2006 South Jersey Physique Championships & Expo Review & Results!

2006 South Jersey Physique Championships & Wellness Expo was held on September 23rd 2006 Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Read below for full results from the show!

Full Contest Review

To truly appreciate the sheer magnitude of the 5th Annual South Jersey Physique Championships, held in Mt. Laurel N.J. one need only pay a brief visit to its official web site www.BodybuildingShows.com, but check out the highlights below. BodyBuilding.com really helped us promote this event this year and thanks for the shirts guys they are awesome. We had over 8,000 people attend the show and expo and over 110 exhibitors this year.

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Various Competitors From The Show.

We are really creating an Arnold Like Atmosphere here in New Jersey with our Martial Arts Competition, Speakers and vendors.

This is the 5th straight year we have held the Championships in South Jersey. One of the Great things was that 20 athletes were veterans of our shows including 3 that are now Pro and we had 10 First Time Competitors as well. As the promoter for all 5 years I would have to say that this year we had the best group of athletes so far.

Karate Division.

When you have an athlete that is almost totally complete and cannot win, Like Frank Ulrich you must have great competition. The list could go on all day but just check out our results and photos on our web site. Rising National Stars like Lidia Amaro and Anthony DeAngelis as well as Figure Athlete Desire Tambascia earned their pro cards so next year they can earn money in the NPAF.

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Various Competitors From The Show.

We are forming our own organization called the NPAF Natural Physique and Figure. We will have our web site up and running in the next few days at www.NPAF.us we look forward to having you at our next show.

-> Special Thanks:

    Much of the credit for the tremendous success of these shows goes to James and Grace Jefferson of Your Personal Trainer LLC. James and Grace have dedicated themselves for over 20 years, to build a huge following of natural bodybuilding and figure in South Jersey. Along with the many volunteers that helped out this show was a huge success.

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Bally's Eagles Cheerleaders.

    The athletes showed up lean and mean and hit the stage ready for action and we crowned three brand new Pro South Jersey Athletes with their overall wins. It is certain that this awesome show would not have come to pass had it not been for the tireless efforts of many dedicated and committed officials, most notably Joshua Katz, Nick Marola, Susan Jacabucci and Side Show Bob, and of Course TEAM VIC TRINGALI whom saved the day when our Head Judge had two flat tires and could not make it.

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Group Photo.

    We also want to thank all of our fantastic volunteers, the great vendors like Vitamin Shoppe, Achieve Fitness and many others as well as our friends and family who all chipped in to make this the best show in South Jersey History. It only gets better from here for South Jersey.

    The NPAF salutes the participants - officials, athletes and supporters - and commends the tireless efforts of all involved ensuring a highly successful Show. Congratulations!

    James B. Jefferson
    Promoter and Expo Director

Final Results

-> Figure Short

    1st Place - Debby Sigal

-> Figure Tall

    1st Place - Desire Tambascia

-> Figure Masters

    1st Place - Desire Tambascia

-> Teenage Men

    1st Place - Matt McCann

-> Novice Women Bodybuilding

    1st Place - MaryJo Gore

-> Womens Masters BodyBuilding

    1st Place - Peg Kosmir

-> Mens Novice Light Weight

    1st Place - Gordon Brodecki

-> Novice Middle Weight

    1st Place - Jacques Stanis

-> Mens Novice Light Heavy

    1st Place - Rich Pohler

-> Mens Novice Heavy

    1st Place - Bobby Cake

-> Mens Masters

    1st Place - Anthony DeAngelis

-> Womens Open Short

    1st Place - Mary Jo Gore

-> Womens Open Tall

    1st Place - Lidia Amaro

-> Mens Open Light Weight

    1st Place - Paul Oliveira

-> Mens Open Middle Weight

    1st Place - Jaques Stanis

-> Mens Open Light Heavy

    1st Place - Anthony DeAngelos

-> Mens Open Heavy Weight

    1st Place - Tyler Newman

-> Best Poser Men

    Paul Oliveira

-> Best Poser Women

    Michelle Caso

-> WOMANS OVERALL FIGURE CHAMP (earned pro card)

    Desire Tambascia


    Lidia Amaro


    Anthony DeAngelis