2006 Evergreen State Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships Review & Results!

2006 Evergreen State Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships Results! Promoter Sally West and company put together another stellar show that will be talked about for quite some time to come. Find review and results here!

Contest review and photos by Mark Mason

Evergreen State Championship Review

Wenatchee, Washington was the site of the 2006 Evergreen State Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships. Promoter Sally West and company put together another stellar show that will be talked about for quite some time to come.

-> Mens Overall Champion:

    It was a busy night for Mell “Swat Dog� Taylor. Taylor took the masters men overall early in the evening and came back at night’s end to win the open men heavyweight class as well as the overall. And he deserved it. Mell came in his best shape in recent memory. He was thick, hard and shredded. Mell’s amazing arms are among the best in the Northwest.

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Mell “Swat Dog� Taylor.

-> Open Men Lightweight:

    Open men lightweight Mark Thacker continued his winning streak that started the week before as the overall winner of the Washington Ironman. He won his weight class in the Evergreen and took the first place award in mixed pairs class with sister, Renee Ummel. Both Thacker and Ummel publicly declared the end of there competitive careers. Only time will tell.

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    Mark Thacker.

-> Fitness Champion:

    Another repeat winner from the week before was fitness champ, Tanya Pater. Pater is the brightest hope to come out of the area since Tami Ough. If anyone can keep the fitness torch burning in the Pacific Northwest it is Pater.

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    Tanya Pater.

-> Figure Champions:

    It was figure newcomer and short class winner, Julie Ann Lee, who beat a host of great competitors to take home the overall figure sword.

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    Julie Ann Lee.

    Dr. Genie Markwell, who has made phenomenal improvements in her physique since the Washington State Championships in July, took second place.

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    Dr. Genie Markwell.

    Quinn Andrews edged out Brenda Kasper in the medium class and Leah MiKinnies topped Tabitha Ramirez in the medium tall class.

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    Quinn Andrews.

    Tall class winner Melissa Yeardon was a standout. The figure overall was between her and Julie Ann Lee. Yeardon took Lee’s overall win in stride. There is no doubt Melissa will be back next season as a force to be reckoned with.

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    Melissa Yeardon.

-> Masters Women Class:

    Another exiting newcomer on the scene was Panamanian transplant Genovena Esquivez-Ifill.

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    Genovena Esquivez-Ifill.

    Gen came in as the spoiler in the masters women class beating the likes of Renee Ummel and Lori Baggerley to win the overall. She then came back later in the evening to defeat Cindy Goodrich in the open women lightweight class and nearly toppled heavyweight winner Audra Kimsey for the overall. Kimsey took her second overall title in as many weeks.

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    Audra Kimsey.

-> Novice Men:

    The larger classes in the novice men division gave a glimpse of some up-and-coming talent. Lightweight winner Jesse Disch had quite the battle royal with second place Steve Huebel and third place Beau Henning.

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    Novice Men Lightweight Class.

    Novice heavyweight and overall winner Kevin Madison had his hands full with both TJ Shuppert and Keith Siebler. The heavyweight posedown was one of the best of the year.

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    Novice Men Heavyweight Class.

-> Guest Performer:

    The guest performer of the evening was IFBB Fitness Pro Tami Ough. Her routine was well received and showed just of taste of what Sally West had in store for the spectators. Throughout the night state-of-the-art stage lighting schemes were featured. Fog and bubble machines added to the extravaganza, and for the grand finale paper streamers were shot from the stage to the rear of the auditorium. I wasn’t sure if I was at a bodybuilding contest or a Kiss concert.

-> Traditional Post Contest Feed:

    Of course Sally continued her “Best of the West� tradition of a complimentary pizza, cake and pie feed at Abbey’s in East Wenatchee. The decadence that post contest bodybuilders and figure competitors partake in after a show is something to behold. If you’ve never seen it make sure you come to the 2007 show. For more details visit www.evergreenstatechampionships.com.

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    Special Thanks To The Evergreen Staff.



      1. Tanya Pater

    Junior Men

      1. Jevin Cunningham
      2. Joel Meyer

    Novice Men Lightweight

      1. Jesse Disch
      2. Steve Huebel
      3. Beau Henning
      4. Craig Beeker
      5. Nico Van Wingardt

    Novice Men Heavyweight

      1. Kevin Madison
      2. TJ Schuppert
      3. Keith Siebler
      4. Jason White
      5. Tyson Dodd

    Novice Women Lightweight

      1. Sara Bankemper

    Novice Women Heavyweight

      1. Kathy Glenn & Overall Novice Women Champion

    Figure Under 5-02

      1. Julie Ann Lee & Overall Figure Champion
      2. Genie Markwell
      3. Viju Jacob
      4. Tammy Taylor
      5. Heather Kinch

    Figure 5-02 to 5-03

      1. Maria Ramos

    Figure 5-03 to 5-04

      1. Susie Hoverson
      2. Jennifer Kriete

    Figure 5-04 to 5-5

      1. Quinn Andrews
      2. Brenda Kasper
      3. Lauri Faraschuk
      4. Julianne Simpson

    Figure 5-05 to 5-6

      1. Jennifer Jones

    Figure 5-06 to 5-8

      1. Leah MiKinnies
      2. Tabitha Ramirez
      3. Donna Torrence
      4. Jodi Kunz
      5. Alison Roy

    Figure Over 5-8

      1. Melissa Yeardon
      2. Kiya Knight
      3. Courtney Heinz
      4. Jamie Oleson

    Figure Over 35

      1. April Lopez
      2. Dawn Helmuth
      3. Lori Baggerly
      4. Donna Torrence
      5. Barbara Austin
      6. Jamie Oleson

    Figure Over 50

      1. Diane Schwandt

    Masters Women Over 35

      1.Gen Esquivel - Ifill & Overall Masters Women Champion
      2. Renee Ummel
      3. Lori Baggerly
      4. Kathy Glenn

    Masters Women Over 50

      1. Vicki Harris

    Masters Men Over 40 Lightweight

      1. John Sheppard
      2. Brian Rhodes

    Masters Men Over 40 Heavyweight

      1. Mell Taylor & Overall Masters Men Champion
      2. Shane Jack
      3. Mike Dooley
      4. Rick Heintz

    Masters Men Over 50

      1. Henry Jung
      2. Quinn Kessler
      3. Craig Show
      4. Michael Cavaiani

    Masters Men Over 60

      1. Walt Radke, Team Evolution, Bellevue, WA

    Mixed Pairs

      1. Mark Thacker & Renee Ummel
      2. Joel Sandberg & Sara Bankemper

    Open Women Lightweight

      1. Genovena Esquivez - Ifill
      2. Cindy Goodrich
      3. Allison Clerc
      4. Ann Gannon

    Open Women Middleweight

      1. Patricia Card

    Open Women Heavyweight

      1. Audra Kimsey & Overall Open Women Champion

    Open Men Body Bantamweight

      1. Milton Feagans

    Open Men Lightweight

      1. Mark Thacker, Gold’s Gym, Mill Creek, WA
      2. Tommy Jones
      3. Henry Jung
      4. Andy Israel

    Open Men Middleweight

      1. Jevin Cunningham
      2. Sam Palmer
      3. Terry Wagner

    Open Men Light Heavyweight

      1. Paul Stephenson

    Open Men Heavyweight

      1. Mel Taylor & Overall Open Men Champion
      2. Granger Lam
      3. Ben Matheson
      4 Kevin Madison
      5 Dave Cole
      6 Keith Siebler
      7 Joel Sandberg
      8 Mark Walker

    Open Men Super-Heavyweight

      1. Jason White