The 2006 61st Annual Utah Bodybuilding And Figure Championships!

The 61st Annual Utah Bodybuilding And Figure Championships was held April 22, 2006 in in Layton, Utah. Get the latest review and results right here. It was a great show!

The 61st Annual Utah Bodybuilding and Figure Championships showcased some of the best natural athletes in the state of Utah. It was held at Northridge High School in Layton, Utah on 22 April 2006.

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A Review Of The Winners

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    The 1st through 3rd place Novice winners received beautiful trophies from Neil's Andersen Trophies. The overall Novice winner received a beautiful sword. All the top three Open competitors received swords for their hard earned victories. The overall Open winner received a statue of "David" from Neil's Andersen.


    First up were the teens. Dustin Biegenwald displayed a ripped physique that any veteran athlete would die for! It was too much for newcomer Cody Stoddard to overcome, but Cody held his own with a polished physique of his own. Kendall Meyer came in third.

Men's Masters

    The Men's Masters was very competitive. Jimmy Breitsprecher came in ripped and vascular. This was Jimmy's first contest and he showed he will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come. Jimmy was able to hold off strong competition from two of the best native Utah competitors, former Armed Forces power lifting champion Ray Long (2nd Place) and a well conditioned Robert Wilcock (3rd Place).

Men's Novice

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    The Men's Novice divisions displayed superb physiques. The lightweights were very competitive with Dylon Allgood holding off strong challenges from 2nd place winner Chad German and 3rd place winner Kerry Bevan. Look for all three of these competitors in the Open Class battling for that 1st Place trophy next year!

Men's Novice Middleweights

    The Novice Middleweights could have held their own with the Open Middleweights, showing incredible cuts and striations in their polished physiques! Masters winner, Jimmy Breitsprecher again took first followed by Steve Callihan and Kelly Moore.

Men's Heavyweights

    The heavyweights displayed awesome muscle development. Kory O'Shields, who trained and competed under the watchful eye of Dave Edgell, of Taylor Utah, easily took the Novice heavyweight class from 2nd place winner Marcus Green and Dmitry Korchmaryov.

    The overall Novice winner was no one else but super ripped, Jimmy Breitsprecher, who will need an additional room in his house to display all the hardware he won!

Women's Bodybuilding

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    Women's Bodybuilding featured only one competitor, but it was probably good that this lady had no challengers because they would have played second fiddle to her on this night.

    Wendy Ciampini, with the help of Isagenix Cleansing Products, David Edgell and Bianca Purtell, put together one of the best physiques and posing routines ever seen in the state of Utah!

    This was Wendy's first contest and she was dialed in! She displayed striations upon striations in places bodybuilders only dream of! She will easily be the most dominant woman in the intermountain region for others to try and beat for many years to come.

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Men's Open Lightweight

    Last event of the night featured the Men's Open classes. The lightweights had some of the best symmetry in the house! Shane Stewart brought a well conditioned and compact physique to the stage, barely edging last year's winner, Jacob Larsen by a few points.

    Jacob, also trained by Dave Edgell, looked the best I have ever seen him, but Shane's thickness and awesome leg development was too hard to overtake. Mr. Consistant, Brian Christensen, took third and continued to show his dominance in the Open Lightweight division!

Men's Open Middleweight

    The middleweights consisted of Ray Long, Michael Cowley and Scott Steiner. Ray, an assistant principal at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah, brought his cheering section of Fremont High Alumni to root him to a first place finish. Ray lost over 40 pounds and battled through his hard training with a total knee replacement to prepare for this contest.

    Ray, who looked the best I have ever seen him look, packed on 184 pounds on his compact physique and solidified his spot in the NGA elite! Ray was followed by Michael Cowley and Scott Steiner respectively.

Men's Open Heavyweight

    The Heavyweight Class had only two competitors, but these two displayed beef only seen on a Brahma Bull! Mike Semanoff won a close one over Okobia Presley, who looked monstrous with over 200 pounds of solid muscle draped on his body. Okobia will be a dominant figure in the Heavyweight class this year, so look out all challengers!

    Mike was equal to the task, and displayed cut legs and a balanced physique to narrowly squeeze out a win over Okobia. Mike dialed in to perfection to take the Utah Heavyweight Class and head into the overall with Lightweight winner Shane Stewart and Middleweight winner Ray Long.

Men's Overall

    The overall could have gone to any of the three guys battling. However, when the dust settled, Shane Stewart represented the lightweight class well by taking the overall Utah title to earn the title, "Mr Utah 2006!"

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Ms. Figure

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    After intermission, was the Ms. Figure, which featured six of the most beautiful ladies in Utah! The ladies displayed excellent poise and stage presence. Heather Gilbertson displayed a tight physique, awesome lines and femininity that was just too hard to overtake by challengers Nyleta Mulder and Michelle Peck.

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    James and Bianca Purtell would like to thank Northridge High School for use of their magnificent facility.

    They would also like to thank their sponsors:, who provided beautiful T-shirts for all the competitors, Gold's Gym who provided equipment for use in the pump up room, Isagenix, Diet & Sport Nutrition, E2 Nutrition, Innerlight, Xbalm, Cobblestone Mountain and Physiques Finest Health Club.

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