2006 USBF North American Bodybuilding And Figure Pro/Am Review & Results!

The 2006 USBF North American Bodybuilding and Figure Pro/Am was held May 20th 2006. Here are the latest results and commentary!

It was a cold and rainy day on May 20th 2006 but the competition was hot inside the Clinton Performing Arts Center. With over 50 competitors and a brand new state of the art venue the show was nothing but superb. During Pre-judging the energy from the crowd pushed the competitors even harder and there wasn't a moment of silence the entire three hours.

The competition started off with a fierce junior class in which local bodybuilder Anthony Hobaica was there to defend his title from last years show. However, junior Adam Plumb sneaked by him to take the 1st place spot. The women's lightweight class also had some very strong competition - Marie Constantino just squeaked by Syracuse native Leslie Firth for the victory. Both the ladies looked incredible.

Men's open lightweight class winner Pat Firth had paper thin skin, was shredded and was a favorite to win all day. The men's open middle weight was tight, bodybuilding rivals Nam Le and Luke Gross went head to head in a rematch from last year. This year though, Nam came out ahead to take the middles and then go on to win the overall.

With figure becoming more and more popular, the girls had a lot of tough competition. They all looked awesome but Michelle Seminski came out ahead in the figure short class and went on to win the Figure Overall. Gia Portelos took home first place in the figure tall class.

The overall women's open bodybuilder went to Clinton Native Kelly Sprague, known for her incredible conditioning. Kelly was dead on.

New to 2006 - We added a Men's Open Pro lineup to the show. Fifth place went to the master of symmetry Mike Uzar, fourth place went to Kent "the king" Bierly - both guys looked awesome but were slightly off with their conditioning. Chris Scott ended up taking home the third place trophy, he was shredded to pieces.

Second place went to Joe Ohrablo, with shredded glutes and the best back in the USBF, not to mention his great posing routine.

And lastly, First place went to Larry Ray - this was his first Pro show, he had paper thin skin and full muscle bellies, the guy is incredible.

With a packed house both day and night, incredible competition in all the classes, the 2006 USBF North American Bodybuilding and Figure Pro/Am was nothing short of successful. See you next year.

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Mens Novice Overall:

    Dave Hamilton

Women's Open Overall:

    Kelly Sprague

Figure Overall:

    Michelle Seminski

Mens Overall:

    Nam Le


    1. Adam Plumb
    2. Anthony Hobaica
    3. Dimitrios Vardakas
    4. Christian Connors
    5. Glen Pacyna Jr

Women's Novice:

    1. Marie Constantino
    2. Karen Murdock
    3. Toni Migliore
    4. Jean O'Toole

Women's Master's:

    1. Kelly Sprague
    2. Amy Cox
    3. Jean O'Tool

Men's Master's 35-45:

    1. Sam Constantino
    2. Keith Porvast
    3. Dave Nackley

Men's Master's 46-55:

    1. Ben Randazzo

Men's Master's 56 And Up:

    1. Kevin Reilly

Men's Novice Lightweight:

    1. Sam Constantino
    2. Craig Recore
    3. Dimitrios Vardakas
    4. Thomas Orr
    5. David Manfra
    6. Ben Randazzo

Men's Novice Heavyweight:

    1. David Hamilton
    2. Brad Klueber
    3. Keith Provast
    4. Christian Conners
    5. David Nackley
    6. Keith Misiaszek

Women's Light:

    1. Marie Constantino
    2. Leslie Firth
    3. Karen Murdock

Women's Middle:

    1. Michelle Seminski

Women's Heavy:

    2. Kelly Sprague
    3. Jean O'Toolee

Men's Open Batum:

    1. Glen Pacyna Jr.

Men's Open Light:

    1. Patrick Firth
    2. Sam Constantino
    3. Dave Mason
    4. Craig Recore
    5. Anthony Hobaica
    6. Ben Randazzo

Men's Open Middle:

    1. Nam Le
    2. Luke Gross
    3. Keith Provast
    4. Brad Klueber
    5. Thomas Orr
    6. David Manfra
    7. Keith Misiaszek

Men's Open Light Heavy:

    1. Ron Parmeter
    2. Adam Plumb
    3. Brian Young
    4. John Giedratis
    5. David Hamilton
    6. David Nackley

Men's Open Heavy:

    1. Rick Cancelino

Womens Figure Novice:

    1. Melissa LaPortel
    2. Lauren Kiltzer
    3. Heather Payne
    4. Pamela Rotundo
    5. Michelle Seminski
    6. Gia Portelos
    7. Nichole Scaraglino
    8. Brenda Milliman
    9. Cathy Wrightman
    10. Laura Woodhead

Womens Figure Master's:

    1. Pamela Rotundo
    2. Wendy Robinson
    3. Terri Mancabelli
    4. Cathy Wightman

Women's Open Figure Short:

    1. Michelle Seminski
    2. Dina Kozel
    3. Melissa LaPorte
    4. Rebecca Block
    5. Terri Mancabelli
    6. Lauren Kiltzner
    7. Nichole Scaraglino
    8. Brenda Milliman

Women's Open Figure Tall:

    1. Gia Portelos
    2. Heather Payne
    3. Wendy Robinson
    4. Pandora Broadwater
    5. Laura Woodhead

Men's Open Pro:

    1. Larry Ray
    2. Joe Ohrablo
    3. Chris Scott
    4. Kent Bierly
    5. Mike Uzar

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