2006 Kansas City Gold's Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Contest Results & Commentary!

2006 Kansas City Gold's Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Contest was held on September 16th. The Gold's classic had 86 competitors and over 1,000 fans in attendance! Find out how the contest went along with where each of the competitors placed!

Full Contest Review

September 16th the house was full steam ahead for the NANBF Natural KC Gold's Classic Xtreme Fitness, Figure and Bodybuilding Championships. The Gold's classic had 86 competitors and over 1,000 fans in attendance. Competitors came from 23 states and from Canada and Great Britain. Six Pro Cards were awarded.

The night started with an electric team dance\drum routine by the KC Sizzlers and sizzle they did.

-> Figure Divisions:

    The Masters Figure started the Gold's Classic's night. The Pro Card Winner Marla Battles walked away with the title. A very graceful Chris Graziano was second. Laurel Rose took third. Tami Sasek glittered in fourth place and Celia Cadena was fifth.

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Masters Figure Division.

    In the Figure Short Division Monica Cass with a beautiful physique won the class, a Pro Card and the Overall Figure. The beautiful Susan Hodson was second. Kandance Bishop took third and Shelly Gunderson Strutted her way into fourth. Janet Heckert was fifth.

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Figure Short Division.

    In the Medium Figure the Pro Card went to Amanda Lamb. A tightly tapered Christina Howell was second. Ashleigh Sumner captured third and Belinda Harmon was fourth. Shannon Baker took fifth.

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Medium Figure Division.

    Third Pro Card went to the Tall Figure winner the elegant Kim Smith. The elegant Stephanie Strong was second. Third was Chris Graziano and Katie Linhoff took fourth place. Masters Pro Card winner Marla Battles was fifth.

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Tall Figure Division.

-> Best Dance Routine:

    Dawn Korinek won the Xtreme Fitness with an athletic gymnastic dance routine.

-> Men's Open Divisions:

    In the Men's Open Division the mega mass of Danny Taylor won the Short division. Kevin Nelson swept the second place award. A shredded Ed Wolfe was third. Fourth was the veteran Caleb Pike and in fifth was open newcomer Jeff Brown.

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Men's Open Short Division.

    The Open Medium had the Overall Open and Pro Card winner Chad Herr taking first. Nicely developed size Cory Harris was second. Third was Eddie Quinonez. Ricky Smith was fourth and in fifth was Rene Martinez.

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Open Medium Division.

    The Tall Division had Waylan Smith (2nd from right) was first. Devran Brower (2nd from left) had a very impressive second place finish. Doing a very athletic routine and in third was Phillip Sheppard. Ryan Lee was fourth and David Hoy was fifth.

    Cory Harris was the Collegiate Winner. Jonny Baner was second and the teen winner Dustin Cooke was third.

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Collegiate Winners.

-> Novice Divisions:

    Novice Tall winner was the Well conditioned William Johnson. A diced Thom Walters was second. Grandmasters winner and nicely developed was Jim DiGiovanni.

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Novice Men,s Tall Division.

    The Novice Short was owned the Overall Novice winner Josue Rodriquez. In second was the excellent conditioned George Ynclan. With nice size and shape was Brett Wolf. The Best Mens Poser Kirk Douglas was fourth and fifth went to Jelani Coppage.

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Novice Men's Short Division.

    Novice Women's Short and Overall Novice was won by the diced Charidy Matney. In second was the symmetrical Missy Jones. In third was Regina Cruse. Fourth was the Canadian Amanda Semotiuk. Jami Stephens won fifth place.

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Novice Women's Short Division.

    Novice Women Tall was captured by the well developed Jody Gorman. The lean physique of Shellie Collins was second. Cerise Burchett was third and Clar Baldus was fourth.

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Novice Women's Tall Division.

-> Open Women's Divisions:

    Open Women Short first place winner was the shredded Janet Higgins. The graceful stature of Leeanna Carr was second. Tami Sasek was third. Beverly VanHaaften was fourth.

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Open Women's Short Division.

    The Open Women’s Tall division had the Pro Card Winner and Overall Open Winner Julie Deml. Dawn Korinek was second and Marla Battles took third.

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Open Women's Tall Division.

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