2006 NPC Oregon State Championships Review & Results.

The 2006 NPC Oregon State Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships were held July 1st, 2006. Get the latest results, pics, and commentary right here.

July 1st brought us 130 of the most impressive physiques in the NW, and all there for a common goal... to be the 2006 NPC Oregon State Overall Champion.

Novice Heavyweight:

    The evening started off with Mike Sodano winning the novice heavyweight and overall titles. Mike has the physique of an early 80's Bob Paris with great lines and a very similar posing style. Mike also took those lines on to the open super heavyweight division and won the super heavyweights also.

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    The masters classes were very reminiscent of what the open classes generally look like; they were big, full and hard. The over 60 winner, over 50 winner and over 40 winner all looked half their ages, but Jack Friend (Over 50 competitor) took the overall masters title.

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    The fitness competitors were few and far between this year, but there was a shining moment in that division. When Safiya, younger sister to IFBB Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson took the stage there was a breath of fresh air. Safiya used her athletic ability to enthrall the judges, then her youth and exuberance to keep her routine high energy with just a touch of sensuality. A job well done.

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Open Classes:

    On to the open classes. The open women actually showed up in force this year. There were at least a dozen open women that were sporting enough muscularity and vascularity that I wanted to start my diet early this year.

    The overall winner sported striated pecs and delts, diamond hard intercostals and a fierce back double bi. All of this was highlighted by a bright yellow posing suit, and an even brighter smile. Diane Streinbronn definitely did her homework this year.

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Figure Short:

    The figure short class was won by 5'1" dynamo Trish Stevens, who was trained by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mah Ahn Mendoza. The figure tall class and eventual overall winner was Heather Skaar who was sporting some of the best abs in the show.

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Open Men's:

    The open men's overall came down to the light-heavyweight David Plaska and heavyweight Raffi Feters, with strong challenges from super heavyweight Mike Sodano and middleweight winner Nicholas Hammond. In the end it was a 2,3 split between light-heavy David Plaska and heavyweight Raffi Feters. Raffi Feters sported slightly cleaner lines in his chest, which seemed to impress the judges just enough to give him the edge over light-heavy David Plaska.

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