An Interview With Mr. Universe Ahmad Haidar!

Fatherhood doesn't slow Mr. Universe Ahmad Haidar down. Learn how he keeps training and nutrition in check and still has time for his family.

5 Questions With Mr. Universe
Ahmad Haidar

[ Q ] What year did you turn Pro and besides competing how do you earn a living?

    A: I turned pro in 1997 by winning the world championship light/heavyweight and overall, now I have SAN nutrition as my sponsor, it is a great company; they have the best supplement nutrition.

[ Q ] You are known for having the Best Abs in the business, do you do anything special? If not how do explain your Ab development?

    A: I like doing abs a lot because I enjoy it; I train my abs 3 or 4 times a week doing lots of crunches and legs raises with weight and high reps.

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    Mr. Universe Ahmad Haidar.

[ Q ] Do you think the industry is changing to physiques like yours (smaller, proportionate and symmetrical?)

    A: I have been hearing things like that for a long time, but it looks like they still want to pick the big guys.

[ Q ] Being a father, has it changed your daily routine and can you explain a "Day in your Life?"


    A: Being a father is the greatest thing to happen to me. It is wonderful to see your child growing every day and following them step by step. My day starts at 7am - I wake up have 2 capsules of Tight, take my girl Leah to school then to the GYM to do my cardio and Abs workout.

    I come back home drink the Infusion shake then play with my son Ali - he is almost 7 months. Then my wife Magey prepares my food for the rest of the day. I take them and go to the Powerhouse GYM in west Palm Beach to train some people and myself and come back home at 8pm.

[ Q ] What is your strength against bigger guys and what do you need to work on most to improve?

    A: My strength is that I have a good symmetry and always come to a show in great condition, I been working on my back and my arms - my back and arms are getting better.