2006 NPC Muscle Beach Bodybuilding And Figure Championships Review & Results.

2006 NPC Muscle Beach Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in Pt Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, on August 5th. Look here for results, pictures, and commentary.

On Saturday August 5th, Muscle Beach, one of the oldest and most popular shows in the NJ NPC, was held in Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ. Veteran promoters Mark and Karen Steinfield couldn't have asked for better conditions for this years shore classic. The weather was perfect and most of the competitors were able to visit to the boardwalk for some local "health food" between prejudging and the night show. Nothing like a little pizza to bring that vascularity out!

The competition was fierce and attracted some of the top competitors from the tri state area. "I was surprised by the quality of the bodybuilding competition, there were some very tough classes in this show" said NPC Vice Chairman John Kemper. "The figure competition has also become much more competitive, I thought the overall figure champion was in fantastic shape," he added.

The competition started off with a very tough master's class. Kent Bierly, from Brick, NJ showed up in incredible shape and walked off with the 1st place trophy in the over 35 class. Richie Smythe showed that age is not a problem as he won the over 45 class, but it was Kent Bierly, who stood out in the class, as he won the Overall Masters Championship.

Next up was the men's novice division. All four class winners looked great, with Robert Duell taking the light weight title, Darwin Garcia won a very close middle weight race over Ray Abayon, Chris Lentino stood out in winning the light heavy division and Joe Turzilli won the heavy weight title. It was clearly Chris Lentino's night however, as he walked off with the 2006 Muscle Beach Overall Men's Novice trophy.

The women were next as Keli Watkins won the Women's Open Bodybuilding Title and Vanessa White edged out Nicole Gruppo for the Muscle Beach Overall Figure Championship.

The Men's Open competition saw some of the best classes in local contests to date. Omar Serrano started off with a win in the light weight class. Then it was Kent Bierly on top in a tough middle weight division. Chris Lentino looked amazing in winning the light heavyweight class, Dan Hawtin pulled out the win in the heavyweight division and the big super heavyweight class winner was Jay Biggs. The judges put the class winners through a lengthy pose down, but it was Dan Hawtin, from Manasquan NJ who walked off as the 2006 Muscle Beach Overall Men's Open Champion.

Kent Bierly showed why masters competitors are never to be taken lightly by walking off with the Masters Overall and the Open Middle Weight division.

Kent Bierly Masters Overall and the Open Middle Weight division.
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Kent Bierly.

Chris Lentino showed that hard work pays off as he took the Muscle Beach 2006 Novice Overall title.

Chris Lentino Novice Overall
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Chris Lentino.

Keli Watkins won the Open Women's Bodybuilding Overall title.

Keli Watkins won the Open Women's Bodybuilding Overall title
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Keli Watkins.

Vanessa White showed tremendous potential by taking the Figure Overall.

Vanessa White Figure Overall
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Vanessa White.

Daniel Hawtin looked amazing as he walked away with the prestigious Men's Open Overall trophy.

Daniel Hawtin Men's Open Overall
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Daniel Hawtin.

Full Results

arrow Masters over 35:

    1. Kent Bierly
    2. Scott Finer
    3. William Zamot
    4. Thomas DeCarlo
    5. Jay Biggs
    6. Omar Serrano
    7. Matt Johnson
    8. Paul Fanzino
    9. Chris Caglione

arrow Master Over 45:

    1. Richie Smyth
    2. Larry Campanella
    3. Edwwin Zahler
    4. Robert J. Deuel
    5. Juan Ramos
    6. Nicholas Santiago

arrow Open Women's Heavy 132:

arrow Novice Light up to 154 1/4:

    1. Robert J. Deue
    2. Glen Pacyna

arrow Novice Middle 154 1/4 - 176 1/4:

    1. Darwin Garcia
    2. Ray Abayon
    3. Otto Nunez
    4. Joseph Ciraulo
    5. Larry Campanella
    6. Adam Leshaw

arrow Novice LTHeavy 176 1/4-198 1/4:

    1. Chris Lentino
    2. Michael Termini
    3. Thomas DeCarlo
    4. Keens Cornet
    5. Chris Caglione

arrow Novice Heavy over 198 1/4:

    1. Joe Turzilli
    2. Casey Fathi
    3. Frank DeFeo
    4. Anthony Gardner
    5. Nicholas Santiago

arrow Figure Up to including 5'4:

arrow Figure Over 5'4:

    1. Nicole Gruppo
    2. Tracy Ciccone
    3. Hillary Fonseca
    4. Mary Tallent

arrow Open Men's Light 143 1/4-154 1/4:

    1. Omar Serrano
    2. Glen Pacyna

arrow Open Men's Middle 165 1/4-176 1/4:

    1. Kent Bierly
    2. Ray Abayon
    3. Darwin Garcia
    4. Otto Nunez
    5. Joseph Ciraulo
    6. Jaime A. Penaranda
    7. Adam Leshaw
    8. Rinze Bulstra

arrow Open Men's Lt Heavy 176 1/4-198 1/4:

    1. Chris Lentino
    2. Michael Termini
    3. Thomas DeCarlo
    4. Keith Montgomery
    5. Rob Modzelewski
    6. Matt Johnson
    7. Paul Fanzino

arrow Open Men's Heavy 198 1/4-225 1/4:

    1. Dan Hawtin
    2. Joe Turzilli
    3. Paul Inchierchiera
    4. Scott Finer
    5. Casey Fathi
    6. Frank DeFeo
    7. William Zamot

arrow Open Men's Super Heavy over 225 1/4:

    1. Jay Biggs

arrow Special Thanks:

    Once again, Steve Stone did a terrific job as MC and running the back stage area with his crew. The show also featured the return of George Mariorano as guest poser in the same show he won back in 1989. George recently took 3rd in the USA light heavy division. Paul Knight, this year's Teen National Light Weight winner also did a great job guest posing and getting the crowd ready to watch some very competitive bodybuilding.

arrow Sponsors:

    Gold's Gym, American Bodybuilding, Philadelphia Juice Company, Life Fitness, LaBrada Nutrition, and Bodybuilding.com sponsored this year's show. All are planning to be back again next year for the 20th Anniversary of Muscle Beach at the Jersey Shore.

arrow Upcoming Events:

    Mark and Karen Steinfield also promote The Gold's Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, scheduled for Saturday October 21st in Pt Pleasant. Tickets are on sale now, for more information and applications call Gold's Gym in Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ 732-899-1001