, CoreNutritionals.com for providing samples and T-shirts for all competitors, and Angela Glenn, author of How to Hook a Hottie in your Health Club: Strategies for Dating in the Gym.