The 14th Annual Sports Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show Information!

Ed & Betty Pariso present the 14th annual Europa IFBB Pro & NPC Super Show & Sports EXPO. The largest Pro/Am in the World! Get the latest information right here as the show unfolds!

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    August 10-11, 2007
2007 14th Annual Sports Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show
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Special Webcast Event: Saturday, August 26th.

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    Men's Prejudging: Saturday August 11, 2007, 1:30pm
    Men's Finals: Saturday August 11, 2007, 6:00pm
    *** During Men's Finals there will be a special appearance by all IFBB Pro Women Bodybuidlers.

-> Competitor Listing:

    * This is a tentative competitor listing as of 7-31-07 and may be subject to change at any time. Updated list here.

    Men's Bodybuilding

      Pablo Arevalo
      Eryk Bui
      Omar Deckard
      Guy Ducasse
      Hunni Glanville
      Randy Jackson, Sr.
      Christian Lobarede
      Joseph Palumbo
      Michael Ergas
      Roland Huff
      Marc Jacobs
      Jeff Long
      Patrick Richardson
      Derik Farnsworth
      Tricky Jackson
      Michal Kindred
      Evgeny Mishin
      Silvio Samuel
      Heinz Senior
      Nathan Wonsley

    Women's Bodybuilding

      Th-Resa Bostick
      Tazzi Columb
      Aurelia Grozajova
      Maryse Manios
      Claudia Partenza
      Karen Zaremba
      Maria Calo
      Angela Debatin
      Marika Johansson
      Mah-Ann Mendoza
      Beth Roberts
      Giusy Caputo
      Desiree Dumpel
      Debi Laszewski
      Emery Miller
      Sherry Smith

    Women's Fitness

      Myriam Capes
      Nicole Duncan
      Oksana Grishina
      Amy Huber
      Jennifer Cassety
      Kendra Elias
      Susan Groshek
      Tanji Johnson
      Shannon Dey
      Angela English
      Amy Haddad
      Lori Kimes
      Julie Lohre
      Mindi O'Brien
      Amy Villa-Nelson
      Michele Mayberry
      Tami Ough
      Sandra Marie Wickham
      Lisa McCormick
      Brenda Lee Santiago-Capella

    Women's Figure

      Michelle Adams
      Paola Almerico
      Darlina Brown
      Andrea Dumon
      Claire Parmley
      Liane M. Seiwald
      Zoraida Figueroa-Rivera
      Melissa Pearo
      Kate Shelby
      Lisa Morton
      Amy Peters
      Briana Tindell

arrow 2007 Event Schedule:

    IFBB Europa Super Show
    Pro Men [ Learn More ]
    Women Bodybuilding, Pro Fitness & Figure [ Learn More ]

    NPC Europa Super Show
    NPC Amateur Fitness, Figure Bodybuilding, Teen, Masters National Qualifier, Open & Novice
    [ Learn More ]

    Dallas Custom Car Super Show
    Hot Rod & Custom Car Show
    [ Learn More ]

    Dallas Harley Davidson Motorcycle Show
    Motorcycle Super Show
    [ Learn More ]

    Motorcycle Toy Run
    Charity Toys for Treatment toy run
    [ Learn More ]

    BSN Hot Body Cover Model
    Swim Suit Contest
    Men & Women-Prize Money
    [ Learn More ]

    APF Nationals
    Teenage Powerlifting
    [ Learn More ]

    Clash of the Titans's WPO Sanction
    RAW Powerlifting & Bench Press Royal!
    [ Learn More ]

    Arm Wrestling
    United States Armwretling Assoc.
    Novice & Pro - Cash Prizes
    [ Learn More ]

    World Powerlifting
    INSA World Championship
    [ Learn More ]

    Hot Mom & Dad Contest
    The hottest Mom & Dads compete on stage for cash prizes
    [ Learn More ]

    PCW Pro Wrestling
    PRO TV Championship Wrestling
    [ Learn More ]

    NAS Strongman Competition
    Monsters of the SW
    [ Learn More ]

    Matt Hughes- Youth Champ Camp
    Jiu Jitsu & Aikido Seminar
    Texas Tap Out
    Judo Tournament
    Grappling Tournament
    Mike Swain Judo Seminar
    [ Learn More ]

    Strength Summit
    A scientific & practical forum Lectures, info & celebrity speakers

    MAX MUSCLE Annual Convention
    Max Muscle Retailers

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    Promoter Info: Ed & Betty Pariso
    E-Mail: Ed or Betty Pariso
    E-mail us if they are sold out!
    Phone: (817) 498-3631

Arrow IFBB Pro Bodybuilders, Fitness and Figure Competition Information



      ALL IFBB PRO MEN & weigh-in for the 210 & under IFBB Pro class.
      7:30pm Thursday-Contest Hotel- HYATT
      You must bring you music to this meeting.
      The under 210 competitors must wear their posing trunks at the weigh-in.

    IFBB PRO MEN ($30,000)

      $15,000 1st / $8,000 2nd / $4,000 3rd / $2,000 4th / $1,000 5th

    Pre-judging: Saturday 1:30 pm (August 11th)
    Finals: Saturday 6:00pm (August 11th)
    *top 15 will do their routine, the remaining that did not make the final 15, will all be back on stage for a group pose down.

    NEW IFBB Pro 210 & under class

      $3,000 1st

      This new under 210 class will be on held on Friday.
      Pre-judging around noon and the Finals Friday Evening.
      The exact time will be mailed with you competitors package.

      Any 210 and under Pro Men will also be able to compete in the Saturday Men's Pro event.


    Music & Routine

      1. IFBB Pro Men's Routine- 3 minutes
      2. We will be collecting all music at the Competitors meeting
      3. Your music must be recorded on a clean "CD" and end or fade within the 3 minute time allotment.
      4. The time of your routine will be enforced
      5. The top 15 Pro Men will perform their 3 minute routine at the evening finals. The competitors not in the top 15 will be back on stage in a group pose down at the Evening Finals.
      6. Bring an additional back-up CD of your routine with you back stage just in case we need it.


    Competitors Meeting

      All IFBB Pro Women- Fitness, Figure, Women BB
      6:30pm Thursday-Contest Hotel-HYATT REGENCY-DALLAS
      You must bring your music to this meeting.
      We will also have the weigh-in for the 2 classes in the Women BB at this meeting.
      All Women BB must weigh-in their suits.

    IFBB PRO FITNESS ($6,000)

      Olympia Qualifications- Top 3
      $3,000 1st / $2,000 2nd / $1,000 3rd Trophies top 3
      (2)-Horizon Awards-This is a special award we give out to recognize a rising star or that special competitor that makes a statement. (We will be giving out 2 of these awards).

    IFBB PRO FIGURE $6,000

      Olympia Qualifications-Top 3
      $3,000 1ST / $2,000 2ND / $1,000 3RD Trophies top 3
      (2)-Best Routines-This award is voted on by the press, photographers and other IFBB
      Pro's and given to who we think as a group has the best routine. (2 awards)


      Olympia Qualifications- Winner each class
      2 Weight Classes - 135 & under LW
      Each class $1,500 1st / $1,000 2ND / $500 Trophies top 3 each class
      (2)-Best Routines-This award is voted on by the press, photographers and other IFBB Pro’s and given to who we think as a group had the best routine (2 awards/ 1 per class).

      Friday Pre-judging & Friday Evening Finals
      All IFBB Pro Women
      Friday Noon, the exact time to be announced.
      Finals- Friday Evening

    Saturday Evening
    ALL IFBB Pro Women / Mandatory additional appearance.

      We are bringing all the IFBB Pro Women back on stage during the Pro Men’s Finals on Saturday. We will be presenting the special awards at this time and all the Pro Women will be back onstage posing and dancing in street clothes. You will also continue down into the audience for a close, upfront fan fun performance.

    Music & Routine

      1. IFBB Fitness Routine - 2 minutes
      2. IFBB Women Bodybuilders - 2 minutes
      3. We will be collecting all music at the competitors meeting
      4. Your music must be recorded on a clean "CD" and end or fade within the 2 minute time allotment.
      5. The time of your routine will be enforced
      6. Bring an additional back-up copy of your "CD" back stage with you just in case we need it.

Arrow Men & Women Athletes - More Information:

    ***IMPORTANT: The Convention Center & Hotel are both new locations... Downtown Dallas. If you are going to be competing in our show... please e-mail us today, and we will send you your complete competitor's package early.

      Dallas/ Ft. Worth International

    Venue: Dallas Convention Center

      Click here for the Contest Hotel
      The Contest Hotel is the only Hotel that is within walking distance to the Dallas Convention Center , and has a priority Tram that takes about 1 minute, runs every 10 minutes, and is $1.25.

    Tanning area:

      Our official tanner is Jan Tan. You may contact her in advance to schedule your tan. She will have a complete staff back stage.

    Dessert Buffet

      We are famous for our Pariso Dessert Buffet, which will out in the audience in a roped off designated area during the Evening Finals.


      You will receive your complementary ticket for your guest at the competitors meeting. This is a General Seating ticket for your guest to all events. If you or your guest would like to sit upfront in the VIP seating, you may purchase a VIP Ticket. If you would like to purchase additional tickets, you may order these at our website.

    Competitors Badge:

      You will receive your competitors badge at the Competitors Meeting. This badge will allow you entrance to all events and backstage.


      Only competitors will be allowed backstage.

    Getting to the Dallas Convention Center from the Hotel

      The Contest Hotel ( HYATT REGENCY-DALLAS) is the only Hotel within walking distance. It also is the only Hotel that has a tram that goes directly to the Convention Center and it is the first stop and only takes about 1 minute, runs about every 10 minutes, $1.25.

arrow Contact Info:

    Promoter Info: Ed & Betty Pariso
    E-Mail: Ed or Betty Pariso
    E-mail us if they are sold out!
    Phone: (817) 498-3631