2007 NPC Axis Labs Colorado Natural Open Championships Review!

The 2007 NPC Axis Labs Colorado Natural Open Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships were held on November 3rd in Loretto Heights, Colorado. Check out the contest review and full results right here...

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Contest Review
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Once again this year’s Natural Colorado Open daubed many first timers onto the NPC stage, along with fantastic experienced armatures ready to show the judges their improvements. It took place on November 3 on another beautiful Colorado fall day at the Teikyo Loretto Heights University Theater, a commonly used venue for Jeff Taylor’s shows.

-> Drug Testing:

    This years show included several additions including a 3 year testing parameter (as apposed to 2 years), women figure masters 35-40 and 40+, men’s masters 35-40 and 40-45 and 45+, and best of all the overall winners received custom embroidered NPC Wear!

    Every single bodybuilder was drug tested via a 45 minute polygraph examination proving that (s)he has not engaged in the use of anabolic steroids, glenbuterol, synthol, or non- over the counter diuretics at any time during the preceding 36 months, or for their entire life for the Drug Free For Life class. With so many classes the morning was very long, but with the amount of cross-over’s the evening flew by and was full of energy.

-> Contest Photography:

    Ethan’s Photography captured almost 100 amateurs' as they showed to their family and friends what they had achieved while also visually explaining to them why they had to live the disciplined bodybuilding lifestyle for the past 12 or 16 weeks.

-> Masters Figure Division:

    Out of the 14 Masters Figure competitors Marla Smith’s smashing physique from the 35-40 class won the overall, and out of the 27 Open Figure competitors Jaime Meade’s hard earned physique took the overall. And congratulations to Carolyn McDonald and Ken Merritt who took the overall in the Drug Free for Life class!

-> Women's Bodybuilding Divisions:

    The 8 female bodybuilders had amazing routines! In particular long time member of Jeff Taylor’s crew, Nadine, smoked the audience with her Lady Marmalade routine. In each show Nadine has competed in she has had the stage attitude all bodybuilders want to allude too! She is also part of Intense Muscle, the team that won the Best Team award. Judging on physique Darlene Garnber rightfully won the overall.

-> Men's Bodybuilding Divisions:

    29 Men competed in the Open class including 2 members of Jeff Taylors crew; Dave Coates and Jason Espanoza (who no longer qualified for the teen class). They both looked great but Adrian Childers took the overall.

    It was great to see Men’s Masters included 20 competitors, 9 of which were 45+! Out of these Chris Hart represented what it means to only be as old as you feel by taking the overall. Equally as encouraging was the 15 Novice competitors (competitors who’ve never place 3rd or higher), with Jerrime Morales rightfully winning the overall and being one of the competitors who graduated from the novice class!

-> The Teen Bodybuilding Division:

    I would say the highlight of the show was watching the teen class. 3 teens competed this year including Kyle Bishop. Kyle worked with his coach Leviy Johnson to loose 85 pounds over the course of 8 months. I trained at the gym Kyle and Leviy trained at and personally watched his transformation. His dedication and will power should be celebrated and he proudly took 2nd place!

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Jeff Taylor once again pulled off a wonderful show with the help of his great staff, enthusiastic competitors, and support from the sponsors. At the end of the night hundreds of competitors, families, and friends had a great memory and a huge accomplishment to celebrate!