2007 NO-Shotgun Fully Loaded Tour! Meet Toney Freeman For Free!

VPX & Bodybuilding.com are proud to announce the 2007 Shotgun Fully Loaded Tour. The following information will detail upcoming tour dates and locations. Meet Toney Freeman and get training advice.

2007 NO-Shotgun Fully Loaded Tour!

2007 Shotgun Fully Loaded Tour will take it's first shot in Boise, ID on June 18, 2007. The following will be the remainder of this exciting tour where fans will be able to meet IFBB Pro Toney "the X Man" Freeman. Photos, autographs and more will be available. See tour details below:

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Arrow Tour Dates:

  • June 18 - Boise, ID

      Gold's Gym West Boise
      7316 Fairview Ave.
      Boise, Idaho 83704
      Phone: (208)377-GOLDS
      Time: 5-7pm

    map quest
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    Gold's Gym West Boise - MapQuest.

  • Tuesday June 19 - Las Vegas, NV

      Golds Gym Las Vegas
      3750 East Flamingo Rd.
      Las Vegas, NV 89121

    map quest
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    Golds Gym Las Vegas - MapQuest.

  • June 21 - Chicago, IL - 6-8 PM

      Quads Gym Chicago, IL
      3727 North Broadway
      Chicago, IL 60613

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    Quads Gym Chicago - MapQuest.

  • June 28 - Scranton, PA - 5-7 PM

      Golds Gym Scranton, PA
      1003 North Keyser Ave
      Scranton, PA 18504

    map quest
    Click Image For Map.
    Golds Gym Scranton - MapQuest.

  • June 29 - Bloomfield, NJ - 5-7 PM

      Plaza Gym Bloomfield, NJ
      11 Westinghouse Plaza
      Bloomfield, NJ 07003

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    Plaza Gym Bloomfield - MapQuest.

Arrow General Information:

  • Meet IFBB Pro Toney "the X Man" Freeman
  • Autographs & Photo
  • Free Samples
  • Expert Advice on training, nutrition, and supplementation

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Toney "the X Man" Freeman.
View More Pics Of Toney Freeman Here.

Toney Freeman's Posing Routine
At The 2007 Iron Man.

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* (all dates are subject to change. Please contact your gym manager for details)

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