An Interview With IFBB Figure Pro Tara Scotti!

IFBB Pro Tara Scotti talks about the pros and cons of east-coast living in the predominantly west-coast field of media-based photography. Also, see she feels about balancing a Pro Figure career with a private life.
5 Questions With IFBB Pro Tara Scotti

[ Q ] Living on the East Coast, is that a benefit or detriment to your promotion in a California media-based business?

    A: It is both. The negative is I make at least 4 or 5 trips to California a year to do photo shoots since 90% of the photographers are out there. That gets a little draining mentally and financially. I sometimes will schedule like 7 photo shoots in 5 days. And as hard as that sounds physically, it is much more difficult to actually schedule 7 good photographers who you like in that small time frame.

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    On the flip side, I would not change a thing. Everybody knows I am from New York. Not an interview or article ever gets finished without NY being brought up. I love that. I think I stand out a little more because I am a NY girl.

    There are not too many competitors walking around the gyms here, pro or amateur, so when I am in the gym, I am getting recognized a lot and people always want to talk about it. I kind of dig that stupid stuff. If I were a California girl, I would be training at Gold's Venice, and I would just be another competitor walking around the floor.

[ Q ] You won a Pro Figure show already, tell us what that was like for you the person as well as the athlete?

    A: Well, as an athlete, it was great to cash that big check and go shopping. Just kidding. From an athlete perspective, it was nice to switch my résumé from Pro Figure Athlete to Pro Figure Champion.

    When I first turned Pro, I noticed the same few girls were winning all the competitions. So I did not think to win a show was very realistic, especially in my first year. It was a great feeling to hear my name as winner of the 2005 Toronto Pro Figure Championships. I consider it the highlight of my competitive career (if you call it that) so far.

[ Q ] If you had a choice, what would you change about Pro Figure that would make a significant impact on your sport?

    A: Prize money. I think it is pretty crazy that Miss Figure Olympia only gets $18,000. The IFBB is supposed to be the best organization in the country right? That would make the Olympia the highest competition in the country, correct? And only top 5 get paid? What's up with that?

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    So technically, what that means is, the 6th best figure athlete in the country gets $0 to compete in the most prestigious figure event there is. It makes you wonder. I am sure the accountants for the IFBB or the Olympia can explain on some chart how the ticket sales, expo money, expenses, etc... make it impossible to provide more money to figure and fitness athletes.

IFBB Pro Tara Scotti
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IFBB Pro Tara Scotti.

    But if everybody involved put their heads together, I am sure the prize money for the most prestigious event can be raised significantly.

    Most of us girls are realists and we look at the competing aspect as a hobby. But if there was more prize money, maybe we can take it more seriously and devote more time to it.

[ Q ] Do you find having a relationship and balancing a Pro Figure career a delicate balancing act, explain?

    A: Not at all. I have a relationship with someone who supports me 100%. I cannot imagine what it would be like any other way.

[ Q ] When you compete, what are some of your biggest challenges?

    A: The biggest challenge is just to take a look at yourself from an outside perspective, and ask yourself what will make you better. It is the only aspect of this sport you can control. You have no control over judges, politics, and how the other competitors will show up. My goal for every competition is to improve my physique, not to improve upon placings.

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