2007 NANBF Natural Iowa Bodybuilding, Figure And Xtreme Fit Championships Review!

The 2007 NANBF Natural Iowa Bodybuilding, Figure And Xtreme Fit Championships were held on May 12th in Des Moines, Iowa. The thirteenth edition of the Nutri-Sport Natural Iowa was a huge success! Read the review here...

Contest Review

May 12, 2007 not only marked the day before Mother’s Day, but it was also the day for the thirteenth annual Nutri-Sport Natural Iowa and Central Midwest Bodybuilding, Figure and Xtreme Fit Championships. The stage was set in the elegant and historic Hoyt Sherman Theater in Des Moines, Iowa.

-> Xtreme Fit Class:

    Starting the competition off and igniting the crowd was xtreme fit competitor Leslie Murphy. Her routine was full of spectacular strength moves and an incredible display of flexibility. Leslie would come back later to compete in the figure category as well.

-> Women's Open Bodybuilding Class:

    Kicking off the bodybuilders was the open women. In the short class, Fifth place was a thickly muscled Leeanna Carr, who later when on to nab the best poser award. Fourth went to Cindy Meyerhofer who possessed some great abs. In third was Connie Monroe and had some beautiful symmetry. Second and first was extremely close, but Dawn Zaruba’s impressive muscularity edged out Christi Lawrence for the victory.

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Various Competitors.

    Up next was the open tall class. In fifth was a lean Amy Kramer that keeps improving. Fourth went to Jody Gorham with an especially tight upper body. Jenelle Robinson graced the stage and earned third. Donna Randall was ripped and looked fantastic but couldn’t quite edge out Tina Bernal’s combination of size and definition. For the overall victory and pro card, Tina Bernal reined supreme over the 11 women in the open.

-> Men's Open Class:

    The men took to the stage next to do battle for the pro card in the open class. Earning fifth in the short class was Jason Vaughan with a shredded and symmetrical Brian Carter taking fourth. Thickly muscled Tywan McGilbray came in third with his entertaining routine. Second was a graceful Scot Dickerson (who won best poser later) with a thickly muscled and vascular Shaun Yahnke taking the top spot.

    For the medium class, a thickly muscled Charles Harris took fourth. In third was Jay Myers with a good set of wheels. Rene Martinez took second with his good proportions, but it was Ryan Armstrong who took the class with his shredded physique! The medium-tall class saw Dirk Thiedman in fifth. Fourth was Gene Harmon with good size. Taking third was Timothy Cade who just needed to dial it in to place higher.

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Various Competitors.

    Runner up was Phil Shepard who keeps getting better and has an impressive back flip during his routine. Winning was Abraham Oluwole who has sweeping muscle bellies and a wasp waist. Finally up were the tall guys, which was an extremely tough class. Earning fifth was Jason Simmons who had a great overall stage presence. Fourth went to Sean McCauley, who might have been the leanest in the competition.

    Devran Brower was in third with some great balance. Second went to Jason Kaiman who was diced and symmetrical. The top spot went to Matt Tennessen with some thick mass and great proportions. With all the class winners lined up, Abraham Oluwole took the overall title and pro card with his huge mass and tiny joints out of a field of 23.

-> Figure Open Class:

    The open figure had a pro card up for grabs too. First up was the short class with Annie Masterjohn earning fifth in this tough class. Fourth went to a lean Tasha Armstrong. Christi Lawrence landed in third with a great physique. In the runner up spot was Tracey Seib who had a nice overall look, but it was Kandace Bishop who walked away with the top spot. She had the total package to earn the win.

    In the medium class, Lenore Theobald cracked the top five. Fourth went to Shelly Childers who seemed to glow onstage. In third was Sonya Richer who was lean and had great stage presence. Chris Graziano was runner-up with nice symmetry but it was Lisa Matthew who took the top spot with her symmetry and overall physique. Finishing off the open figure was the tall class with a much-improved Megan Tapps taking fifth.

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Various Competitors.

    In fourth was Angie Reinke who had a good shape. Third was Denise McCann who has great proportions and leanness. Runner up was Stephanie Strong who was balanced and symmetrical. Melissa Steffen won the class with excellent conditioning and stage presence. In the end, Kandace Bishop won the overall title and the pro card with her impressive physique.

    Since there were over 30 figure competitors a pro card was awarded to the top two. Lisa Matthew was second, but since she received her pro card earlier that night in the masters figure class, the card was awarded to Melissa Steffen.

-> Men's Masters Class:

    The last pro card of the night was up for grabs in the men’s 40+ pro qualifier category. Cracking the top three, vascular Tom Anderson is always fun to watch. Second went to another great poser, Scot Dickerson. Earning the top spot and the pro card was Bill Hines. Bill was thick and ripped to go along with it.

-> Battle For Overall:

    The natural Iowa was up next. In the women’s division, Tina Bernal found herself winning the short class this time and Sheri Hofhuis beat out a well-proportioned Joanna Brander. While Sheri had some incredible abs, Tina again found herself with an overall title.

    The title of Mr. Natural Iowa was up for grabs now. In a tight battle in the medium class, one point separated third, second and first, which Brian Carter, Scot Dickerson and Bill Hines found themselves respectively. Ryan Armstrong came away again with the class win in the medium-tall.

    In another tight race, Jason Simmons and Sean McCauley came in third and second respectively to a victorious Jason Kaiman. After years of close finishes, this year Jason Kaiman came away with the title of Mr. Natural Iowa.

-> Men's Teen Class:

    Teen men were up next with an impressive display of seven teens battling it out. Third went to Jay Myers who might have placed higher with better color to highlight his physique. Second went to Nate Snead who showed great improvement over last year. Winning the class was Jason Stratton with the right combo of size, definition and stage presence.

-> Collegiate Class:

    Three collegiate men took to the stage to compete while balancing studies. Brian Burmeister was third and might have placed better with some more color and some work on posing. Second was Todd Chapman who has great size. Taking the class was Nick Noethe with his great mass.

-> Mixed Pairs:

    Jamie Lewellen and Shawna Morgan put on an entertaining routine in the mixed pairs division. A unique but pleasant combination of dance, disco and flexing gave the crowd a fun and refreshing laugh that Jamie and Shawna did an excellent job putting together.

-> Submasters Class:

    Submasters were up next and Cindy Meyerhofer took the women’s class while Jason Kaiman got another victory in the men’s division. Masters class winners were defined Donna Randall in the women’s division and Brett wolf in the men’s class with his good size.

-> Novice Classes:

    Finishing things off for the night was the novice classes. In the women’s short class, a defined Rosemarie Kuretich edged out a much-improved Angela Trevino while Victoria Summers took third. The tall class saw Sheri Hofhuis again claiming the victory and the overall title.

    In the men’s medium class, a thickly muscled Justin Funk beat Jeremy Stick for the win. Medium-tall saw Michael Boswell (who had a great routine) beat out Noah Wyatt. A much-improved David Fogle won the tall class beating out his competitors using his great legs. In the end, it was massive Justin Funk that received the overall title.


The thirteenth edition of the Nutri-Sport Natural Iowa was a huge success! Thank you to our sponsors, including Nutri-Sport, Powerhouse Gym, Push Pedal Pull, Cornsilk and The Day Spa for helping make it a great show. The competition was top-notch and each mother there definitely had something to be proud of.