2006 NPC Seven Feathers Northern Pacific States Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Contest Results!

2006 Seven Feathers Northern Pacific States Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Contest was held on October 7th in Canyonville, Oregon. With over 100 entries RK Smith Productions put on a lavish and fun production full of great competitors and guest posers!

Full Contest Review

This was another great competition that I was honored to review at the beautiful 7 Feathers Hotel and Casino as RK Smith Productions put on a lavish and fun production full of great competitors and guest posers and on a gorgeous night with an awesome full moon and with a very patriotic stage and beautiful banquet style tables all decorated by Sue Smith herself.

There were 101 entries this year, almost half were the Figure Women and they were quite lovely. Curiously missing were any fitness contestants, and this was probably explained best by Tami Ough, one of the featured guest posers, who explained that she and Tanji Johnson were promoting "Save the Fitness" campaign on their web sites. It would be a shame to see Fitness die away.

-> Guest Posers:

    Tami opened the show with an exhilerating fitness routine that had one gasping for air after she was done. It's easy to see why she is an IFBB Fitness pro. She was astounding.

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    Tami Ough.

    The other featured guest poser was "Todzilla", Tod Scott who came out and showed off an awesome physique and he's a middleweight. He looked like a heavyweight on stage, even next to Emcee Extraordinaire, Kim "Kong" Farrison who, in another in-your-face lime green suit, interviewed Todd about his upcoming competition.

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    Todd Scott.

    Kim Farrison introduced Ron and Sue and Ron acknowledged that Sue does all the work with setting up the stage and the auditorium while his job is to look pretty. Ha!

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    Kim, Ron & Sue.

    Sadly, the featured guest poser, Michael Kindred, could not perform due to health difficulties. As he was preparing for the Montreal Classic he suffered a severe flare up due to Crohn's Disease. He and his new wife of five months, Charna, were still in attendance though, and Michael still presented an award to the overall Men's Open Champion, Eric McCormick.

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    Michael Kindred.

-> Special Award:

    A special award was presented to Jack and Kay Friend who received a beautiful plaque and swords for appreciation for their contribution to guidance to others in the sport of bodybuilding and for their promotion of bodybuilding in Southern Oregon. Congratulations to them both.

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    Jack and Kay Friend.

    The Bodybuilding portion of the show wasn't as large as the Figure competition, but it was still just as exciting to watch.

    The first winner was Anthony Burgess, in the Teenage class. He is only 19, but looks like he's been in bodybuilding for years. He has a great future in the sport.

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    Anthony Burgess.

-> Figure Divisions:

    Starting the evening competition were the Figure Women who posed in two separate rounds. They showed that one can be in shape and still show a lot of grace and poise. It's a very welcome addition to the bodybuilding shows.

    In the Figure Women under 5'2" class, the winner was Jodell Dodge who also won in other categories, but more on that in a bit.

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    Jodell Dodge.

    Figure Women under 5'3" was won by Genevieve Moreno, who was also a multiple winner in this show, and this was her first ever competition.

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    Genevieve Moreno.

    Bridget Hake was the winner in the Figure Women under 5'4", and Figure women under 5'5" was Lindy Anderson.

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    Bridget Hake (left), Lindy Anderson (right).

    In the Figure Women under 5'6" category, the winner was Jessica Hickman, followed by winner Kristina Tuernlund the Figure Women over 5'6" winner.

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    Jessica Hickman (left), Kristina Tuernlund (right).

    The largest class of all was the Figure Women Masters Short, and it was indeed a very tough class for the judges to make a decision, but in the end, the winner was Jodell Dodge, who won previously. Congrats Jodell!

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    Figure Women Masters Short Division.

    Finally, in the last Figure class, the Figure Women Masters Tall class, first place went to Carey LaFave.

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    Carey LaFave.

    At the very end of this very tough competition, the overall Figure Women winner was Genevieve Moreno. She was simply awesome to win not only her class, but the overall as well in her very first competition. She has a bright competitive future ahead of her.

-> Novice Divisions:

    In the Novice Women Lightweight class, the winner was, no surprise here, the versatile Genevieve Moreno. This young lady just piled on the awards this evening. What a way to win your first contest ever! She's fantastic. She also took the Novice Women Overall trophy.

    The Novice Women Heavyweight winner was Debbie Card, and she could have won by looks alone. She should consider competing in Figure competitions because she certainly has the look.

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    Debbie Card.

    In the Men's Novice division, the Novice Lighweight award went to Michael Huard, while Kevin O'Connor took the Novice Middleweight trophy. In the Novice Light Heavyweight, first place went to Jason Jex, who also took the Novice Men's Overall. I might add the Light Heavyweight Division had some big ripped boys and they looked more like Open Heavyweights, especially Jason Jex.

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    Michael Huard (left), Kevin O'Connor (middle), Jason Jex (right).

-> Masters Divisions:

    In the Masters Women Over 35 class, it was a tough decision, but Karen Black took first place.

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    Karen Black.

    These ladies proved that age is just a number and you can look in shape no matter what your age. The Masters Men Lightweight winner was Curtis Montgomery. This was curious, as he looked much bigger and more ripped than even a light heavy. He was a total freak! This was an outstanding class as all the men in this class were huge and cut.

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    Curtis Montgomery.

    Masters Men Heavyweight was Randy Sebastian and in the Masters Men over 50, which was also a tough class, top honors went to Dale Rene. Masters Men over 60's only competitor was Dan Zaklan who took first.

    In the Novice Masters Overall, the winner was Curtis Montgomery. He was ready now for the Open Class.

-> Mixed Pairs:

    The Mixed Pairs winners were Genevieve Moreno and Eric McCormick. She took so many awards tonight. And Erick took more than one home tonight as well. They had a teriffic routine that was fun to watch.

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    Genevieve Moreno and Eric McCormick.

-> Open Divisions:

    In the Open Division, the Women Lightweight winner was Nancy Lublink. Open Women Heavyweight went to the incredibly built Karen Black. When it came to the Open Women Overall winner, Karen Black easily won. Look for more of her in the future. I can see her going Pro.

    Starting the Men's Open Division was Dale Morishige, who was the Bantamweight winner.

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    Dale Morishige.

    The Open Men Middleweight featured some extremely cut and buff men. They always seem to feature the best symmetry and muscle size. The judges acknowledged that this was a very tough class to judge and it showed in the impressive muscle displayed on stage. But in the end, the winner of this tough class was Curtis Montgomery who also won the Novice Overall.

    The Men's Light Heavyweight winner was pairs winner Eric McCormick. He certianly didn't looik as big as the other guys, but has the best symmetry and the most shredded legs and glutes of anyone on that stage. He was astounding.

    In the big boys division, the Open Men Heavyweight, you could tell who the winner was as soon as they stepped on stage. Ben Matheson was shredded and huge and showed his competition no mercy. Huge and shredded don't always prevail however, when it came down to the overall champion, Eric McCormick won the title.

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    Eric McCormick.

    Compared to all the other Open class winners, he had the total package, symmetry, muscle, ripped, the works.

    He deserved it and his hard work paid off. Congratulations.

-> Special Thanks:

    Great competitors and great production make a great show. Ron and Sue should be proud of another great show and as evidenced by the many competitors on stage and the very enthusiastic audience, it shows the quality they put into their show. Hats off again to Ron and Sue and their crew!!


    Teenage Men


    Novice Women under 125 1/2

      3rd: LACEY WILSON
      4th: MARYA RILEY

    Novice Women Over 125 1/2 - HEAVY WEIGHT

      1st: DEBBIE CARD


    Novice Men under 176 1/4

      1st: MICHAEL HUARD
      2nd: MIKE KLETTKE
      3rd: OTTO FINNELL

    Novice Men Over 198 1/4

      1st: JASON JEX
      2nd: MARC CAMPBELL

    Novice Men under 198 1/4

      1st: KEVIN O'CONNOR
      2nd: SAMFORD ESRY
      4th: HECTOR AMADOR


    Master's Women's Over 35

      1st: KAREN BLACK
      2nd: NANCY LUBLINK
      3rd: DEBBIE CARD
      4th: THERESA FRITZ

    Master's Men Over 40 / LIGHT-WEIGHTS

      2nd: MARK ROSS
      3rd: CHRIS HILL
      4th: DAVID GRANDY

    Master's Men Over 40 / HEAVY-WEIGHTS


    Master's Men Over 50

      1st: DALE RENE
      2nd: MICHAEL HUARD
      3rd: OTTO FINNELL
      4th: LEE MILLS

    Master's Men Over 60

      1st: DAN ZAKLAN


    Mixed Pairs


    Open Women under 125 1/2 Light Weight

      1st: NANCY LUBLINK

    Open Women Over 125 1/2 Heavy Weight

      1st: KAREN BLACK


    Open Men under 143 1/4 - Bantam Weight

      1st: DALE MORISHIGE!

    Open Men under 176 1/4

      2nd: MARK ROSS
      3rd: CHRIS HILL
      4th: DAVID GRANDY

    Open Men under 198 1/4/- Light Heavy

      1st: ERIC McCORMACK
      2nd: JACK STEELE
      3rd: SHANE BUDDE
      4th: JUAN JOSE' ALONSO

    Open Men 's Heavy Weight

      1st: BEN MATHESON
      2nd: KEVIN MADISON


    Women's Figure Under 5'2"

      1st: Jodell Dodge
      2nd: Sharon Konieczny
      3rd: Julianne Vanderpol
      4th: Claire O'Connor
      5th: Melinda Rego

    Women's Figure 5"3" & Under

      1st: Genivieve Moreno
      2nd: Heather Kinch
      3rd: Lisa Philips

    Women's Figure Under 5'4"

      1st: Bridgit Hake
      2nd: Allison Malone
      3rd: Jenice Brasser
      4th: Kristin Ming
      5th: Sherrie Garrett

    Women's Figure Under 5'5"

      1st: Lindy Anderson
      2nd: JMichelle Bui
      3rd: Terri Jordan
      4th: Nina Dhevaphlin
      5th: Charolette Clark

    Women's Figure Under 5'6"

      1st: Jessica Hickman
      2nd: Carey LaFave
      3rd: Dawn Elletson
      4th: Lauri Faraschuk
      5th: Jessica Bishop

    Women's Figure Over 5'6"

      1st: Kristina Tjernlund
      2nd: Jenifer Raybourn
      3rd: Michele Reynolds
      4th: Daphne Ransmeier

    Women's Figure Over 35 SHORT

      1st: Jodell Dodge
      2nd: Terri Jordan
      3rd: Michelle Bui
      4th: Sharon Konieczny
      5th: Kristin Ming

    Women's Figure Over 35 TALL

      1st: Carey LaFave
      2nd: Kristina Tjernlund
      3rd: Adriene Newman
      4th: Daphne Ransmeier