2006 IFBB Masters Professional World Championships Live Webcast Info.

Webcast will be available at the 2006 IFBB Masters Professional World Championships competition. This year's competition looks to be very exciting especially with so many experienced pros attending. Learn more here.

Webcast At The 2006 IFBB Masters Professional World Championships

The webcast has ended! View results, pics, and replays here!

Bodybuilding.com and Steve Weinberger have agreed to a live webcast at the 2006 IFBB Masters Professional World Championships on Saturday April 15. The webcast covered both pre-judging and finals. The pre-judging was at 10 A.M. EST and the finals were at 6:30 P.M. EST.

Many of the competitors should be rested and ready to go for what looks to be a star lineup of professionals who know exactly how to work the stage. These competitors are not new to the game of bodybuilding.

arrow Competitor List:

* Last updated: 4/11/06. Note: This list is not final and can change at any time.

    Masters Men:

    1. Alberto Bistocchi
    2. Claude Groulx
    3. Leon Brown
    4. Bob Cicherillo
    5. Pietro Gilberto
    6. Nicolae Giurgi
    7. Pavol Jablonicky
    8. Rusty Jeffers
    9. William Leonard
    10. David Marinelli
    11. Stan McCrary
    12. Joseph Palumbo
    13. Josef Rac
    14. Quincy Roberts
    15. Soliman Rudy
    16. Roberto Sabatini
    17. Behnam Samini
    18. Abdul Sharif
    19. John Simmons
    20. Daryl Stafford
    21. Johnny Stewart
    22. George Turmon
    23. Charles Urrego
    24. Massimo Valli
    25. Nathan Wonsley

    Pro Fitness:

    1. Maria Allegro
    2. Jessica Booth
    3. Julie Childs
    4. Allison Daughtry
    5. Shannon Dey
    6. Heidi Fletcher
    7. Sandy Grant
    8. Vlasta Gruberova
    9. Amy Haddad
    10. Amy Huber
    11. Elizabeth Maurice
    12. Bridgette Murray
    13. Mindi O'Brian
    14. Katie Szep
    15. Karen Walcott
    16. Sandra Wickham

If you haven't made it to any good shows then this is your chance to see the biggest in the business battle it out on stage.

arrow Fan's Choice Award

    As with the 2006 Iron Man and Arnold Classic, Bodybuilding.com will again be awarding a $1,000 check to the pro bodybuilder winning the online voting for the Fans Choice Award (more information about this will be available soon). The winner will be announced on stage.

    Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 15 and tune in to Bodybuilding.com, the media center of the bodybuilding and fitness world, to see who you think should win the 2006 IFBB Masters Professional World Championships Show that is being held in New Yok City.

    Fan's Choice Voting Page: Go here.