2007 Iron Man Pro Fan's Choice Online Voting, Sponsored By NxLabs!

2007 Iron Man Fan's Choice Online Voting Sponsored By NxLabs. Toney Feeman wins with 35% of your votes!

2007 Iron Man Webcast Info
2007 Iron Man Webcast Update.
Toney Freeman wins the 2007 Iron Man Pro! The pre-judging and finals webcast replays are now available for download.

Last year you then fans chose Lee Priest as the 2006 Iron Man Fan's Choice Award winner. Who will you choose in 2007? The Fan's Choice Award will be presented live during the Iron Man webcast Saturday February 17th.

Lee Priest Lee Priest Lee Priest
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2006 Iron Man Fan's Choice Winner: Lee Priest.

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Toney Freeman wins with 35% of your votes.

    More 2007 Iron Man pictures of Toney Freeman here.

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