NPC 2006 Gold's Gym Treasure Valley Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships!

Get information here for the NPC 2006 Gold's Gym Treasure Valley Body Building, Fitness & Figure Championships. The show was held on April 8th at the Capital High School Auditorium in Boise, Idaho.

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Saturday, April 8th at Capital High School Auditorium in Boise, Idaho. Pre-Judging starts at 10 AM with the evening show at 7pm.

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NPC 2006 Gold's Gym Treasure Valley Bodybuilding,
Fitness & Figure Championships!


  • Entrants must be NPC-registered athletes.
  • NPC cards may be purchased at weigh-in ($75).
  • Masters men must be over 40 years of age and Grand Masters Men must be at least 50 years of age and over.
  • Masters women must be over 35 or 50 years of age.
  • Junior men must be 20 years of age or under.
  • Proof of age (birth certificate copy or drivers license) must accompany any masters or junior entries.

National Qualifier:

    The NPC Gold's Gym Treasure Valley Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Championships is a National Qualifier. The top two men and women in each open bodybuilding class qualify for the N.P.C. Nationals, U.S.A. Championships and/or any Junior National level competition.

    The top 3 Fitness & Figure in each class qualify for National level competitions with the top 5 eligible for any Junior National level competition and eligibility is good for 2 years.

Entry Fee:

    $35 per class. Bodybuilding contestants may enter one class (with the exception of couples). Cashier's check or money order preferred, made payable to:

      Performance Promotions
      PO Box 428
      Wauna, WA 98395


    Entries must be received by April 2nd. Late entries $70.00. There will be no exceptions.


    Sculpture Concept Awards for the top 5 in each class. Excalibur Swords for overall winners. There will be special Awards for best poser men & women and Team Award.



      All competitors will follow NPC rules, guideline, and mandatory poses. Mandatory poses include for men and women for 2006 are:

      • Front double biceps
      • Front lat spread
      • Side chest (your favorite side)
      • Rear double biceps
      • Rear lat spread
      • Side triceps (your favorite side)
      • Abdominal/Thigh (hands are behind your head with one leg extended forward)

      Moon poses are not allowed. Competitors may wear multi-colored suits and jewelry at the evening show. Fitness and Figure guidelines written below.

    Fitness & Figure:

      In the fitness section, there will be three rounds of judging which will consist of a fitness round (50%), a two-piece swimsuit round (25%) and a one-piece swimsuit round (25%). Awards will be received in the one-piece swimsuit.

      In the figure section there will be two rounds of judging which will consist of a two-piece swimsuit round and a one-piece swimsuit round. The one-piece swimsuit round will be first and competitors will receive the awards in the two-piece swimsuits.

      Fitness and Figure competitors must wear high heels in both the two-piece swimsuit round and the one-piece swimsuit round. The Swimsuits must be in good taste and thongs and T-back suits are not allowed.

      Due to insurance requirements, safety concerns, and space restrictions, only NPC registered athletes and members are permitted backstage.

      Round 1: Fitness Round.

        Each athlete will perform a routine to music, with a maximum time limit of two minutes. Judges will be looking for style, personality, athletic ability, strength, flexibility, and overall performance. Contestants should give special attention to apparel because that too may be judged.

        Routines may include aerobic, dance, gymnastics, or other demonstrations of athletic ability. Props are permitted but anything that cannot be carried by the competitor must be approved in advance.

      Round 2: Figure & Fitness Round (Two-Piece Swimsuit).

        Contestants will be brought out in one or more lines for quarter turns. The judges will be scoring symmetry, conditioning, and overall appearance including complexion, poise, and overall presentation. The judges will move competitor's positions in the line up to make comparisons between various competitors and repeat quarter turns.

      Round 3: Figure & Fitness Round (One-Piece Swimsuit).

        Wearing a one-piece swimsuit and high heels.


    Tapes / CDs MUST be BLANK except for the one piece of music being used & must be free from distortion. Mark with competitor's name.

    Quality HIGH BIAS cassette tapes set on a medium recording level or CDs only. Tapes must be wound to the appropriate starting position at the beginning of the tape on side A. Tapes & CDs must be turned in at WEIGH-IN!

Mandatory Schedule For All Competitors:

    Weigh In/Check In: Saturday, April 8th, 8 am.

      Mandatory Competitor Meeting & Weigh-In at Capital High School:

        Capital High School
        8055 Goddard Dr.
        Boise ID 83704
        (208) 854-4490.

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      Capital High School.
      Map Provided By

      All competitors must check in no later than this time. You will weigh in, be assigned numbers & check in music at this time. Remember to Bring Music to weigh-in. Weigh-in must be done in posing attire, except Novice or Masters.

    Prejudging: Saturday, April 8th, 10 am.

      All competitors must be ready at this time.

    Main Show Check-In: Saturday, April 8th, 6pm.

      All competitors must check in promptly at this time.

    Main Show: Saturday, April 8th, 7pm.

      Evening Show will begin no later than this time.

      Guest Poser: Top IFBB Pro Lee Priest
      Master of Ceremony: Lonnie Teper

For Contest Advertising, Tickets, Or Vendor Booth Information:

    Contact Performance Promotions: 253-380-4829.

Contest Hotel - Must Mention Show.

      The Grove Hotel
      245 S Capitol Blvd
      Boise, ID 83702
      (208) 333-8000 or 1-888-961-5000

    Grove Hotel
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    The Grove Hotel.
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Entry Form

NPC 2006 Gold's Gym Treasure Valley Body Building, Fitness & Figure Championships Entry Form.

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