2006 OCB Midwest States Bodybuilding & Figure Competition Review!

The OCB Midwest States 2006 Bodybuilding & Figure Competition was held on November 18. Ray Binkowski and Ergoteknix Inc. put on a well organized event. Drug Free Pro’s like Sean Sulcop Sullivan, Layne Norton, and Normajean Harness competed.

Contest Review

The OCB Midwest States 2006 Bodybuilding and Figure competition was held on November 18. The Midwest States made its return to the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb, IL for the second year.

Ray Binkowski and Ergoteknix Inc. put on a well organized event. Of course with Drug Free Pro’s like Sean "Sulcop" Sullivan, Layne Norton, and Normajean Harness...how can you go wrong? In addition to the Competition the event also collected toys for the local �"Toys for Tots� program.

The Egyptian Theatre is a National Landmark. The night started on time as the clock struck 7:00 PM. Local high school vocalist Jessica Zen Zen sang the National Anthem while the United States Marine Corps color guard presented the flag.

-> Figure Divisions:

    This year seventeen women filled the Figure Class.

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    Novice Figure Class 1.

    Left to Right, Caroline Bowen, Michelle Corelli, Shantel Macchi, Janet Frank Atkinson, Sara Clark, Jenni Whipple, Sabra Yunker

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    Novice Figure Class 2.

    Left to Right, Bethany Kochan, Melissa Krzyzanowski, Kim Currie, Marcie Grajewski, Amber White-Fowler, Claudia Cuellar, Lisa Strahl

    Sara Clark took home the first place trophy in Class 1. Marcia Grajewski grabbed first place in Class 2. The two then faced off for the overall. The competition was tough. Both ladies clearly had done their homework and it showed. Marcia took the overall...not bad for her first competition.

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    Figure Open 1.

    Left to Right, Sabra Yunker, Janet Frank Atkinson, Michelle Greene, Jenni Whipple, Shantel Macchi, Caroline Bowen

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    Figure Open 2.

    Left to Right, Claudia Cuellar, Martha Haraf, Marcia Grajewski, Andi Martin, Amber White-Fowler, Melissa Krzyzanowski

    In the Open Figure Michelle Greene earned the first place trophy in Class 1. Class 2 saw Marcia Grajewski with the first place trophy again. Michelle and Marcia were close.

    Each woman had the poise and elegance of an open caliber Figure competitor and the lean physiques to match. But in the end it was Marcia going home with even more hardware...this time the Open Overall.

-> Women’s Bodybuilding:

    Liz Logue, a first time competitor, was the only competitor and took the first and overall trophies.

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    Master’s Women.

    Left to Right, Liz Logue and Karly Geller

    Only two women. Karly Geller made the drive from Kansas and Liz Logue flew in from Pennsylvania. The two displayed a great amount of muscle and put on a great competition. In the end it was Liz Logue collecting first place and the overall. Along with her trophies Liz took home a set of Hold-Ons from www.hypertrophyllc.com.

-> Men's Bodybuilding:

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    Master’s Men.

    Left to Right, Rob Taylor, Dr. Joseph Raley, Dr. Kory Spear

    Some say the drug free physique does not mature until the late thirties. Well it might be the 40’s. This division had three men in the 40’s doing battle. This was quite the display of muscle.

    Dr.’s Kory Spear and Joseph Raley (yes both doctors) and Rob Taylor showed that bodybuilding is not just for kids. Dr. Raley took home the first place honors and the overall.

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    Novice Class 1.

    Left to Right Jason Blonstein, Josh Niemi, Erik Meyers, Colt Minneci, Todd Morgan, Mike Davis, Jonathan Burkard

    There were two novice classes. About an hour after the event started the Class 1 took the stage. WOW!!! Novice...are you kidding? The author of this article was happy to be in the audience and not on stage. In Class 1 19 year old first time competitor Scott Clark edged out Dr. Kory Spear.

    In Class 2 19 year old Todd Morgan and Colt Minneci were close but...Colt snagged the number one trophy.

    The overall pit Scott against Colt. Both were big and defined...this display of muscle was more what you would expect for the Open overall, not the novice. Colt walked away with the Overall.

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    Novice Class 2.

    Left to Right, Rich Brecklin, Lee Roupas, Scott Clark, Dr. Kory Spear, Rob Taylor, Ron Kuehl

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    Open Class 1.

    Left to Right, Ed Harris, Rob Patrick (Best Poser), Colt Minneci, Todd Morgan, Erik Myers, Mike Davis

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    Open Class 2.

    Left to Right, Rich Brecklin, Lee Roupas, Jeff Williamson, Dr. Joseph Raley, Ron Kuehl

    Show time. The Novice competition was nothing short of amazing. A great prelude for what was about to step on stage. The Men’s Open Classes. Once again two classes. Class 1 was loaded with talent, including 2005’s Midwest States Champ Rob Patrick and the 1st and 2nd place guys from Novice Class 2.

    Rob brought back an amazing physique (8 lbs heavier) but it was no match for Todd and Colt. The judges once again had a tough decision...Colt got the nod again.

    One class left, Open Class 2. The show was about to get even better. Five men took the stage for Class 2. Two competitors stood out...Dr. Raley who just earned the Master’s Overall and Jeff Williamson. There were five people in this class and it was tough with one exception, Jeff.

    Jeff brought a level of conditioning to the stage that is seldom seen. He was big, ripped, and striated. Needless to say Jeff took first.

-> Overall Division:

    On to the overall. After a night of muscle the audience was in for an exciting conclusion to the evening. It was Colt Minneci vs. Jeff Williamson. Colt brought the complete package. It was clear he did his homework and then some. On any given day Colt could have stolen the overall.

    This night sharing the stage with Jeff would be the exception. Jeff was the package. Words do not do his level of conditioning justice. After an impressive display of the compulsories...nothing like seeing experienced bodybuilders hit the mandatories...after a pose down it was time to decide the overall.

    And the Overall winner is....Jeff Williamson. Jeff brought the big Niels Andersen trophy home along with a set of Hold-Ons courtesy of Hypertrophy, LLC. Jeff ignited the house...but Sean �"Sulcop� Sullivan’s guest posing routine brought the roof down. Sully did a Conan’esque routine and even included Figure Competitor Claudia Cuellar and Rob Taylor. The routine flat out rocked!!!

    Want to see more pictures of the competitors and stay up to date as the 2007 show comes together? Do so at www.ocbmidweststates.com.

-> Sponsors:

    Each competitor left with an OCB 2006 goody bag stuffed with great protein samples and shakers from Bodybulding.com as well as a rockin black Midwest States 2006 Tshirt and some coupons.

    Between classes and during intermission, spectators and competitors hit the House of Pain, Monster Energy and Ergoteknix Inc. tables for great deals on apparel, drinks and supplements.

-> The Annual After Party:

    The Finals ended at 9:30 PM. That is right, it ended at a reasonable time. Competitors and fans headed down the street to the annual after party at O’Leary’s Irish Bar and Grill. All enjoyed free pizza courtesy of Ergoteknix Inc. and www.Fitworkz.com.

    This was a great opportunity for the competitors to hang out, enjoy their accomplishment, and rub noses with the Drug Free Pro’s on hand.

    Oh yeah in the mist of this 3 giant bins of toys were collected for the �"Toys for Tots� program. All in all a great day.

-> A Word From Some Competitors:

    What an AWESOME Show!!! I honestly can't think of a better one that I have been to either as a spectator or as a competitor! Like Layne said, he could see this show doubling in size next year..and the quality of the competitors you had were amazing! You did a great job!!

    I will be seeing you next year, in the bodybuilding competition though. Have you thought about adding couples posing? I think that would be a great addition.

    I hope the figure girls room wasn't too much of a mess. I kept asking them to please pick up after themselves. They were pretty sloppy when we were down there.

    Thanks again for the posing clinic, a wonderful show, and a fabulous experience! Maybe you could help me with BB posing for next year?

    Oh, I accidentally left my CD there. Is there any chance I might be able to get it back?

    Keep me on your mailing list okay?


    Just wanted to thank you for an awesome weekend! My family enjoyed themselves and my boys ages 7 & 9 have memories they will never forget. They were still talking about it this morning when I dropped them off at school.

    My wife normally goes to my competitions so she has been around the sport a lot... and she told me it was the best show and the most fun she has ever had at a show. She said it was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience and everyone from the staff taking the tickets to the judging was top notch!

    I think Sully’s guest posing routine was the best I’ve ever seen...my boys thought it was so cool!

    Thanks again for a great job! I know it’s not easy putting on a quality show and believe me, I appreciate it! The whole experience was great.


    THANK YOU so much for making my first body building competition experience such a wonderful time on Saturday! You did an outstanding job with organizing & putting on the show.

    I had more fun than I've ever had doing ANYTHING in my life & YOU WERE RIGHT --WHAT A RUSH!!!!

    I just really appreciate your kindness. I am planning to continue working with Sully to get into better shape & will see you next year!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

    from your new friend (who only requires a smile from ya)