Boise Fitness Expo History!

The Fitness Expo history is here, all in one place! Check it out and see what has happened at past shows.

History Of The BFE Event

The Fitness Expo (BFE) was formerly known as the Boise Fitness Expo & Boise Fitness Celebration. How it all started...

2002 BFE

This event had a modest inception in 2002 with the likes of Pro Bodybuilder Craig Titus, famous fitness competitors Julie Shipley and Tiffany Ripple.

Left to right: Craig Titus and the girls, and a
finalist in "The Jamaica Me Tan" swimwear fashion contest.

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2003 BFE

In 2003 the Fitness Expo was back with a vengeance. This year the event was hosted by local radio celebrity Jeff Caves of KTIK and Idaho Sports Talk.

The night kicked off with famous fitness model and muscle magazine covergirl and wrtier Brenda Kelly doing a Hawaiian dance routine. Pro bodybuilders Quincy Taylor and Idrise Ward-EL flexed their muscles all night long. We had strongman Corey St. Clair lifting 350lb. rocks and bodybuilder/actor/model and Playgirl cover boy Christian Boeving signing autographs.

Photos: Brenda Kelly performing onstage.

The night also saw Katrina Humphrey, a fitness America contestant performing her high powered routine and later pro fitness competitor Nicole Rololaza busted out six one-arm pushups during her routine. We were amazed by powerlifter Stacey Hammar bench pressing 215lbs. for three reps. The night was capped off by Merry Christine performing her bodybuilding routine.

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2004 BFE

2004's Fitness Expo was unbelievably even bigger yet. The event was packed with celebrities from bodybuilding, fitness, modeling, and professional football.

We were awed by #2 ranked bodybuilder Jay Cutler, IFBB Pro Bob Cicherillo, NPC USA super heavyweight Chris Cook, IFBB Pro Toney Freeman, and the only man to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a pro show, Mr. Sergio Olivia. We had 2000 Ms. Olympia Valentina Chepiga.

Left to right: Jay Cutler posing down with Bob Cicherillo.

The fitness models were in the house, Carmen Garcia, Brenda Kelly, Kat Meyers and MetRx model Sara Flom had no problem keeping the guys attention.

We were treated to feats of strength from #1 ranked powerlifter Liz Willet, squatting an incredible 629lbs. The festivities also included top female bodybuilder Lauren Powers, top figure competitor Kathleen Johansson and fitness competitor Katrina Humphrey.

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2005 BFE

This was the fourth year for the Boise Fitness Expo and naturally it was bigger and better than previous years. There were many in attendance this year ranging from those who were competing for the first time to the pros. Some of the pros in attendance were eight-time Miss Olympia winner Lenda Murray, World ranked bodybuilder Gunter Schlierkamp and former Mr. USA Bob Cicherillo.

Fans had the opportunity to get a lot of freebies in addition to meeting some icons from professional football and the fitness industry.

Left to right: Lenda Murray with guest. Bob Cicherillo and Laura Mak.

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2006 BFE

The 2006 Boise Fitness Expo continued a growing tradition of fun and excitment at the Big Easy in Boise Id! This year's events also included NPC and FAME contests and the attendance of several well known champion bodybuiders and athletes. Some of those included: Jay Cutler, Bob Cicherillo, Monica Brant, Jesse Marunde, UFC Fighter Josh Koscheck, and many others.

With a rocking crowd of over a thousand, the event turned out to be bigger than ever before! Learn more about the 2006 Boise Fitness Expo Competition right here. This year's show included a FAME and NPC contest.

Left to right: Strongman Jesse Marunde & IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jay Cutler.

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2007 BFE

The 2007 Boise Fit Expo went off without a hitch... well maybe one hitch... people were eventually turned away because the event had reached capacity! Aside from the many performances that took place (including the 2007 Gold's Gym Treasure Valley Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships), the following champions and athletes also graced the stage: Jay Cutler, Monica Brant, Toney Freeman, Jamie Eason, UFC fighter Rich Franklin, and many others!

With all the freebies, live music, special performances, celebrities occurring during the night it was no wonder that this was a step above the rest from previous shows!

Left to right: Jay Cutler & Jeremy Deluca. Bob Cicherillo & Mr. Puniverse Winner.

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2008 BFE

The 2008 Boise Fit Expo was bigger than ever. With a line wrapped halfway around the block, everyone was anxiously awaiting the features that the BFE had to offer, such as the Model Search, a special guest posing routine by Jay Cutler and Brandon Curry, as well as a dance team and strongman competition and much more!

With the Fit Expo turning out bigger and bigger each year, who knows what 2009 will bring?

Jay Cutler
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Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler And Host Bob Cicherillo.

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2009 BFE

The 2009 Boise Fit Expo was bigger than ever - so much so that we decided to move to a larger venue in 2010. (We love the Knitting Factory, but we've outgrown the location!)

2009 saw the first-ever Miss Bikini BodySpace contest, with the sexy Lacey Lynn taking the crown. The Mr. Puniverse contest, always a favorite, was also a hit, as well as wheelchair bodybuilder Nick Scott's inspiring, tear-jerking success story!

2009 Fitness Expo.
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2009 BFE Show Poster.

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2010 BFE

The 2010 Fitness Expo was held on May 7th-8th at Qwest Arena in Downtown Boise, Idaho.

This annual event continues to grow at an alarming rate! Each year, more and more attendees check out the newest supplements, the Fit Body Contest, live powerlifting and strongman events, a live DJ, special guest appearances & more!

2010 Fitness Expo.
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2010 BFE Show Poster.

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