An Interview With NPC North American Champion Marcus Haley!

NPC North American Champion Marcus Haley is ready for his first pro show and intends to pay respect to the man that first took him under his wing. Find out what motivating factors drive Marcus to make his mark.

5 Questions With Marcus Haley:
NPC North American Champion 2005

[ Q ] You have chosen the Colorado Pro Show for your pro debut, what is the significance of that?

    A: Well Shawn was the first pro to take me under his wing and I thought it would be fitting to pay him respect and do his show.

[ Q ] How have things changed for you or your career since winning the North American Championships - joining other great past winners like: Ray McNeil, Paul Dillett and Dexter Jackson?

    A: Yes and no. I was lucky to get picked up by World Wide and that made it nice as I get ready for what will be my all time best showing yet. The weight has been lifted off my shoulder; I have reached a goal that many thought I wouldn't.

    Marcus Haley
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    Marcus Haley.

[ Q ] The Prize Money available is $25,000.00 for 1st place - is that a motivating factor for you to win or is this just another contest for you?

    A: Prize money helps but I want to make an impact on my first time out. I know I can be a force in this sport - I just have to be consistent.

[ Q ] What will be the most important difference for you as an athlete and person competing as a pro rather than an amateur?

    A: During my off season practices I have to realize that I am a pro and with that comes responsibility and dedication. I have a good handle on things right now.

[ Q ] You will have a lot of new pros thrown in with some cagey veteran pros in this show - does competing against guys you know motivate you and where do you think you will land when the dust settles?

    A: I have the ability to get real hard and I have yet to really diet hard so with that being said my combo of hard muscle and good shape will put me in the top 3.