2006 Muscle Beach Venice Classic!

Become the next Mr. or Ms. Muscle Beach or just come to watch a great entertaining event at the Muscle Beach Venice Classic, July 4th in Venice, California. Special story about Rosemary Wedderburn included. Read on for more.

What could be better than gals in bikinis and heels on a warm sunny California weekend? Perhaps impressive guys with huge pecs, lats and biceps. Come join us and compete on the Fourth of July.

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Show Information

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    Venice Beach Recreation Center
    1800 Ocean Front Walk
    Venice, CA 90291
    (310) 399-2775

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    Tuesday, July 4, 2006

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    Tuesday, July 4th
    7:30 am - 9:30am

    Athlete Briefing - 9:30am
    Pre-judging - 10:00am
    Finals - 1:00pm

    Contest Entry Fee:

    * Contest is open to all amateur athletes. Active armed service personnel are encouraged to compete.

arrow Hosted by:

    World Gym

arrow Special Awards:

    Hall of fame awards will be given to Bill Grant, Bill Pearl, and Charlie Faust.

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Hall Of Fame Inductees:
Bill Grant, Bill Pearl & Charlie Fautz.

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2006 Venice Beach Classic - Hot Bodies & Hot Sun At Muscle Beach! 2006 Venice Beach Classic - Hot Bodies & Hot Sun At Muscle Beach!
The 2006 Venice Beach Classic was held July 4th at the Mecca of bodybuilding. The fans and competitors alike were greeted by perfect weather which only added to the excitement had by all.
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About Muscle Beach Venice

Fun and fitness have long been the focus of attention at Muscle Beach. In the 1930's 40's and 50's young men and women would gather at the original Muscle Beach site in Santa Monica to practice and demonstrate acrobatics. While the crowds gathered, they built human towers, turned summersaults and took pleasure in tossing each other around. Muscled men bench-pressed bathing beauties instead of dumbbells. The yearly membership dues for the weightlifting group were $3.00.

In 1954 Muscle Beach Santa Monica was closed and the City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department moved Muscle Beach to its current site on the Boardwalk in Venice. Shortly after the move "The Pit" was open and resulted in a world renown explosion of bodybuilders including such greats as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo and Dave Draper.

Since its inception the events at Muscle Beach have always been open to the public at no charge. This practice continues to make Muscle Beach Venice one of the largest amusement attractions in the Los Angeles area. The focus remains exercise and nutrition and the site continues to be the grassroots soul of bodybuilding famous throughout the world.

The Story Of Rosemary Wedderburn

The people behind Muscle Beach Venice,
written by a loving husband, Jim Vernon

Rosemary Wedderburn Vernon did not understand the words slow down. The only time I ever saw even a hint of hostility in her beautiful dancing dark eyes is when I suggested that she slow down. She lived life more fully than any human I have known. Watching her train in a gym was so much fun. I never tired of it, Energy plus, that was her. One of her favorite sayings was, "The fountain of youth was under the squat rack." She thought that Cory Everson had been the originator of this wonderful truism.

Rosemary was always aware of the world of fitness in her life. Like all of us who grew up in those decades she saw the Joe Atlas adds in the 1950's magazines and the Vic Tanny chrome gyms of the late 50's and early 60's in the big cities. She drank Orange Julius with raw eggs in it for health and suffered the abominable taste of "Tiger's Milk" bars. Rose did all those things but she did not stick with anything to do with staying in shape for long.

She really came to a life of fitness late in her short life. A single moment did it for her! She looked at a picture of herself leaning against her desk in an office - she did not like what she saw. She kept that picture handy and out somewhere all the time as a reminder of the past.

She began her life of fitness in the early 1990's, and the momentum never stopped. It was to change her entire life. Everything changed from that moment on and she never looked back - not once.

Rosemary spent a great deal of time and resource helping to develop the various independent bodybuilding and fitness and figure federations in the Los Angeles area She also devoted her talents to the sanctioned shows in any way she could. She wrote continuously about all shows. Her reviews were both public in her articles and in particular, private, always to the sponsors and promoters.

It was these private, behind the scenes critiques, and constructive reviews, for which she was best known. They went to the smallest promoter all the way up to the Weider's at the top. It was not long before she was known by almost every promoter from here in LA to Columbus, Ohio.

Rosemary, in particular fell in love with the Muscle Beach Venice venue. Promoter Joe Wheatley, Molli Oliver (then head judge), myself. Rosemary quickly formed a planning group and put together what is essentially the show format of Muscle Beach Venice today.

Rosemary was insistent on the figure format as we have it today and is the catalyst of the figure competition, as we know it. She sat with Joe and Molli and they worked it all out, as I listened in amazement at their collective foresight. I can remember all the wonderful hours at Jerry's Delicatessen and what fun we had hashing it all out. What fun we had considering such things - like should the girls ditch the high heals - since we were in a beach atmosphere, and so on. In the end we wisely decide to keep the high heals.

One of the toughest decisions ever re-made in bodybuilding and fitness for Muscle Beach Venice was made at those early meetings. That was the decision to carry on the lasting tradition of Muscle Beach and its legacy - to bar and resist sanctioning by the NPC, IFBB, and all other federations. Instead, to use the venue as a free format to feed and serve all the federations - of the LA area and the world.

Rosemary could not think of a better place for a novice fitness competitor to get started and to take a first try at competition, than at the beach. From there, if they so choose, they could go on to compete in any of the sanctioned federations of their choice.

Rosemary's last Muscle Beach Show was on Labor Day of 2003. She was trying to throw a case of unrelenting and prolonged exhaustion and flu on top of some chronic training injuries. In spite of how she felt, she stayed the entire show and managed to come on stage to give away figure awards. It was her last full day outdoors and the last active day of her life. A month later, as she steadily grew weaker, a sudden overnight attack of pneumonia took her life.

The Rosemary Vernon Award For Overall Women's Figure Competitor

Every sport needs is a champion! Someone who understands the sport, has endless energy to support the growth of the sport and who is there to envision the future of the sport. All these things describe Rosemary Vernon. If you were a novice to the sport of bodybuilding Rosemary took interest in helping new individuals learn about the sport. She and her husband Jim, with their quiet presence, attended all the major bodybuilding shows in Southern California. She was a tolerant teacher, a wonderful cheerleader and a great friend.

When Rosemary died unexpectedly, it was a great loss! In particular she was very fond of the Figure Division. To honor her contribution, Muscle Beach Venice & Joe Wheatley Productions created the Rosemary Vernon Award, for the Overall Figure Winner. Through this award we recognize her vibrant spirit and her great contribution.