2006 Bodybuilding.com Boise Fitness Expo Results!

Complete 2006 Bodybuilding.com Boise Fitness Expo Results are in now. See who won!

Over 27 athletes competed in the first annual NPC National Qualifying Event this past weekend in Boise, sponsored by Gold's Gym of Idaho and Bodybuilding.com. MC Lonnie Tepper kept the show moving very smoothly. Guest performances were presented by Laura Mack and Cathy Priest. Rebecca Lynn Slatt won the overall in the Figure division on a split decision.

Women's overall winner was Kristen Christoph and Men's overall and best poser was won by current Mr. Alaska Marc Kenollio of Kodiak Alaska. It was a very enthusiastic crowd of over 500 people in attendance at Capitol High School in Boise. All winners received sculpture concept awards and excalibur swords as overalls. Pros in attendance: Monica Brant, Cathy Priest, Tanji Johnson, and Laura Mak.

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FAME Model Search Results

Male Model Search:
  1. Rett Crites (pro-card winner)
  2. Tyson Kepler
Female Model Search:
  1. Amy Cook (pro-card winner)
  2. Kiya Knight
  3. Kathy Fehringer (Pocatello, Idaho)
  4. Lana Titus
  5. Gigi Buccola
  6. Rachel Reynolds
Overall Winner:
  1. Rett Crites - winner of TO trip to Worlds and FAME Mag spread

NPC Men's Show Results

Grand Master Men's over 50:
  1. Ron Hollister (Boise, ID)
Masters Men over 40:
  1. Buck Rogers (Maple Valley, WA)
  2. Keith Gmirkin (Boise, ID)
  3. Ruel Gadbury (Boise, ID)
Overall Masters:
  1. Buck Rogers (Maple Valley, WA)
Men's Lightweight:
  1. Ruel Gadbury (Boise, ID)
Men's Middleweight:
  1. Allen Bowlden (Eagle, ID)
  2. Luke Carson (Kuna, ID)
  3. Rasim Keserovic (Boise, ID)
Men's Light Heavyweight:
  1. Lance Sganzini (Boise, ID)
  2. Neil Zingg (Boise, ID)
  3. Buck Rogers (Maple Valley, WA)
  4. Shane Budde (Lewiston, ID)
Men's Heavyweight:
  1. Marc Kenolio (Kodiak, AK)
  2. Keith Gmirkin (Boise, ID)
Super Heavyweight:
  1. Richard Palmer (Everett, WA)
Men's Overall:
  1. Marc Kenolio (Kodiak, AK)
Women's Best Poser:
  1. Katie High (Wenatchee, WA)
Men's Best Poser:
  1. Marc Kenolio (Kodiak, AK)
Overall Team Award:
  1. Boise Gold's Park Center

NPC Women's Show Results

Figure 35+:
  1. Jeanne Zing (Boise, ID)
  2. Gigi Buccola (Pocatello, ID)
Women's Figure up to 5'4:
  1. Mary Lyons (Anchorage, AK)
  2. Kathy Faehringer (Pocatello, ID)
  3. Katie Barnes (Meridian, ID)
  4. Alice Housel (Boise, ID)
Women's 5'4+:
  1. Rebecca Lynn Slatt (Boise, ID)
  2. Mary Burke (Valley, WA)
  3. Evelynn Johnston (Everett, WA)
  4. Darci Campbell (Nampa, ID)
Women's Overall Figure winner:
  1. Rebecca Lynn Slatt (Boise, ID)
Women's Middleweight:
  1. Angie Jackson (Boise, ID)
Women's Light Heavyweight:
  1. Kristen Christoph (Nampa, ID)
  2. Katie High (Wenatchee, WA)
Women's Overall:
  1. Kristen Christoph (Nampa, ID)