2007 Seven Feathers Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships Review!

The 2007 Seven Feathers Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships were held on November 3rd in Canyonville, Oregon. Over 116 competitors came from all over the north west! Learn more here...

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Contest Review
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I would like to take an opportunity first to mention what a fantastic show the Seven Feathers Championships has turned out to be. The first year I watched it about four years ago, there were maybe 60 contestants, and now four years later, there were 116 entries in the Figure and Bodybuilding divisions. This has become quite a venue for bodybuilding in Oregon. And the success is because of Ron and Sue Smith who pull out all the punches in creating an exciting and fast paced show.

The show was once again hosted by the amazing and talented Kim "Kong" Farrison, from Seattle who always keeps the audience engaged and always keeps the show going so smoothly. He introduced Ron and Sue Smith of RK Smith Productions, and thanked them once again for a great production for 2007.

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MC Kim Kong With Anderson Moore.

Prejudging drew a healthy respectable crowd, but the evening show is always jammed to capacity and this year was no exception as there was barely room in the Convention Center, as people sat at the wonderfully decorated tables and were awed by the stage and set, all done by Sue Smith herself.

-> Figure Division:

    The Figure division gets larger every year. Tanned, toned and lovely, these ladies are. Most people don't realize how much training and diet and effort it goes into preparing for a show. It's as intense and involved as bodybuilding.

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Various Figure Competitors.

    There were very many lovely figure contestants this year. The largest class was the 5'6" and under class with 11 contestants. The judges took a long time determining the placings.

    The Tall Masters Women looked great as well. These lovely Amazonian maidens prove they can hold their own against all the young bunnies in the other classes. They are superb.

    In the 5'2" and under division, the winner was Audrey Penza. The Figure under 5'3" was won by Jami Tautfest. Winner of the 5'4" under was Kelly McKee.

    The 5'6" and under class was the largest class in the whole contest and it was a difficult class to judge, and was espcecially hard to judge in the one piece round, but the winner was 18 year old Tiffany Ann Schoonover and was a well deserved win and apparently, the audience whole heartedly agreed with lots of cheering and enthusiastic applause.

    Figure Women under 5'8" was won by Sherry Christopherson while the Figure over 5'8" was awarded to the beautiful Sharyn Sullivan who would also go on to win the Overall Figure. This was an outstanding class, in the words of the judges. They epitomized how figure competitors should look and have set a standard for future figure competitions.

    The Figure Women Masters Short also had a decent turnout with seven competitors and was won by Audrey Penza, her second trophy for the night. Good job!!

    The Figure Masters Tall was won by the wonderful Sharyn Sullivan again, and with the overall win, she took home three trophies. What a night for her!

-> Bodybuilding:

    Anthony Burgess , the Junior Men winner is an exceptional bodybuilder. He has been in previous shows and this show he looked even bigger and better than he did last year. He also had quite the fan base who cheered him on with loud cheers and applause. He deserved to win his class.

    In the Novice Women Lightweight division, Laurie Smith took first place and also took Overall for the Novice division. A special note: Debi Fitzgerald, who took fifth, had her son, Dominick in the audience, who was only an infant, had already gone four open heart surgeries and other procedures, but he was in the audience, with a loving, happy mom looking over him. The Novice Women Heavyweight went to a very happy Linda Varney.

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Various Bodybuilding Competitors.

    In the Novice Men's Division, in the Lightweight class, the winner was Greg Bowman. Taking 1st place in Novice Men's Middleweight was Jonathon Baglietto who will soon, in my opinion, come back next year and take the open class. He also took the overall win in the Novice competition. Novice Men Light Heavyweight winner was Joel Dale and Novice Men Heavyweight went to Zachary Lloid.

    In the Masters Women over 35 division, the winner was Julie Warren.

    In Masters Men, the over 40 winner went to James Clayton, Men over 50 was won by a very cut and symmetrical Thomas Bowser, and Men over 60 was won by an incredible poser by the name of Terry Fultz, who also took Men's Master Overall. He did an incredible posing routine complete with purple cape, purple umbrella and purple posing trunks to Prince's, Purple Rain. It was the most imaginative and best posing routine seen in this contest.

    Terry also took a moment to make a touching tribute to Ron and Sue for their great shows and their contribution to the sport of bodybuilding.

    In Mixed Pairs, the winners were Alison Van Horn and Jimmy Castillejos, who posed to some great music and might inspire other bodybuilders to borrow it for their routines in the future.

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Mixed Pairs.

    The largest and most anticipated Open class is the Men's Division. These were some amazing bodies on display and certainly made it that much harder for the judges.

    Super Heavies In the Open Women's Division, there were some great but not very many competitors. It would be nice to see more women bodybuilders. That aside, the Open Women Lightweight winner was Julie Warren who also won in the Masters class. She must be very happy at her accomplishment. Open Women Middleweight winner went to 59 year old Kay Friend.

    I mention her age as she did not look it at all. She looked fabulous and I know she will be competing and winning again in the future. 59 never looked so good. The Open Heavyweight winner was Sherry Bleck who managed to blend, muscle, size and symmetry with enough feminism to also take the Overall title. She was awesome!

    The Open Men Bantamweight winner was Jerry Burger, followed by the Open Lightweight winner, Thomas Bowser. Another win for Thomas. The Open Middleweight class was probably one of the toughest to judge, as told by Ron Smith. It was the best class of middleweights anytime, anywhere. But only one man could win, and 1st place went to Marlin Bernabe.

    Open Men Light Heavyweight winner was Larry Hurst. What an excellent win for him. Open Men Heavyweight was won by the HUGE Anderson Moore, who not only looked massive enough to be a Super Heavyweight, but was well defined and very symmetrical. It's hard to be that big and carry off great symmetry with size and super definition.

    He had tough competition going head to head with the likes of Travis Danielson, who took second, but Anderson prevailed and with his outstanding physique, he also took the Open Men Overall title.

    The Open Men Super Heavyweight had two monster competitors and the super sized Alex Webb took first.The second place finisher, Robert Bumgarner, that won the Novice Light Heavy Class the week before this contest at the San Fran. Championships. He had exclaimed how excited he was to win his first ever..Novice first place trophy. Now he has his first ever Open second place from the 2007 Seven Feathers Classic!

-> Guest Posers:

    Guest Posers included some fantastic athletes. IFBB Fitness Pro Sandy Grant who knocked out the audience with a fast paced routine that left people breathless. After her routine, she talked with Kim Farrison and it was pointed out that she was wearing a Mary Christine Original fitness outfit.

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Sandy Grant.

    Another great guest poser was Jack Friend, who came back from Pittsburgh as the Men over 50 National NPC Champion. This man was just as big as some of the IFBB Pros, and I wouldn't wonder if he goes on to win a Pro Card. He is Oregon's own from Medford.

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Jack Friend.

    The last, but certainly not the least guest poser, was the IFBB Pro, Michael Kindred. He had a great showing and top placing in the Europa Pro IFBB Super show in Texas. He is a massive man with a massive heart as he has had to battle a past illness, but he has prevailed and has come back to compete again, with his lovely wife Charma by his side.

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Michael Kindred.

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With the end of the show, brings more memories and future competitions for the Figure and Bodybuilding competitors. This was the best looking group of athletes yet that I have seen at Seven Feathers. I certainly look forward to seeing what next year brings. They certainly raised the bar. And speaking of which, Ron and Sue certainly raised the bar for another Quality Production. I thank them sincerely for the opportunity to cover another show for them and their great staff.