2006 Natural Great Lakes - Iron Man/Lady Of Iron Natural Results & Pictures

The Great Lakes - Ironman/Lady of Iron Natural was held at the University of Michigan Theater in Flint, Michigan on June 24th. Get the latest results, commentary, and pictures right here.

The Great Lakes - Ironman/Lady of Iron Natural was held at the University of Michigan Theater in Flint, Michigan on June 24th. This was a NPC drug tested event. The show featured Bodybuilding and Figure competitors. The top five from each division took home beautiful swords.

Every competitor was given a contest t-shirt from sponsor BodyBuilding.com, and an 8 X 10 competition photo. There were 42 competitors. With Melissa Frabbiele as the masters of ceremony the show was great. Both the competitors and the audience enjoyed themselves.

    View Pictures From The Show Here.

Division Winners

Teen Bodybuilding:

    Denny Tallon took the 1st place for the bodybuilding teen division. Tallon was in great shape.

Master's Women:

    Amanda McDonald took home the 1st place award for the master's women division. McDonald is a fabulous competitor. Along with the master's division she also took home the open women's overall award.

Women's Lightweight:

    The lightweight winner was Hillary Williams. The winner of the middle weights was the beautiful LaDawn McDay. The winner of the Heavy weight division was Amanda McDonald. McDonald took home the overall trophy.

Grand Master's Men:

    The grand masters men's winner was Ron Mango; this division was open to men over 50. Mango was in great shape as always.

Master's Men:

    The Master's men winner was Steve Simmons. The master's division featured men between 40 and 49 years of age. Simmons is a great overall competitor.

Open Men Bantamweight:

    Jeff Cody

Open Men Lightweight:

    Paul Coats

Open Men Middleweight:

    Steve Simmons

Open Men Light-heavyweight:

    Gary Gilliam

Open Men Heavyweight:

    Chris Kobus. Coats took home the overall trophy.


    The figure division consisted of several beautiful ladies, divided into teen, open, and masters (over 35). Kathryn Enochs won the teen division. The master's figure division was won by Cami Wolfe. Wolfe also won the open women's division. Wolfe is a fabulous figure competitor with great symmetry.

    View Pictures From The Show Here.

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