Bill Grant's Review Of The 2007 Arnold Classic!

The 2007 Arnold Classic had another weekend of great success. Here is a brief review of my weekend in Columbus including my participation in the Ironage Awards! Read on to learn more.

Well it's that time of year again. I was on my way anticipating all of the excitement and colorful pageantry that I experienced for the past ten years.

Ironage Awards Dinner

I got there a day early this year instead of coming in the day before. There was a reason for me coming in early this year than the past years. This year we celebrated the 1st annual Ironage Awards dinner. is a website dedicated to Old School Bodybuilding and Old School competitors such as myself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Leon Brown, Lou Ferrigno, and the list goes on.

The dinner was also special because we were there to help raise funds for the Girls and Boys Town, the organization that Father Flannigan started years ago to take care of boys and girls in need. Jeff Preston, Mark Mills and Bob Scalise did a fantastic job setting up the booth and arranging the dinner which was a sellout.

Great for the first year, huh, especially with having one of the great legends of all time in our presence, Sergio Oliva. What memories that brings back for me. It also was a special night because we gave out the 1st Chuck Sipes award. This years recipient was none other than the man who played the part of Arnold in "See Arnold Run", Roland Kickinger.

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Roland Kickinger.

Roland was a perfect recipient for this award seeing that he is working with kids throughout the country and with different organizations. I had the opportunity to speak about my days of coming up as a young bodybuilder at the dinner. I thought this was a great moment for bodybuilding. Basically because of what we were trying to do.

It was a proud moment for myself and for the other Legends that were there that night that we could make a difference in someone else's life. Well I had to get that off my chest because I think this is what bodybuilding and all sports should be about, giving something back to the community.

The Arnold Expo

Well let's get back to the heart of the matter, the Arnold Expo itself. Yes it was a Classic this year. I was informed by Jim Lorimer's office that 15 new sports had been added to the Classic along with all of the other sports.

Bill Grant @ The 2005 Arnold Classic.

Anybody who is anybody in the sport of bodybuilding, fitness or any other sport for that matter was seen at the Expo such as Wrestling Champion John Cena of the WWE. First of all as an exhibitor you do not see the wave of fans waiting to get in to the expo. Well I walked outside to take a look at the crowd and boy it was amazing, a sea of people.

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Wrestling Champion John Cena Of The WWE.
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It is amazing to see how the show continues to grow. I can remember the old days when it was at the Veterans memorial auditorium where the Arnold Classic is still being held.

It grew out of that space some years ago. Now the show is at the Convention Center and takes over the Nationwide arena where they hold other events. I had the opportunity to be a part of the Ironage Legends booth with the Legends Sergio Oliva, Anibal Lopez, Joe Meeko, Leon Brown, Steve Michalik, Mike Katz and Richard Baldwin.

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At The Ironage Legends Booth.
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We all were a part of the historic weekend which put us right next to the Girls and Boys town booth. I think it was a proud moment for all of us but what I was really excited about was the enormous crowd. It is hard to believe that after all of these years there are avid fans that still recognize who we are and were very excited to see us. They had nothing but great things to say about the bodybuilders of the past.

I did take some time to walk around the expo hall and it was absolutely electrifying. Every aisle was filled with enthusiastic people checking out all the booths, products and all the great bodybuilders young and old. You could see them hovering around the booths waiting to see their favorite bodybuilder or fitness star or waiting for free samples, autographs and maybe getting a few t-shirts thrown at them.

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Bill & Frank Casillo.
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When I returned to the Ironage booth I had a fan that was waiting 20 minutes just to see me and to my dismay I find out that this gentlemen was a member of the Indianapolis Colts super bowl team. I have to tell you I was very honored that an athlete of this caliber was waiting to get a picture with me.

I think there is a lot of main stream athletes out there that recognize who we are because bodybuilding is a part of their regimen and what they do to get in shape for their sport. I think it also says a lot for the Arnold Classic. It filled my heart with joy and happiness to see the success of the Arnold Classic.

Another highlight for me was throwing out t-shirts to the enthusiastic crowd. Boy they gather around when the t-shirts are flowing. I have never in all of my 10 years coming to the Classic seen so many people (about 120,000) gather in one venue to be a part of a show which has been running for the past 19 years.

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The Arnold Expo.
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To tell you the far reaching effects of this show not all of the booths were about bodybuilding and fitness. Some were very main stream such as car dealers, coffee companies, and even branches of the military were present. It always nice to see the look on the younger kids faces when they meet and greet the athletes. They are in absolute awe.

I especially remember two young twin brothers stopped by the Ironage booth and we engaged in a fairly long conversation about training and diet. They were both on the wrestling team in high school. They left the booth after taking in all of the information I gave them. After some time had gone by these two brothers came back to purchase my new instructional Old School Training DVD. It felt very satisfying to be able to help others achieve their goals. That's what it's all about.

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So if you have never been to the Arnold Classic and you would like to spend a 3-day weekend with the greatest athletes in the world than you need to get your tickets and hotel reservations in early because next year will be the biggest year of all, the 20th anniversary for the Classic. I can assure you it will be a sellout.

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Bill Grant.
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I personally want to thank all the fans that stopped by the Ironage booth. I think each Legend could tell you in his own words what it was like to meet such enthusiastic fans at the Arnold Classic. So don't forget to visit me at and check out my new DVD. The Arnold Classic is the greatest show on earth.

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