The 2006 Arnold Classic Results, Pictures, Videos & More!

The 2006 Arnold Classic took place March 3-5, 2006 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. It was a great show!

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Dexter Jackson (1st), Branch Warren (2nd), Victor Martinez (3rd).

2006 Arnold Classic Show Coverage

2006 Arnold Classic Results
2006 Arnold Classic Results!

Men's, women's, fitness and figure results online now! Who do you think should have won? Check out the results from the 2006 Arnold Classic weekend.

2006 Arnold Classic Pictures
2006 Arnold Classic Pictures.

Check out the pictures from the 2006 Arnold Classic weekend.

2006 Arnold Classic Video
2006 Arnold Classic Video Coverage.

Check out these exclusive interviews done from the 2006 Arnold Classic expo. Arnold predictions, pros, hot fitness girls and more...

2006 Arnold Classic Video
Pro Bodybuilding Weekly.

Talk radio for bodybuilding fans presents a special "Post-Arnold Classic Show". Hosts Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo review all the action from Columbus following one of bodybuilding's biggest events. The broadcast features interviews with industry insiders along with a possible visit with the newly crowned champion! MuscleTech presents Pro Bodybuilding Weekly.

2006 Arnold Classic Video
Best Of The Forums
2006 Arnold Classic Weekend.

The Arnold Classic Weekend has broguht about some great discussions (and arguments) on the message boards. Were you happy with the results? Not everyone was and they have been rather vocal about it. Read on...

2006 Arnold Classic Commentary
Video Commentary With Shawn Ray.

Shawn Ray & Bob Cicherillo discuss the results of the 2006 Arnold Classic on the Fitshow.

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2006 Arnold Classic Specials.
2006 Arnold Classic Specials.

During the 2006 Arnold Classic, we will have a special on various products.

Other Sites With Arnold Coverage.
Other Sites With Arnold Coverage.

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Dr. Ryan REview
David Ryan's Review Of
The 2006 Arnold Classic Weekend.

With over 100,000 people in attendance this year's Arnold Expo did not disappoint expectations. Find out what went on at the expo if you were not able to attend. Check it out! review
A First Timer's Look
At The 2006 Arnold Classic Weekend.

I made my first trip to the Arnold Expo this year and what I saw was absolutely amazing. If you think you might be interested in seeing this show next year start planning now! review
David Robson's
2006 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Classic Review.

This year, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic demonstrated, once again, that it is arguably the biggest and best bodybuilding show currently in existence. Who do you think should have won?

Chris Mohr review
Chris Mohr's
A Day At The 2006 Arnold Classic!

Here is a quick recap of the 2006 Arnold and what some of the booths had to offer. In addition a Q&A has been added for those with bicep questions. Check it out.

Brenda Kelly review
Brenda Kelly's
2006 Arnold Classic Expo Review!

Here is another great review of the 2006 Arnold Classic Expo. Brenda Kelly shares her thoughts on the whole weekend and does not lack in the department of enthusiasm. Check it out!

Pre-Show Coverage

2006 Arnold Classic Information
2006 Arnold Classic Competition Info.

The 2006 Arnold Classic took place March 3-5, 2006 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. It was a great show!

Arnold Classic Press Releases
Arnold Classic Press Releases.

Anything and everything you'll need to know about the 2006 Arnold Classic!

Video Promo.
2006 Arnold Classic Video Promo.

2006 Arnold Classic Video is available for the world to see. Check it out and see what you think!

2006 Arnold Classic Previews

2006 Iron Man Review
Lonnie Teper's
2006 Arnold Classic Preview!

Find out right here what I predict the winners and losers will be at the 2006 Arnold Classic. This could be a tight race. Read on for the details.

2006 Iron Man Review
Myron Mielke's 2006 Arnold Classic Preview.
Dexter Up Against Badell - Again!

If they all come in top shape it could be a very tight race indeed. Here are my predictions in order of who will place last and first. Remember somebody has to lose. Get my list right here.

2006 Iron Man Review
Isaac Hind's
2006 Arnold Classic Preview.

The 2006 Arnold Classic is fast approaching. In a couple of days we will see who has prepared the best for this show. Here are my predictions of who will come out on top.

Topic Of The Week
Topic Of The Week
Who Will Win The 2006 Arnold Classic?

With a star filled line-up, the 2006 Arnold Classic will be one that will be remembered for a long time to come. But who will win? It is still very much in the air. Who do our forum members think will win the 2006 Arnold Classic?

Previous Arnold Classic Coverage

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2005 Arnold Classic.

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Who Do You Think Should Have Won The 2006 Arnold Classic?

Dexter Jackson.
Branch Warren.
Victor Martinez.
Gustavo Badell.
Melvin Anthony.
Lee Priest.
Mustafa Mohammad.
Darrem Charles.
Toney Freeman.