2006 Women's Tri-Fitness World Challenge!

The Women's Tri-Fitness World Challenge was held in Las Vegas on July 7 -8, 2006. Get the latest commentary, results, and pics right here!

Photos By Ed Johnston (www.split-vision.com)

They say what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, but this does not apply to the Women's Tri-Fitness World Challenge, an annual event every July in Las Vegas. The memories stay with you forever. As a first time competitor at this event, I was amazed at the camaraderie of the women athletes who came to compete from around the globe. How does one describe the feeling of fellow competitors yelling words of encouragement?

One hundred and fifty-five accomplished women athletes (from 41 states, England, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand) as well as twenty-one men came to challenge themselves on July 7 -8, 2006. The women would compete in the Grace and Physique event, an obstacle course, a choreographed fitness routine, and fitness skills (bench press, shuttle run, and box jumps).

It is no wonder action movie star Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock" calls this the ultimate in women's fitness. In addition, the men compete in the Obstacle Course and Fitness Skill events.

After two days of extreme intense competition, Jenny Ermish Williams (Dallas, Texas) became the 2006 Tri-Fitness Champion along with winning the Dual Optional, Dual, and Fitness Skills titles. Following behind Jenny was Brandy Goddard (Texas), Kimberly Stroup (Kansas), Lisa Thomas (Massachusetts), and Amy Perry (California).

Individual Events:

    In the individual events, Sherlyn Roy (California) became the Grace & Physique champion, Heidi Charest (Massachusetts) the Obstacle Course champion and Brandy Goddard (Texas) the Fitness Routine champion. The Men's Obstacle Course Challenge (MOCC) overall was won by Allan Rodriguez (Tampa, Florida). Willie Thomas (Florida) won the Men's Obstacle Course and Felipe Cordero (Massachusetts) won the Fitness Skills.

The Team Challenge:

    The Team Challenge, where all the athletes are divided into either East or West (Mississippi River divides) was won by the East (36.928 points) as they edged out the West (36.602 points). No matter what placing they took, each athlete walked away with a sense of personal accomplishment, new friendships from around the world, and the hunger for the next go round (2007 WTF World Challenge, July 12-13)!

    For the entire results, see www.womenstrifitness.com