2007 NPC Oregon Ironman Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Contest Review!

The 2007 NPC Oregon Ironman Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Contest was held on May 12th & 13th in Oregon. This show was filled with lots of outstanding and in shape competitors and a full house of fans! Learn more here...

Contest Review

This year's bodybuilding show will be the last year it is held separately on its own night. For 2008, it will be combined with the Figure/Fitness show into one night.

That aside, this show was still filled with lots of outstanding and in shape competitors and a full house of fans.

The evening started with the national Anthem sung by High School Senior Lauren Macey from Stayton High School.

Tami Ough did a repeat performance of her previous night's Fitness Routine and once again, she stunned the crowd with her amazing moves and physical prowess. She is a deserved IFBB Pro.

Kim Farrison kicked off the show again and introduced the Smiths of RK Smith Productions and acknowledged the entire Set being designed by Ron's Shop Class. The entire design and decoration is done by Sue herself and she achived a Tropical theme throughout the entire Theater. Fantastic job to the Smiths.

-> Men's Junior Division:

    The Junior Men kicked off the competition and some very cool moves were coming out of James Thomas and he also won the divison.

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James Thomas.

-> Women's Novice Lightweight Division:

    Novice Women Lightweight winner was Nancie Ryan, although it was fun to note that 2nd place went to Dusty Mink (Yes, her real name), who happens to own her own Skating Rink. That was just for fun!

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Nancie Ryan.

-> Women's Novice Heavyweight:

    Novice Women Heavyweight winner was Leanne Marshall and she also took the Novice Overall.

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Leanne Marshall.

-> Women's Novice Masters:

    In the Women's Novice division, Over 35 winner was Heidi Young, who does not look over 35 and is also the mother of 5 kids.

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Heidi Young.

-> Men's Novice Lightweight Division:

    The Men's Novice Lightweight winner was Jason Pham who sported a funky red dragon tattoo around his torso, but that didn't stop him from winning. Novice Light-Middleweight went to James Liggett who looked simply awesome, while the Middleweight title went to JR Jones.

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Jason Pham.

-> Men's Novice Lt. Heavyweight Division:

    Lt Heavyweight was won by Justin Kirkbride and Heavyweight went to Bruce Lester. The Heavyweights were freaky, and Lester had some freakishly outlandish thighs that would have looked right at home on Tom Plaz.

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Bruce Lester.

-> Men's Masters Division:

    The Men's Masters was a large class. Masters Lightweight winner was Kris Shumway, with a very animated routine, Men's Heavyweight was Chris Hill. These guys were in phenomenal shape and they prove getting older doesn't mean looking older. Men over 50 winner was Michael Huard (largest class in the show) and the Men over 60 winner was taken by Harry Blair. Men's Master Overall was seized by Kris Shumway. Great job, Kris.

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Kris Shumway, Chris Hill, Michael Huard, Harry Blair.

-> Women's Open Class:

    On to the Open Class and in the Women's Open, the winner of the Lightweight division was Kathy Kaufmann, Middleweight winner was Samantha Read and Heavyweight went to Heidi Young (mother of 5, married 20 years, wow!). The Open Women's Overall winner was Kathy Kaufmann, who was extremely excited about winning and was promptly awarded a huge cup and received a floral leigh. All Overall winners received a leigh in addition to their Overall trophies.

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Kathy Kaufmann (left), Samantha Read (center), Heidi Young (right).

-> Men's Bantamweight Division:

    The Men's Open class is the most anticipated in the bodybuilding shows and this was no exception. Open Men Bantamweight was once again won by Dale Morishige. He has been in many contests and from this person's view, has alwasys been the most dedicated and consistently in shape bodybuilder out there.

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Dale Morishige.

-> Men's Open Lightweight Class:

    Open Men Lightweight went to James Harris and Middleweight went to Kris Shumway, not exactly his first award in this show.

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James Harris (left), Kris Shumway (right).

-> Men's Light Heavyweight Class:

    The Light Heavyweight class was another tough class to judge with some fine physiques and they were monsters, but someone had to be chosen and it rightfully went to Klint Sheets, a previous Ironman winner. Klint looked awesome, he was well muscled and just ripped. He had the right amount of everything to take first place.

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Klint Sheets.

-> Men's Open Heavyweight Class:

    The Open Men Heavyweight winner was Joesph Marcell Scott, easily the biggest boy on stage, but bigger isn't always better, as the Overall champion was Klint Sheets. He wasn't as tall or massive as Joesph, but he definitely had better overall everything, and judging from the crowd's noise, they agreed with the Overall Placing.

    A lot of girls will be speeding through Lebanon, OR to get ticketed by Klint (he's a policeman).

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Joesph Marcell Scott (left), Klint Sheets (right).

-> Guest Poser:

    At the end of the show, but just before the Overall men's winner, The "King of the Czech Republic" Michal Kindred did a posing routine. He's an IFBB Pro and he is simply huge!!! It didn't matter the music playing to his routine, people were stunned to see that much meat on that guy's frame. He's simply amazing, but he is the nicest guy as well.

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Michael Kindred.


So, another end to the Oregon Ironman for 2007. Next Year will see the Bodybuilding and Fitness/Figure Shows combined into one night, so it will be a full house. But, it was fun and I'll miss the two nights it covered. It made it much more fun to watch so many talented and in shape competitors.

Great job and thanks to RK Smith Productions for a really great and exciting show and a super great job to all the athletes who trained hard for this super show. See you all next year!!