2007 NANBF Arkansas Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Contest Review!

The 2007 NANBF Arkansas Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Contest was held on June 9th in Bentonville, Arkansas. The 100% Polygraph and urine tested show is the first in that State! Read the review and find results and pictures here...

Contest Review

An all Natural Bodybuilding and Figure competition in Arkansas? You have got to be kidding me! Well on June 9, 2007, that is exactly what the NANBF put on. Promoter “Big Joe” Wilson and co promoter, NANBF President Fred Rowlett set up a venue to rock all at the Arend’s Arts Theater in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The 100% Polygraph and urine tested show is the first in that State. Awards of Platters were given to the top five and Swords to the Overall and Open Awards.

-> Guest Poser:

    After Guest Poser WNBF Pro Robert Johnson took the audience’s breath away the Figure girls put their glitter on the stage.

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Robert Johnson (left), Figure Girls (right).

-> Figure Divisions:

    Betty Anderson took the Master’s Figure in her lean and muscular physique. Glamorous Liz Young walked away with the Open Figure. Monica Montoya took second.

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Betty Anderson (left), Liz Young (middle), Monica Montoya (right).

-> Teen Division:

    The Teen’s had some impressive bodybuilders with Scott Cordova winning the teen division and later went on to win the Novice Men’s Tall and Overall Novice division. Sebastian Godsey with his impressive shoulder took second in the teens. Scott Cordova also won the Collegiate.

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Scott Cordova (left), Sebastian Godsey (right).

-> Women's Masters Division:

    Kim Johnson took the Women’s Submasters and second in the Novice to the cross over figure queen, Betty Anderson. Kim’s spectacular performance with her routine won the Best Poser award.

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Kim Johnson.

-> Men's Masters Divisions:

    The Submasters Men first place was awarded to the shredded Brad Conkling who also went on to dominate the forty plus Masters category.

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Brad Conkling.

    Chris Nebels muscularity and nice quads put him at the second place winnings for the Submasters with Don High good muscle thickness in third and Stan Hobbs in fourth with his impressive arms.

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Chris Nebels (left), Stan Hobbs (right).

    The Master’s men placed Jeff Tipton muscular physique in first and the Grand Masters men was won by the Wild Thing Jim DiGiovonni who also won the Male Best Poser award. After Brad won the Masters forty plus, Don High walked away with the second place and Steve Fales finesse took the third place.

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Jeff Tipton (left), Jim DiGiovonni (middle), Steve Fales (right).

-> Novice Divisions:

    The Novice Men Short put the mighty muscular Jason Vaughn with great quad sweeps in first who went on to win the Open Mens Division. Brad Conkling came in a close second place with Stan Hobbs nailed at third and Jeff Tipton in the fourth place.

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Jason Vaughn.

    The Novice Tall’s Overall winner, Scott Cordova , was followed by a close Jon Burnett in second with nice muscularity. In third was rock hard Jim DiGiovonni and fourth was Chris Nebel and Sebastian Godsey received the fifth place.

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Scott Cordova (left), Jon Burnett (middle), Jim DiGiovonni (right).


The show received television coverage from the local station for news coverage as well as local newspaper coverage. Aaron Peters from Fayetteville, Arkansas’ Fox News was the master of ceremonies for this event. Multiple sponsors were responsible for making this dream come true for the natural athletes in the Arkansas area.